The Quality People Find Most Attractive About You, Based On Your Sign

Have you noticed that a lot of people compliment you on one particular characteristic or personality trait? Maybe it's your charisma or your curiosity, your intellect or your thirst for adventure. For those of us who follow astrology, it all comes down to one explanation. The quality people find most attractive about you based on your sign will differ depending on whether you're the dual-personality Gemini or the harmony-seeking Libra, or one of the other 10 signs of the zodiac.

Each sign has its positives and negatives. As a Gemini, I can say with certainty that people assume we're two-faced crazies. Why? Because they've said so to my face. Meanwhile, I silently judge Leos for being desperate for all the attention in the room. We tend to forget Leo's incomparable passion and Gemini's love of excitement, and the most attractive qualities of all the other signs.

Do you know the best quality of your zodiac sign? While it might vary based on where exactly on the spectrum your birthday falls — meaning whether you're smack dab in the middle or more on the cusp — these tend to be the traits people find most attractive about each sign of the zodiac.


No one works harder than a Virgo; and it's this trait that leaves others in awe of you. When you commit, you commit all the way. Nothing is ever done sloppy or incompletely. (Bonus: for this reason, people also admire you for being so dependable and reliable.)


Nothing gets in the way of your determination, and people love how unstoppable you are — and the inspiration you ignite in them. When you make up your mind, nothing can sway you. No one is ambitious quite like a Capricorn.


You're never afraid to show your affection, Gemini, and this is something people find so attractive about you — particularly because as we get older, we're taught to keep it all inside. But you refuse to. If you love someone, you tell them. You hug them. When you miss them, you say so.


You're headstrong, Leo, and a lot of us wish we could be confident like you. You don't need anyone to make up your mind for you, nor would you ever let them. You can do it all on your own, thank you very much.


Nothing gets you down, and it's your optimism that people never fail to fall in love with, Aries. You're a constance source of positivity, and you lift people up everywhere you go. It's magnetic, and we all want to spend more time around you for it.


You just want everyone to get along. Dear Libra, your inner peace (and desire for others to experience the same) is one of many irresistible traits you have. We don't know how you're always so calm and full of love; but we do know we like spending time with you because of it.


Scorpio is faithful through and through — a trait that can be harder to come by as we get older. When we see the loyalty in you, we don't need to see anything else. We know all we need to know about you, and you've won us over.


Your most attractive trait is, without a doubt, your generosity, Taurus. You're undoubtedly the most selfless sign of the zodiac. You're always thinking of others, and how you can give back to make other people's lives better. We could all stand to be a little more like this.


If you want to know the truth, talk to Aquarius. We've come to rely on you for your incredible sense of honesty. It's refreshing and reassuring, and we love knowing there's someone here who can give it to us straight. Don't ever lose that quality. It helps make you... you.


Pisces cares. They care more about others than any other sign of the zodiac. You offer love, affection, a warm hug, a shoulder to cry on. Pisces wants everyone to feel happy and accepted. They were born to care for others, and they're really good at it.


You always thought your sensitivity was something to get rid of, like you needed to "toughen up." Quite the contrary, Capricorn. This is what people love most about you. You're not made of stone. You're a living, breathing human being with feelings, and you shouldn't be afraid to share them with others.


Your enthusiasm for life is contagious. You know how to find the beauty and excitement in every situation, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Even a trip to the grocery store can be fun with you, Sagittarius.