These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Great Sex This Year, According To The Planets

Cue your feral summer.

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These zodiac signs with have the steamiest sex life in 2024.
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If it’s been ages since you had a hot and spicy hookup, never fear, as the stars may be working in your favor to bring great sex your way in 2024. Whether it’s a fun summer fling with a Hinge match, a steamy one-night stand, or a newfound lust for a long-term partner, certain zodiac signs will have a lot in store.

According to Letao Wang, an astrologer and spiritual counselor, it’s all thanks to the movements of several key planets, like Jupiter and Venus, which will be transiting into the 5th and 8th houses for certain signs in the coming months.

The 5th house is aptly named the “house of pleasure” while the 8th house represents transformation, which is why it could lead you to feel a little more frisky, outgoing, and experimental in the bedroom, especially if fun-loving Jupiter is heading your way.

“Thanks to the planets dancing through their charts, [certain zodiac signs] are set to experience some of the most exciting sexual energy this year,” Wang tells Bustle. All you have to lean into this energy is go on more first dates, make sizzling eye contact with potential love interests, or candidly admit to your SO that you want to try something out of the norm between the sheets. With Venus and Jupiter hanging in your chart, you’re bound to get lucky.

Read on for the three zodiac signs set to have the best sex this year, according to the planets.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

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Scorpios are already brimming with sexual energy, though as an introverted water sign, many go through phases where they prefer to spend time away from the dating scene. If you’ve been thinking about getting back out there, however, Wang says you’re in for a treat as Jupiter transits your 8th house starting on May 27.

“This movement sparks an exploration of intimacy and transformation, making Scorpios more magnetic than ever,” he says. “Expect passionate encounters and the possibility of meeting someone who can match your sexual intensity and depth, leading to experiences that are both fulfilling and transformative.”

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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“Venus, the planet of love and beauty, makes a significant transit through Capricorn’s 8th house in Gemini, especially noted during its tenure in Leo between July 12 and August 4,” says Wang. “This alignment highlights deep, transformative relationships and sexual experiences that not only ignite desire but also foster emotional bonds.”

In other words, your hook-up will be explosive, but you’ll equally enjoy the cuddling that happens afterward. “Capricorns may find themselves exploring new depths of intimacy, with Venus encouraging them to open their hearts and connect on a more profound level,” says Wang. “As Venus’s transit is much shorter than Jupiter’s, take advantage of your romantic encounters and don’t let hesitation stop you.”

Truly savor these moments, as you never know where they might lead.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

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“With Jupiter transiting Aquarius’ astrological 5th house, the house of romance, pleasure, and creativity, Aquarians are encouraged to express their unique selves in love and sex,” says Wang. If you’re dating or in a relationship, this is your cue to take things to the next level.

This planetary movement invites you to have more fun and be more flirty, says Wang, which is exactly what you want when it comes to spicing things up in an LTR. Ask your partner if they’d like to try something new or hook up in a sexy spot, like the shower, dining room table, or in your car.

If you’re single and mingling, this planetary transit could inspire a few more whirlwind romances and summer flings. “Compared to Jupiter’s transit in the 8th house for Scorpios, Aquarians might find themselves going on more fun and casual dates, engaging in light-hearted flings, or even stumbling upon a love that sparks their creative and eccentric spirit,” says Wang.

Either way, Aquarians have a lot of fun coming their way.


Letao Wang, astrologer, spiritual counselor

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