This New ‘KUWTK’ Trailer Shows Khloe Kardashian Asking This Major Relationship Question

The Kardashian family is going through enough drama currently with Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's breakup amid reports that he cheated on her with Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods. But there's plenty more drama to come as the new Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 16 teaser shows.

Khloé's relationship woes are hinted at in this new clip from the upcoming season, which premieres on E! on March 31. There's a short scene in which Khloé talks with an unseen person about how hard it is to regain trust and ruined relationships. It's unclear whether or not this new season will include Khloé's breakup from Thompson because they do film seasons in advance, but you never know. This clip certainly doesn't look good.

The new KUWTK preview kicks off with Khloé (who will not be appearing on The Bachelorette, thank-you-very-much). But then it goes into Kim defending her husband Kanye West, which was shown in a previous trailer for the new season. From there, a disagreement between Kourtney and Kendall Jenner is highlighted. And, to top it all off, you see footage from when the California wildfires in November 2018 forced Kim and West to evacuate their home.

Kylie's nowhere to be seen in the new clips, so she might appear less regularly in Season 16 — kind of like how she wasn't on camera too much in Season 15. But despite the potential lack of Kylie and tensions between Kendall and Kourtney, the dynamic between the sisters seems like it'll be the least of the family's worries. Especially since Kim has been publicly supporting Khloé during her breakup and Kendall, Kourtney, Kylie, and Khloé were all hanging together days before the new trailer dropped. Instead, Khloé's relationship status and the wildfires appear to be the most intense topics — at least according to the latest teaser.

Reports of Khloé's separation from Thompson, whit whom she shares 10-month-old daughter True, broke on Feb. 19. So viewers might assume she's speaking about her relationship in the trailer. "It's really hard to regain trust," Khloé said. "Your one stupid weekend, you just demolish a relationship." However, a female voice can be heard agreeing with her, so maybe she's consulting one of her sisters or a friend about something else. Still, Thompson's alleged infidelity, which made headlines days before Khloé gave birth to True, was included in the show before on Season 15. And this Season 16 preview ends with Khloé crying and saying, "This is unreal." So it seems likely that her now-strained relationship with Thompson will be addressed in some way.

Then, outside of the interpersonal relationships, there's the natural disaster of the wildfires that devastated California toward the end of last year. "There's flames entering my property," Kourtney said in the clip. Other clips have Khloé saying, "Kim's house is on fire," and Kris Jenner declaring, "We're evacuating." Based on the sisters' social media updates at the time, Kourtney packed up and went to Kendall's home, which was unaffected by the flames. And Khloé and True went to stay with her brother Rob and his daughter Dream. Khloé also provided supplies to the firefighters and first responders.

Many people were impacted by these wildfires, but the Kardashian family member who was hit the hardest was Kim. Kim and West controversially hired private firefighters to protect their home and surrounding neighborhood. Although they had to be relocated, their home was saved and West, Yeezy, and Adidas donated $500,000 to fund fire relief support. So the wildfires will certainly play a major part of Season 16.

Another part of Season 16 that wasn't featured in the teaser from Feb. 28 is that Kim and West will be welcoming a fourth baby via surrogate soon. So, just like every family, the Kardashian-Jenners will be experiencing highs and lows in this upcoming season. You'll just have to wait another month to see exactly how everything all plays out.