14 Festival Season Beauty Products Perfect For Coachella

From face gems to cooling mists.

Glitter makeup, face gems, and other must-have festival beauty products perfect for Coachella.
Getty Images/John Phillips/BFC / Contributor

Whether you’re headed to Coachella or counting down until Governer’s Ball, Bonnaroo, or something more obscure, summer is prime time for enjoying music and arts festivals. They’re one of the best parts of the season, but the long days and high temps create some logistical challenges. While the music may be the biggest draw, one can never forget about the look — especially since this is the perfect occasion to go all out with not only your outfit but your beauty look. Right about now, along with scouting tickets and checking main stage lineups, you’re probably also considering which products are worth toting to the festival grounds. Courtesy of Bustle’s beauty editors, we’ve rounded up the ultimate festival beauty essentials — stuff that’s sure to help you get cute and keep cool.

The products you pack for events like Coachella should be a combo of practical and funky: This means fanny pack-friendly items like glitter makeup, maximalist nail art, face jewels, breathable foundation, refreshing powders, and, naturally, plenty of SPF. Keep scrolling for the portable and Bustle editor-approved festival beauty essentials that are sure to last through long, sweaty days.

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For A Sparkly Lip

“If there's ever an occasion to wear a glittery lip, it's festival season. About Face makes plenty of vibrant glittery hues for the eyes, cheeks, and lips, but the Fractal Glitter Lip Color is a creamy liquid formula that doesn't feel sticky. Plus, it lasts — even if you've been singing all day long.” — Rachel Lapidos, senior lifestyle & beauty editor


For Sun Protection

“Everyone needs sun protection — melanin-rich skin included. And this moisturizing one from Black Girl Sunscreen is a must-have for any all-day summer festival. It’s SPF 30, doubles as a moisturizer, and you won’t have to deal with that annoying white residue.” — Paris Giles, beauty & wellness writer


For A Fun Eyeliner Look

“Unfortunately, my oily skin mixed with hot festival weather make it tough for my eye makeup to stay put. That is why I go the eye sticker route: These ones by Euphoria's lead makeup artist Donni Davy are super fun and dynamic. Everyone will stop you to compliment them, but, most importantly, they stay on for hours when you're sweating profusely and dancing under the sun a must-have this festival season.” — Audrey Noble, beauty writer


For A Cooling Refresh

“I wouldn’t survive the festival season without my cooling mist. One spritz and you instantly feel your temperature drop. Plus, it helps to evaporate sweat from the surface of your skin, which works to prevent breakouts down the line. It’s like a mini AC that fits in your purse that I’ll be toting all spring and summer long.” — Danielle Sinay, beauty & wellness writer


For Some Shimmer

“I mean... it's a festival you have to sparkle. I love this creamy face and body highlighter stick from Dibs for achieving a golden glow. I'll be swiping it on my cheekbones, across my collarbones, shoulders, and arms anywhere I want to shimmer (aka everywhere).” — Faith Xue, beauty director, BDG


For Easy SPF Reapplication

“There's nothing worse than roasting in the sun's rays and wishing you had slipped some SPF into your bag. This pocket-sized tube is as portable as sunscreen comes, and the transparent formula makes it perfect for emergency touch-ups.” — Erin Stovall, senior beauty editor


For Oil Control

“If you find that you need a bit of a refresh as you wait for your favorite artist to take the stage, Cleo+Coco's Dry Shampoo + Body Powder is the perfect multipurpose product to keep in your bag. Pat the powder on any sweat-prone spots and revive oily strands with a quick fix throughout the long day.” — Olivia Rose Ferreiro, beauty writer


For A Standout Manicure

“You can't show up to a festival with a subtle manicure. The easiest way to deck your nails out with a bright, funky design is to snag a press-on set from Glamnetic. I'm partial to this coffin-shaped French-style mani since it has fluorescent yellow tips that basically scream Coachella.” — Rachel Lapidos, senior lifestyle & beauty editor


For Metallic Eyes

“Make sure your eyes catch the stage lights with this liquid metallic eyeshadow from Physicians Formula. It’s super fanny pack-friendly and super easy to apply. Honestly, a summer festival is no time to skimp on the shimmer and shine.” — Paris Giles, beauty & wellness writer


For Some Bling

“PaintLab's newest launch adds such pretty sparkle to any festival makeup look. They're fun face and eye stick-on crystals that come in bright colors (yellow, green, red, etc.) and are easy to take on and off. Plus at only $8, they’re a steal.” — Audrey Noble, beauty writer


For Brush-On UV Protection

“I love doing my makeup for festivals but know I’ll realistically sweat most of it off while there — hence my love for Supergoop!’s resetting powder, which allows me to reapply face SPF and reduce excess oil all day long. Both the brush and powder come as one, so it’s compact enough to tote and apply on the go (or while dancing).” — Danielle Sinay, beauty & wellness writer


For A Quick Skin Care Routine

“I'm packing light for Coachella this year, so all my beauty products need to be TSA-friendly. This 3-in-1 botanical-infused stick works as a solid cleanser (it melts off makeup instantly!), while the pumpkin seed enzymes gently exfoliate. Plus, you can use it as a balm to soothe dry, irritated skin.” — Faith Xue, beauty director, BDG


For Stunning Sparkles

“Festivals are the time to go OTT with sparkles. With over 10 stunning variations to choose from, these grown-up glitters can be used in endless ways.” — Erin Stovall, senior beauty editor


For All-In-One Face Coverage

“Keep your complexion feeling healthy and looking glowy with this dewy, breathable skin tint. Though it provides ultra-light coverage, the formula is packed with five powerhouse skin care ingredients (including hyaluronic acid and vitamin C) and easily layers with your favorite concealer if you need to spot-cover any problem areas. As an added bonus, it contains SPF. Your skin will thank me later.” — Olivia Rose Ferreiro, beauty writer