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Maddy Foley is a Chicago-based writer-teacher-bookseller. Watch how many musical theater goofs she can retweet @maddy_efff

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These Harry Potter Winter Coats Are Pure Magic

Real talk: there's no way robes alone keep Hogwarts students warm during the winter. Magic can do a lot of cool stuff, but it can't make the snow not, you know, cold. My theory? These Hogwarts winter coats that you can now own, too.  Designed by Robe Factory, the coats are exclusively sold by ThinkGeek, the source of all things fandom (like, truly, though, you can search for clothes by show as well as size). Each has two house-colored stripes on the front, logos on the front and back - house log…

By Maddy Foley

J.K. Rowling Reveals Tina And Queenie's Houses

As any avid Harry Potter fan knows, we move through life sorting people into houses. Mariah Carey? Slytherin. President Obama? Ravenclaw. But with the addition of Ilvermorny, the American wizarding school, to our arsenal, there's just so many options. So J.K. Rowling sorted the characters from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them for us. Because she is kind and good and knows that we were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the task, and that sometimes things are best left to the OG creator.  If y…

By Maddy Foley

This 'Harry Potter' Theory About Santa Is Crazy

Happy holidays, season's greetings, etc. It's been a tough year, so I thought I'd bring you a gift. A magical gift. A special gift that will have you debating minute details about a fictional universe, but hey, we could all stand to be distracted for a few minutes right now. Believe me when I say that this Harry Potter theory about Santa Claus will blow your mind. Like, make some room in your schedule right now, because you're going to spend some serious time mulling this over. The theory first …

By Maddy Foley