Bustle's Editors On *NSYNC & Presidents Day

By Melissa Mills

This week has been a doozy, huh? New York Fashion Week came and went (did you hear about that Sisqó impersonator?!), the Obamas were #RelationshipGoals on Valentine's Day, we found out that American Horror Story Season 7 will be based on the 2016 election, and Scott Pruitt (known climate change skeptic) was confirmed to lead the EPA. But February's more than halfway over, and that means we're this much closer to spring. Too soon? Sorry.

Well, without further adieu, here's what Bustle's editors were talking about today, Feb. 17:

Trump + The Media

Politics stressing you out? Same. Let's just get this out of the way now then...

By now you've probably heard about President Trump's historic press conference on Feb. 16 and, yes, you're probably familiar with Trump's stance on #FakeNews. But what you may not have read about is Trump's Mainstream Media Accountability Survey. What the f*#! is that, you ask? Well, it's supposed to be a way for you to do "your part to fight back against the media's attacks and deceptions." Sigh. Do with that what you will. Or not.

One More Trump Thing: Just one day after the Day Without Immigrants protest, the Associated Press reported that Trump is considering deploying as many as 100,000 National Guard members to round up unauthorized immigrants.The memo has not yet been officially confirmed, but this use of military force would be one of the biggest in the U.S. since the Civil War.

*NSYNC + Hollywood Walk of Fame

Here's some good news: *NSYNC is planning a reunion — well, sort of. Lance Bass revealed to Entertainment Tonight that everyone's favorite boy band (well, MY fave) is releasing a special edition of Home For Christmas, which turns 20 in 2018. Bass, in addition to Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick are all set to reunite when they receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It's. About. Time!

WTF of the Day: Somehow a rumor started that Star Wars star Mark Hamill (AKA Luke Skywalker) had died. Umm, no he did not. Here's proof:

SATC + Hookups

It turns out that *all* of those steamy and weird and funny sex stories from HBO's Sex and the City were really real. "They had a rule in the writing that they couldn’t put anything in an episode that didn’t literally happen to someone in the writer’s room or someone they knew firsthand," Cynthia Nixon said in a recent episode of IMDb Asks. Wait, even the episode where...

Serious Case of FOMO: Hillary Clinton & Kate McKinnon met for dinner in NYC. Did they talk about SNL? Trump? Seriously, I need to know.

Presidents Day + YOU

Feb. 20 is Presidents Day, and you're probably looking forward to settling in for a three-day weekend. But this year, many protests are planned to occur all over the country with a general "not my president" vibe. People are planning to protest in the name of immigrants' rights, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, the environment, and a number of issues they feel are at stake under Trump's presidency.

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