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10 Refreshing Face Mists That Are Like AC For Your Skin

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Grab one of these 10 refreshing face mists to keep your skin cool and calm all summer long.
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The dog days of summer are here, and everything is unbelievably hot, humid, and sticky. The resulting sweaty environment — while great for a day at the beach — can create a host of issues for the most even-keeled complexions. The good news is that regardless of what your skin needs throughout the day, the perfect solution exists in the form of a refreshing face mist.

If a facial mist isn’t a staple in your beauty routine, know that there’s more to these elixirs than meets the eye. You can find a spritz-on formula that not only cools you off in the sweltering heat, but that delivers a dose of hydration, helps quash bacteria growth associated with breakouts (which excessive perspiring can fester), soothe redness or irritation, keep your makeup in place, and so much more.

Below, an array of refreshing face mists that can solve complexion woes in a flash, all without disturbing the six-step skin care routine or face of makeup you’ve already committed to. Consider these picks your portable booster shots that keep your skin cool, clear, and hydrated — all via a feel-so-good spray.

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A Skin-Quenching Mist

Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing MVP that plays a starring role in this hydrating mist. You can work this elixir — which is also packed with antioxidants, minerals, and cooling cucumber water — into any part of your routine. Use it before applying your skin care products to aid with ingredient absorption, throughout the day for added moisture, or before bed for a final dose of vitamins and nutrients.


A Bedtime Spritz

Keep Omorovicza’s evening mist on your nightstand to help you achieve actual beauty sleep. While you’re getting your shut-eye, the glycerin and squalene-spiked formula amps up your skin barrier repair, the lavender calms your senses, magnesium salts and melatonin prep you for relaxation mode, and CBD soothes any lingering inflammation from the day.


A Beachy Mist

If your definition of summer is floating in the pool or lounging at the beach, consider this super-fine Soleil Toujours mist your skin’s BFF. The product removes and neutralizes chlorine (via superoxide dismutase) as it nourishes your complexion with antioxidant-rich green tea extract and hydrating rose flower water, glycerin, and aloe vera.


An Over-Makeup Spray

PSA: Wearing makeup and having healthy skin are not mutually exclusive! For days when you have a done-up face, keep this spray on hand to revitalize and refresh your complexion — with the soothing combo of witch hazel water and florals like lavender and hyacinth — while leaving behind a dewy finish.


A Poolside Hydrator

Everything from Vacation was created with vacation in mind (obviously), so this Super Spritzer is directly formulated for fun in the sun. The formula features the feels-so-good trio of cucumber extract, aloe, and coconut water, making it the perfect remedy for cooling off in the heat.


An Impurity-Zapping Spray

Meet your BFF for keeping breakouts at bay: The airy Force Shield mist contains tea tree oil to clarify the skin, totarol to balance acne-causing bacteria, and an herbal complex to refresh your face any time of day.


A Pore-Clearing Mist

Clogged pores are a common summer skin complaint. The star power of Codex’s face mist is its purported ability to keep them refined and in shape thanks to the fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acid blend in its formula. As an added bonus: It’s formulated with mango, making each spritz even more enticing.


A Maskne-Fighting Solution

Mask-wearing hasn’t completely disappeared yet. Celebrity facialist Renée Rouleau’s Maskne Spray is here to ease those specific skin woes — its AHA- and BHA-backed formula helps put the kibosh on any mask-associated breakouts so that they don’t form in the first place. Plus, the minty scent doubles as a dreamy midday refresher.


A Multitasking Hydrosol

If you like to use a face mist all day, every day, grab this one. The hydrosol oil contains a moisturizing yet gentle concoction of skin boosters — think a variety of rose extracts, Moroccan neroli oil, and distilled water. The end result is a floral-scented elixir that soothes and rejuvenates.


A Balancing Refresher

Rose water is a face mist staple, and for good reason. The skin soother stars in this formula to instantly calm any kind of skin irritation as it infuses hydration. Combined with castor oil, another complexion moisturizer, and a couple of spritzes will keep you (and your skin!) feeling calm, cool, and collected.

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