The Shakespeare Character for Your Zodiac Sign

There are probably some people out there who don't love Shakespeare, the same way there must be some people in this world who don't like chocolate or looking at pictures of baby sloths. To each their own, I guess. But if you, like me, are a Shakespeare freak, then you're already on board to find out which Shakespearean character is most compatible with your Zodiac Sign.

Shakespeare's plays are filled with all manner of princes, fools, lovers, fighters, and the occasional donkey-headed monster. You may not necessarily see a Shakespeare play and walk away thinking, "I'm such a Falstaff!" but there's a reason that Shakespeare's characters have lasted for hundreds of years. Whether they're plotting a king's demise or chilling with fairies on an island, his characters are unmistakably human. At some point or another, we've all felt a little like a lovestruck Juliet, or a sarcastic Beatrice, or a spurned Helena stalking her ex through the woods at night.

And then there's Astrology. It might be pseudoscience, but sometimes it's just so spot on (or rather, every time I go through a break up I turn to the Zodiac to prove that we were incompatible from the start). If you've ever wondered whether you're a Romeo or a Hamlet, here's what the stars have to say about it:

1. Aries: Othello

Aries is one of the most courageous, passionate, and hotheaded signs. So naturally, you're a perfect match for valiant Othello. He's incredibly brave, competent, and arguably too passionate. His jealousy can sometimes get the better of him. But, even though you can be a little quick to anger (and murder), you love fiercely, you stand up to injustice, and you're always ready to take action (just try to talk it out with your wife before you smother her next time).

2. Taurus: Cordelia

As a Taurus, you're powerful, patient, and stubborn. You love your family, and you like living comfortably in your castle. But you, like Cordelia, aren't about to get sucked into a game of "Who loves dad the MOST?" (Especially if your sisters are evil and your dad is King Lear.) You love your dad a normal amount, and you'll say it right to his face. You're a reliable sign, so people can always rely on you keep it real, even if it occasionally gets you banished to France.

3. Gemini: Mercutio

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, so it's no wonder that you're a match for mercurial Mercutio. You, like Mercutio, are an expressive sign with a quick wit. You can be the life of the party, or the sad sack moping about how your best friend is ignoring you. Sometimes you're all chill and into puns, and other times you're fighting to the death in the streets. Mercutio is a changeable, somewhat unstable guy, but he loves his best friend Romeo, and he's definitely a bundle of (kind of scary) fun.

4. Cancer: Juliet

Let's be real, both Romeo and Juliet are probably Cancerians. They're all about feelings and love and being clingy drama queens, and that's Cancer's whole deal. But Juliet is the slightly more thoughtful, more internal character. She's romantic and loyal, but she's also manipulative when it comes to double-talking at her parents, and deeply hurt over the death of her cousin. Romeo makes the big proclamations of love, but Juliet is more sensitive when it comes down to it.

5. Leo: Prince Hal

At your best, Leo, you're a mighty king and a just ruler, leading your loyal army into battle. At your worst, you're a vain, spoiled brat making a big deal of yourself at the bar with your shady friends. Prince Hal is both. He starts out as arrogant Hal, who just wants to party with Falstaff in Henry IV Part I. But by Henry V, he's grown up into King Henry, a confident, well-loved leader who conquers France just for the hell of it.

6. Virgo: Viola

On the outside, you look like a young man with his life in order. But just underneath the surface, you're a lovesick girl who's totally freaking out. Viola spends most of Twelfth Night dressed in drag and playing down her emotions. She misses her brother and she's crushing on her boss, but she would never say it out loud. Like any true Virgo, she's practical, good at planning, afraid to reveal her true feelings, and a total over-thinker when it comes to matters of the heart.

7. Libra: Portia

Libra is one of the most intellectual signs in the Zodiac, usually focused on balance and justice. You're also the sign that all the other signs want to get with. That's why you're such a Portia, the kick ass female lawyer from The Merchant of Venice. Portia is a beautiful heiress who's constantly being bugged by dudes who want to marry her. And when she finally finds the right guy, she has to disguise herself as a lawyer and argue brilliantly to get him and his dumb friends out of trouble and bring everyone to justice (which she does). Typical Libra.

8. Scorpio: Lady Macbeth

I'm not saying that you're necessarily a murderer, Scorpio. I'm just saying that you're a tough, manipulative, truly intimidating woman who doesn't suffer fools. Especially if those fools are in your way. And you're definitely not going to put up with any wish-washy nonsense from your husband. You're resourceful and secretive, and you, like Lady M, are going to get your way in the end. (She does feel guilty about the murders later on... so that's something, at least).

9. Sagittarius: Puck

Sagittarians are the fun ones of the bunch. You have a great sense of humor, and you value your freedom (and ability to pull pranks). You're endlessly enthusiastic and philosophical, and not overly worried about being polite. That's why you're Puck, the prankster sprite of A Midsummer's Night Dream. You like jokes, wandering, and wreaking havoc within reason, but you'd never cause any permanent damage (probably).

10. Capricorn: Malvolio

You can come off as a bit straight-laced, Capricorn. But that's just because you're a responsible, driven sign. You identify with poor Malvolio from Twelfth Night, who just wants to do his job well without being harassed by drunks. And you, like Malvolio, aren't all work all the time: when you meet that special someone, you're more than willing to prance around in your bright yellow stockings like the secret romantic you are.

11. Aquarius: Hamlet

I'm sorry, Aquarius. But you're Hamlet. You just are. You're a progressive intellectual and an independent person, but you're also a temperamental over-thinker who can see both sides to every problem. You run from your emotions, you like to monologue to yourself, and some people think you're a little... eccentric. But you're really just a deep thinker trying to figure out the right thing to do (just don't waver for so long that you end up stabbed to death).

12. Pisces: Miranda

You're a compassionate soul, Pisces. And sometimes it might feel like you live all alone on your own enchanted island, just like Miranda from The Tempest. But, like Miranda, you don't mind solitude. You're a gentle, sensitive person who loves sweeping romance when the time is right. But you also love to reveal in your own daydreams. If only Caliban would stop bugging you, and your dad would stop causing shipwrecks all over the place.

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