Kristin Collins Jackson
Kristin Collins Jackson is a certified Aromatherapist with a growing education in clinical herbalilsm. A passion for natural beauty excluding the use of harmful chemicals and belief of restoring the body's ability to self-heal lead Kristin to start her own business of custom-made beauty products and holistic remedies. Her unique approach to healing from within comes from her affection towards green witchcraft, modern science, and traditional plant-based therapy. Kristin teaches classes on various plant-based healing and also finds time to write romantic poetry with an element of gore and violence anyone whose been in love can find relatable. Considered a witch by most and an eternal punk rocker at heart by many, in her spare time, she enjoys herbaceous teas, swooning over puppies, dreaming up avant garde tattoos, and has a strong attraction to lazy eyes. Her published articles can also be found in the New York Times, Extra Crispy, Beauty Lies Truth, the Frisky, and the Harlem Times.

Kristin’s Latest Articles

Black History Month Isn't Just For Black People

This isn’t the first year I’ve heard people scoff at Black History Month. Every February — the shortest month of the year, I might add — I have to defend not only why Black History Month is significant, but also why Black History Month isn’t just for black people. It’s for everyone. Whether you’re a recent transplant to the U.S, a black American or any other race, Black History Month will help you embrace American culture throughout the years. Black History Month isn’t just about the stains on …

By Kristin Collins Jackson

Why Bias Against Black Natural Hair Still Exists

On Feb. 6, 2017, NPR published a study that showed there is still bias against afro-textured hair. A Cornell University professor who writes about beauty and race explained in the article that "for some reason, natural black hair just frightens some white people." I have seen salons, brands, and companies respond to the study by offering ways for black women to tame their natural hair to be more acceptable and that, to me, is just blasphemy. Let me channel the words of Marcus Garvey and say we s…

By Kristin Collins Jackson

5 Chemical-Free DIY Facials That Help Control Acne

In my lengthy experience with acne, I’ve come to learn the simplest recipes are often the most effective treatments. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped me from trying out decadent skin care applications because there are a handful of acne cleansing recipes that are totally effective and you don’t have to be a gourmet chef or chemist to make these recipes on your own. Preventing acne can be all about habits and cleansing routine, but breakouts can happen to even the most committed if their cleansing s…

By Kristin Collins Jackson

Why Mary Tyler Moore Was A Feminist Style Icon

The death of Mary Tyler Moore really saddened me, but I know her place among feminist style icons will continue to live on in all of us, particularly those of us who found ourselves replicating Mary Tyler Moore's fashion in subcultures throughout the years. Mary Tyler Moore's Mary Richards character was one of the first employed, single women that graced the TV screen and she wasn't just another supporting role: The entire show was based around her drive, her wit, and her single life. She was a…

By Kristin Collins Jackson