Bustle's Editors On Taylor Swift + Facebook

by Melissa Mills

Happy Friday! Most of us are gearing up for a long weekend and plotting out exactly what to do with that extra day off, but let's not forget the reason for Monday's holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Here's how 6 cities are celebrating, and here are 3 organizations you can donate to to honor the civil rights hero.

And now, without further ado, read on below for everything you need to know on Friday, Jan. 12:

Taylor Swift + "End Game"

The video for Taylor Swift's "End Game" is finally here. After dropping at midnight, the music video is exactly what fans were hoping for. With special appearances by Ed Sheeran and Future, lavish AF parties, hidden meanings, and 13 trademark references, fans can't get enough. But, without a doubt, this is the one moment that has everyone talking.

RIP: Ellen DeGeneres revealed that her father Elliot died at 92. Degeneres' story about him will bring a tear to your eye.

The Goldfinch + Big Screen

The 2013 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Goldfinch is officially becoming a movie, and the full cast list has been revealed. Fans of the bestseller will be very happy with the casting, specifically with who's set to play main character Theo, Larry (Theo's dad), and Xandra (Larry's girlfriend).

While the film won't come out for at least a year, news about the filming is sure to start giving sneak peeks to hold you over.

OMG: Emma Roberts debuted blunt baby bangs at the Critics Choice Awards and they are a serious *look*.

Facebook + Newsfeed

Say goodbye to your Facebook Newsfeed as you know it. Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that you'll soon be seeing more content from friends and family you follow on the social media platform and less from media and brands. All of this comes in an effort to make your time spent on Facebook more meaningful, and to bring "people closer together" especially after such a divisive election. No word yet on when the major change is happening, but this is definitely going to be something you'll notice!

Heads Up: Here's how to score $5.99 pizza at Pizza Hut all month long. You're welcome.

Trump + That Comment

Trump apparently said he doesn't want immigrants from "sh*thole" countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations. Twitter was quick to give a big, "oh, hellllll no." Trump promptly denied ever making the comment

WTF of the Day: Umm, teens are eating detergent as part of the "Tide Pod Challenge" and it's seriously dangerous (and weird!).

What to Watch: The Netflix comedy Disjointed is back with 10 new episodes streaming now. Get to it!