10 Simple Heart Nail Art Designs For A Soft Girl Summer

These will never not be in style.

No matter your mood (or the season), love heart nail art designs are *always* on-trend. Here are 10 ...

In the world of beauty the trends are constantly shifting, especially when it comes to manicures. New aesthetics and popular motifs edge out those of old in what can feel like minutes.

These days, coquette ribbons, nostalgic leopard print, and sweet strawberries are the current nail art designs most often spotted on those in-the-know. But some manicure decorations are always a vibe, regardless of the present trend cycle — like hearts, for example.

Most often worn as itty bitty adornments, hearts are a truly timeless addition to any look, elevating one’s manicure with ease. Depending which vibe you channel — be it with an edgy chrome finish, soft girl pastels, or a cool-girl 3D style — hearts can match every single personal aesthetic.

Sabrina Carpenter, for one, frequently adorns her concert manicures with hearts and also taps the classic motif for her on-stage outfits. Most recently, the “Nonsense” singer rocked a pretty pearl-lined design while performing on the Eras Tour.

This is all to say: you can’t go wrong with a heart manicure. Below, find nail art designs that highlight the classic shape.

Simple Dainty Black Hearts

Elevate your usual natural-length-with-neutral-polish mani by adding understated micro hearts to a few nails.

Skittles Nails

Colorful Skittle nails are an easy way to achieve a trendy mani with little artistic effort, which is great for at-home manicurists. This set is made even more unique with monochromatic hearts decorating every single nail.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Tips

For the French nail obsessed, it’s difficult to stray from the signature design. This chocolate-colored mani subtly alters the go-to look with simple heart shapes.

3D Puffy Hearts

Take cues from A-listers like Sydney Sweeney and Halle Bailey, who love 3D manicures. The stand-out details make any lacquer feel youthful and fresh — particularly, these puffy silver hearts combined with baby blue ombré.

Heart-Lined Classic Frenchies

Make a traditional white-tipped French manicure all your own with fiery red hearts placed only at the very end.

Itty Bitty White Heart Adornments

Dress up your go-to balletcore pink manicure with tiny white hearts that are perfectly painted on only select a few statement nails.

Mod Black & White Hearts

Black and white nail art designs are *everywhere* RN and for good reason. The contrasting color combination offers up a seriously eye-catching look, regardless of design. This heart design feels distinctly mod and so unexpected.

Metallic Cherry Hearts

Red cherry nail designs are beloved by stars like Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian Barker. This chromatic manicure gets a lovely twist, with the fruit painted in the shape of a heart.

Invisible French Tips

Next time you’re about to ask for “the usual,” try tapping into the still-rising “invisible” Frenchie trend with a luxe gold polish. The stark white hearts are just the icing on the cake.

Hot Pink Abstract Swirls

Instead of decorating your nails with simple hearts, opt for a more whimsical take. These abstract swirls feel sweet, but not childish.