10 Chrome Press-On Nails For A No-Hassle, Mirror-Finish Mani

It’s giving cool girl mani in minutes.

Close-up of a hand showcasing almond-shaped ombre nails, resting on a white shirt sleeve.
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Next to other most-loved nail art like classic French tips and the still-rising aura art vibe, chrome nails have solidified their status as *the* cool girl manicure.

For proof, just take a look at Dua Lipa’s mirror-like silver mani, Taylor Swift’s holiday-ready chrome set, Khloé Kardashian’s “loud luxury” gold tips, or even Hailey Bieber’s softly chromatic “glazed donut” nails. The list of chrome-loving celebs goes on and on (and on), and the style seems to be here to stay through this summer and beyond.

As for chromatic colors that are trending for the warmer months ahead, sunny butter yellow, jewelry-inspired gold, sweet sky blue, and vacation-ready violet are only a few of the current go-tos. But really, you can’t go wrong adding a chrome topper to any colored polish.

Because chrome powders are typically reserved for pros in the salon, your best bet for getting them at home is — of course — with press-ons.

Not only are press-on nails a whole lot healthier for your nails (they leave minimal damage, especially with the right removal techniques), but they’ve also got the Kim Kardashian stamp of approval, so they’re definitely good enough for us non-celebs.

If you’re in desperate need of an on-trend chrome mani — and don’t want to spend on a salon appointment for the sake of the cause — here are 10 press-on sets with the cool-girl chromatic finish of your dreams.

Gilded Details

Take cues from A-listers like Jennifer Lopez and try an elegant gold chrome mani — like these “Material Girl” press-ons with whimsically gilded details.

Mirror-Like Silver

Not so much into gold nails? For all of the silver-loving girlies of the world, these softly rounded “Mirror Chrome” press-ons are a total Y2K fantasy.

Technicolor Pastel

If you’re more of a pastel lover, these holographic tips in the style “Digital Pink” serve up all of the coquettish, technicolor vibes.

Chromatic Frenchies

There’s nothing more classically chic than a white-tipped French mani, and these “French Chrome” press-ons take the nostalgic look to an entirely new level of modern elegance.

Rose Gold Finish

These ultra-shiny “Rose Gold Stiletto” nails are the perfect way to change up your look with rose-tinted mixed metals. Who said you have to choose between gold or silver, anyway?

Navy Night Sky Holo

These navy blue holographic press-on nails in the coffin-shaped style “Blue-Gie” are as deep, dark, and magical as a galaxy-filled night sky.

Butter Yellow French Details

If you’re very much on the butter yellow train, these colorful chrome Frenchies in the style “Bougie Butter” are sure to be your new fave nails.

Barbie Pink French Tips

Still very much in your Barbie era for summer ’24? These lengthy French nails in the style “On My Tippies” feature the prettiest hot pink tips.

Neutral Glazed Donut

If you *still* can’t get enough of the Hailey Bieber-approved neutral chrome mani look, these almond-shaped press-ons in “Glazed Donut” will be an immediate add-to-cart.

Mermaidcore Seafoam

Summertime isn’t complete without a bit of those mermaidcore vibes, and these short, sea-foam green press-ons in “After Hours” fit the ocean-inspired aesthetic.