An Episode By Episode Breakdown Of 'OITNB' Season 6 — Complete With Flashbacks

by Robert Moscato-Goodpaster

Spoilers ahead for OITNB Season 6. Now that the final season of Orange Is The New Black is upon us, fans are going to want to brush up on the previous seasons of the hit Netflix dramedy. A LOT happens in every season, which is why this Orange Is the New Black Season 6 recap should be your viewing companion while you marathon the new one.

In case you don't remember, Season 6 picks up after the riot and fans were relieved to see that many fan faves and familiar faces were present. Well, some of them. Maritza was sadly absent the whole season, as were Angie and Leanne. Big Boo also took a break, though she made a brief appearance in episode three of season 6 but wasn't seen after. New characters, such as mean girl Badison and cell block gang leaders Carol and Bard made up for it, though.

Season 6 was packed with cell-block rivals, gross pranks like women pooping in the dryers, and bloody drama. So many relationships form and end during the sixth season that it can be hard to keep track. Luckily, you can relive all the nail-biting moments from Season 6 without having to go back and rewatch 13 hours of television. You're welcome!

Here's what went down last year.

Episode 1: "Who Knows Better Than I"


In the first episode, the fates of characters such as Suzanne, Red, Frieda, Piper, and Nicky are revealed. After the riot, the character's were moved to Litchfield's maximum-security prison.

Frieda tries to kill herself in her cell but lives and Piper gets sent to medical by newcomer Badison, but while she's there she looks for Alex, who fans still don't know is alive. After questioning, Suzanne is moved to a new part of the prison.

Flashbacks: Suzanne hides in a box with Cindy when the guards storm the pool from last season. For a while, they seem to make it out of the clear. When they are finally caught, Cindy makes a plan with her to ensure their stories add up and that they are not blamed for the riot. This will change everything for the two women, and Taystee.

Episode 2: "Sh*tstorm Coming"


Cindy tries to get a message to Taystee before getting questioned by the FBI. Meanwhile, the FBI interviews Gloria about the riot and she works to move the blame to Maria.

Caputo struggles with being on leave and looks for purpose. Pennsatucky is seen for the first time since the riot in the back of a trunk on the run with two other ex-cops from Litchfield.

Flashbacks: Cindy tried to hide her pregnancy from her family, but her father is forceful and wants to know who the father is. When the baby is born fans understand her mom has taken the baby as her own so Cindy can continue living her life the way she wants to.

Episode 3: "Look Out For Number One"


Linda gets out of jail after being wrongfully put there. She takes over as head of MCC. Piper mistakes Red's message about Piscatella and thinks it's Alex who is dead.

Flashbacks: We learn about Frieda's history with Barb and Carol that took place years ago and why she's so afraid to confront them again.

Episode 4: "I'm The Talking Ass"


Nicky is trying to warn Red that she may have to blame her from the riot in order to avoid an additional 70 years in prison. Piper and Badison become roommates and Alex shows up (finally). The old CO's from Litchfield are integrated into the new environment. Pennsatucky enjoys a day at an amusement park while in disguise.

Flashbacks: Young Nicky is caught in the fire of her parents' hatred for one another and it impacts her choice to give a humiliating speech during her bat mitzvah leaving her parents to not want anything to do with her.

Episode 5: "Mischeif Mischeif"


The CO's start a fantasy inmate draft. Frieda and Suzanne become roommates so Frieda doesn't get paired with Carol. Maria tries to join Papi's group, but Papi doesn't trust her, and rats invade the cheese kitchen at Litchfield. Meanwhile, Pennsatucky turns herself in.

Flashbacks: None.

Episode 6: "State Of The Uterus"


Daddy admits to Barb that she was behind the rats to get the jobs from C-block. Meanwhile, Aleida sees her kids who are in foster care and works to get them back. Red is given the option to either admit to riot charges or to be charged with Piscatella's murder.

Linda and Figueroa try to work on MCC's PR crisis. Blanca finds out that she might not be able to have kids and Taystee decides to take her case to court.

Flashbacks: Daddy worked for drug lords as a pimp, and one of her girls ends up dead.

Episode 7: "Changing Winds"


Carol doesn't trust Badison after the D-block takes their jobs. Pennsatucky blackmails Linda and gets moved to the nice part of the jail with Freida and Suzanne. Suzanne turns on Taystee and Cindy because she doesn't want to be mothered anymore.

Daya takes the rest of Barb's pills and ends up kissing Daddy. D and C block start rioting in the yard, leaving Badison wounded.

Flashbacks: Madison was bullied in school and called Fartison which leads her to get expelled and sent to a correction camp with girls and sets one of them on fire.

Episode 8: "Gordons"


The CO's do a full sweep of the cells after Badison gets stabbed. Alex gets looped in with Barb's group. Red tries to inform everyone that Frieda ratted her out and is now living better then the rest of the inmates who were involved in the riot. Finally, Red gets through to Carol and they find common ground on their hatred for Frieda.

Taystee comes clean about the abuse she and the other inmates face. Blanca tries to get pregnant.

Flashbacks: Taystee and CO Tamika worked together when they were teenagers and we get to see just how close they were.

Episode 9: "Break The String"


Daya tries to convince her mom to smuggle in drugs. Nicky meets Barb while she's recovering from a beating from the girls of C-block. Chapman starts a kickball league.

Flashbacks: None.

Episode 10: "Chochlate Chip Nookie"


Alieda starts helping Daya smuggle in drugs. Red and Carol connect. Caputo senses that he's found the guy that actually killed Piscatella and tries to get him to confess.

Flashbacks: Carol and Barbs relationships are explored growing up and it is revealed that they drowned their little sister who was liked more by their parents.

Episode 11: "Well This Took A Dark Turn"


Suzanne and Frieda's friendship starts paying off as Red plots against Frieda. Cindy tries to come clean about what really happened the day of the pool raid because she doesn't want to see Taystee go down Piscatella's murder.

In order to win at fantasy inmate, CO Ginger locks enemies Carol and Barb into the same cell.

Flashbacks: None.

Episode 12: "Double Trouble"


Carol and Barb prepare for war, and MCC plans on a PR video to save their image. Meanwhile, Alex makes a deal with Carol to save Piper from Badison, who is trying to get her in trouble and up her sentence. CO Hopper foils the plan however, by ripping up the incriminating paper and edits Piper's sheet so she's set for early release.

Flashbacks: None.

Episode 13: "Be Free"


Piper prepares to get out, but before she does she marries Alex in a small ceremony. Taystee goes to trial and loses. A kickball game starts, but thanks to Maria, convincing the CO to let them choose new teams, the war between the blocks that were all planned doesn't happen.

Meanwhile, Carol and Barb hide in a closet in an attempt to sneak into Frieda's cell to kill her, but when the war outside doesn't happen, the sisters turn on each other and kill one another.

While the inmates enjoy their game of kickball, on the outside, Blanca gets taken by ICE, and Sophia and Piper are released.

Flashbacks: None.

Season 7 is packed with possibilities now that Piper is free, but there is still hope for the ones that are left inside Litchfield.