Seeing Stars

The Nail Color To Wear In 2023, According To Astrology

Whether you’re manifesting love or money, there’s a polish shade for you.

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Picking a nail color can be an unnecessarily arduous task. So many options. So many vibes. So many trends to keep up with. How about you allow your birth chart to guide you toward the right selection?

We asked our favorite astrologers and psychic diviners to look to the stars and use their divination skills to help determine the best nail polish hues to indulge in this year. Perhaps slicking indigo lacquer onto your fingertips will be just what you’ll need to help amplify your intuition in 2023. Maybe emerald green nail polish will become your secret to a more abundant lifestyle this year.

Allow the insight from the likes of Coco Mocoe and TiTok’s @shawtyherbs to guide you toward your divine nail polish prophecy in 2023. You can make these stunning shades the star of your next gel manicure or trendy nail art look. We’ll even suggest some fun nail stickers and press-on nail sets for bringing salon-like manicures to the comfort of your home.

By Vibes

No matter what your birth chart entails, royal purple, seafoam, and deep, aquatic blues are no-brainers to help you emulate the vibes of 2023, Amber the Alchemist tells Bustle.

These marine hues emulate the “Aquatica” vibes that the psychic diviner based in New York City predicts will be this year’s beauty and fashion trend. “Aquatica merges intuitive themes, like spirituality, with the mysteries of the ocean, including mermaids and emotional clarity, which is fitting for Saturn transiting into Pisces, a prominent transit this year,” Amber explains.

By Element

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Chrome Silver

Saturn transits into a new astrological sign every two to three years, and this year the ringed planet enters Pisces. “Water signs are entering a time of maturity and stepping up to the plate,” Coco Mocoe, a tarot card reader and trend forecaster, tells Bustle. “Silver will remind them of their value, and the shimmer of chrome is a reminder to have fun and let themselves sparkle in all the ways water signs intrinsically have.”

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Lavender

If you’re a fire sign, chances are high that you’ve had a tough couple of months and have felt like you’ve been broken down. With Jupiter back in Aries this year, luck is back on your side, and you’ll feel ready to rebuild your life again, Coco Mocoe says. “But instead of the typical fire energy you always bring, you’ll want to take it easy and let people and opportunities come to you,” she adds. Lavender is the best nail polish color to resemble just that. Earthy tones of this shade of purple will remind you to stay grounded as great things come to you in full force.

Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn): Champagne

For this element, Coco Mocoe picked champagne beige, which is symbolic of earth signs having a blank canvas this year. “This gives them the opportunity to paint the picture they want,” she explains. “The beige is a nod to the scrappiness of earth signs, as well. Even with a clean canvas, they bring their tools and resources.”

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): Maroon

As you wrapped up 2022, you may have felt like life was put on pause if you’re an air sign. Luckily, things will be full steam ahead in 2023 as Pluto moves into Aquarius and stays there for the next 20 years, Coco Mocoe says. “This will help us, especially air signs, bring things to the forefront that we felt were overlooked or on pause in the past,” she explains.

Because Pluto has hints of maroon on it, Coco Mocoe recommends wearing that hue on your nails to represent the powerful energy that air signs have going forward into the year.

By Birth Chart Placements

For these astrological-based nail polish color selections, you’ll want to refer to your rising sign. For those unfamiliar, this placement is also called your ascendant, and it’s dictated by the position of the eastern horizon at the exact time and place you were born. Astrologists say this is one of the best ways to determine your nail color this year because your rising sign illustrates how you appear in the world and how you like to express yourself — whether or not people are watching, Coco Moco says. You can find out your rising sign by looking at your birth chart on an astrology app, like Chani or Sanctuary.

Alternately, you can check out the nail color suggested for the sign associated with your Venus placement, Shawty says. This planet is commonly associated with love, beauty, aesthetics, and personal style.

Aries: Butter Yellow

Starting on April 11, Venus will transit your 3rd house in Gemini. This house governs hands and nails, according to Shawty. Around this time, “You might enjoy using light yellow nail polish to boost your mood and keep you mentally focused,” she suggests.

Taurus: Silver

Water signs aren’t the only ones who will love wearing silver nail polish this year. Tauruses will enjoy painting their nails with the glitzy hue to help channel their elegance, gracefulness, and sophistication, especially when Venus transits their 3rd house in Cancer later this year on May 7th, Shawty says.

Gemini: Glittery Gold

Venus will transit your 3rd house in Leo on June 5, but you don’t have to wait until then to gild your nails in glittery gold nail polish. “This could be a great color to use to help you to feel more confident and glamorous,” Shawty says. Nail artist Betina Goldstein even named metallic gold as a top pick for winter 2023 nail colors.

Cancer: Creamy Beige

This minimalist nail polish color is sure to help you feel “more organized and put together” this year, particularly when Venus transits your 3rd house in Virgo later on Oct. 9, Shawty says. Whenever you find yourself feeling spiritually overwhelmed in 2023, this nude shade will also help ground your energy, Amber adds. Best of all, this is the perfect excuse to get a classic French manicure.

Leo: Bubblegum Pink

Attract more love — for yourself and others — as well as peace, balance, and harmony into your life this year with a couple of coats of bubblegum pink nail polish, Shawty says. It’s basically like wearing rose quartz on your nails.

Virgo: Rich Burgundy

This deep, wine-like color evokes power, hotness, and control for Virgos all year long, particularly toward the end when Venus enters your 3rd house in intensely passionate Scorpio on Dec. 4, Shawty says.

Libra: Royal Purple

Try a royal purple nail polish to “feel more insightful and open-minded,” Shawty says. This regal hue could also promote spiritual growth, she adds.

Plus, purple is often associated with the crown chakra, Amber says, so in nail polish form, it can help balance that chakra while “activating enlightenment and one’s connection to the Universe,” she explains.

Scorpio: Fiery Red

“With Venus transiting your 6th house, which can also be associated with nails, in Aries on Feb. 20, this could be a great time to wear flaming hot red nail polish,” Shawty says. “This is a color that might help you to feel more motivated, inspired, brave, and courageous.” On top of that, the color red is often associated with luck, especially around Lunar New Year. (And of course, there’s the red nail theory, if you’re trying to attract a man.)

Sagittarius: Electric Blue

For a little something to boost your self-esteem, consider a vibrant blue nail color. “This color could help you to feel more confident to express yourself and find confidence in your uniqueness,” Shawty explains. Shades of blue also help “enhance one’s intuitive abilities and communication skills to empower us to live in our truth and speak it,” Amber adds.

Capricorn: Baby Blue

Feeling a bit uptight and reserved lately? This may be your default setting, Cap, but pastel baby blue will bring you calm vibes and help you strengthen your intuition on tough days this year, Shawty says.

Aquarius: Cherry Red

Just as we mentioned for Scorpios, this timeless nail polish color reigns supreme for manifesting more energy, discipline, and willpower into your life, Shawty says.

Pisces: Emerald Green

Last, but not least, we have emerald green for those who have Pisces placements. This jewel tone helps “manifest more good luck and good fortune,” Shawty says. “This color might also help you feel more grounded, refreshed, and lucky.” Amber echoes these sentiments, adding, “Emerald-colored nails will cultivate blessings and financial prosperity, but remember to save, too.”