These Memes From The 2019 VMAs Will Make You Giggle & Cringe At The Same Time

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During award shows, it's traditionally the responsibility of the host to bring about the most laughs. Yet, the internet has gloriously elevated awards show to a whole new amusing level as the best memes and tweets about the 2019 VMAs prove. Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco might not have been the most obvious host for MTV's Video Music Awards, but discussions of this surprising choice only led to more hilarity on Twitter. Plus, when you combine some of the biggest names in music — like Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, and the Jonas Brothers — in one room, you just know that the internet is going to have a lot to say. These viral reactions to the 2019 VMAs will keep you laughing about the night for days to come.

The jokes got started early, when the Jonas Brothers became part of a meme-worthy moment on the red carpet. And unsurprisingly, Maniscalco wasn't exactly an instant hit with the VMA audience — and that wasn't just because most viewers didn't even know who he was. Thankfully, more crowd-pleasing celebs swiftly took over the stage, with the always-delightful Cardi B earning one of the first awards of the night and Lizzo putting on a joyous performance. But whether you were loving life or cringing hard during the 2019 VMAs, these memes and tweets help make watching them all worth it.

Kevin Jonas Got Mike Wazowski-ed

When the Jonas Brothers hit the red carpet, Kevin Jonas got played dirty by the VMA countdown clock, which covered his face. Nick and Joe always get the spotlight, but hey, at least Mike Wazowski of Monsters, Inc. can relate.

Who Is This Host?

Maniscalco seemed like an odd choice for the host, since he isn't exactly part of MTV's key demographic. Based on reactions on Twitter, he missed the mark in his opening monologue with his comments about people being "triggered."

Lizzo Had Everyone — Including Queen Latifah — Feeling "Good As Hell"

Lizzo with her butt balloon and message of self-love won over the VMAs crowd. But one audience member in particular was notably feeling Lizzo — and that was none other than Queen Latifah.

Will The Real Taylor Swift Please Stand Up?

John Travolta acknowledged his Adele Dazeem Oscars faux-pas (and dropped an f-bomb in the process) when presenting the Video of the Year award. But that didn't stop him from potentially stumbling again in his award show presenting duties when he tried to give the award to Drag Race star Jade Jolie, who was dressed as Swift. Let's pin this not on Travolta possibly not knowing Swift and more on Drag Race excellence.

J Balvin & Bad Bunny Were In A Video Game

Things got pretty weird when J Balvin & Bad Bunny performed "Qué Pretendes" and they might have reminded you of the Super Mario Bros. — none other than Mario and Luigi.

Lenny Kravitz Is Ageless

Presenter Lenny Kravitz may have actually aged in reverse based on this side-by-side comparison.

Missy Elliott's Performance Was Painfully Good

Dancing to Missy Elliott's Vanguard Award performance made fans hurt so good.

The Steaminess Of Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello only booped noses after their performance of "Señorita," but the anticipation of this rumored couple's televised debut was enough to have fans flipping.

The Queen Knows How To Make An Entrance

Fans were willing to suffer more bodily harm once Queen Latifah rode in on motorcycle for the VMAs finale.

*Sips Tea*

Members of the USWNT stole the show when they sipped tea (or at least pretended to) while on stage, which was an obvious nod to Alex Morgan's on-the-field moment during the World Cup.

Channel Your Inner Sophie Turner

When Normani comes on, there's no other choice.

Another Gem From Sophie

Sophie Turner's reaction to the Sopranos cast reuniting on stage is all of us at a restaurant.

An Appropriate Reaction To Ariana's Win

While she didn't attend the ceremony IRL because of her tour, Ariana Grande took home Artist of the Year and this tweet sums up fans' unsurprised reactions.

A Full-Circle Moment

Don't worry, Camp Rock stans will understand.

An Unexpected 'Spongebob' Tribute

Wow, who would've thought Spongebob inspired Lizzo's stage design?

A Scream-worthy Surprise

Alyson Stoner returned for Missy Elliott's Vanguard performance and allow Meryl Streep's BLL character to sum up that moment.

Lil Nas X Really Brought The Receipts

Lil Nas X pulled out a whole scroll for his acceptance speech and it was instantly iconic.

From a giant scroll to tea-sipping to a very enthusiastic Sophie Turner, there were plenty of unforgettable VMA moments — and even better memes.