Here’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The November’s Full Beaver Moon

It brings some illumination during the darkest time of year.

Full moon in rural setting in fall at dusk
KJG Photography, Kim Guisti/Moment/Getty Images

Full moons are always powerful times of release, resolution, and illumination — but the November 2021 full moon rising on Nov. 19 will put these energies on hyperdrive. That’s because the upcoming full moon, also known as the Beaver Moon, is a lunar eclipse, so it’s ushering in all sorts of emotional changes. Understanding the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon can help us keep our eyes on the prize as we approach the darker season ahead and brace ourselves for the eclipse’s shake-ups.

Full moons in astrology mark the most climactic moment in the monthly lunar cycle, as it’s when the sun and moon — two of the most important celestial bodies — oppose each other in the zodiac. Astronomically, this explains why the moon is fully illuminated by the sun’s light. Astrologically, it’s an aspect that offers us perspective, brings things to their natural breaking point, and heightens our emotions. The November 2021 full moon eclipse is taking place in the the sensual sign of Taurus, so the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon is centered around aligning with our values and finding security amidst the cosmic chaos.

Incorporating the full moon energy into your spiritual practice — or simply into your everyday flow — is a great way to align with the cosmos’ natural rhythms. Read on to get the dish on the November 2021 full moon’s meaning.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Beaver Moon?

The Beaver Moon is a nickname given to the full moon that takes place each November, and it’s named for the fact that this time of year is traditionally when beavers seek shelter for the colder months looming ahead. This lunation was also historically known as the Frost Moon or Freezing Moon, which alludes to the shorter days and chillier temperatures that take hold at this point in the autumn.

On a more symbolic level, the folklore behind these nicknames speaks to the way this month’s full moon can illuminate the things we need to feel warm, safe, and secure in a time of increasing seasonal cold and scarcity. The zodiacal influence of stability-seeking fixed sign Taurus (where the eclipse takes place) helps us to determine what’s truly valuable to us and what’s no longer worth our energy — and that’s what the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon is all about.

This year’s Beaver Moon is extra spiritually significant given that it’s a partial lunar eclipse and is heralding in 2021’s second (and final) eclipse season. What’s more, it’s also the first eclipse to take place on the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac since 2014. This launches us into a fresh cycle that’ll weave an ongoing story of growth and change in our lives over the next two years (as there will be seven more eclipses on this axis from now through the end of 2023). These fateful cosmic events will likely impact the way we relate to our values, possessions, and energetic bonds, so pay close attention to what kinds of revelations or shifts come up in your life during this lunation. There will likely be lots more energy building upon these themes over the years ahead.

How To Work With The November 2021 Lunar Eclipse’s Energy

While full moons are often powerful times for doing personal rituals and moon magic, eclipses are an exception — as the cosmic energies are too chaotic and compromised. Instead of trying to harness the energy in a moon ritual, it’s best to simply immerse yourself in the choppy waters of change and try to embrace whatever the universe sends your way.

The moon will be earth sign Taurus territory at the time of the eclipse, so its energy is highlighting our sensual experiences and bringing awareness to the material realm. It’s a good time to feel into your body and tune into your senses to pick up on some full moon insights. Look, listen, feel, and fully take in what’s being revealed to you under this lunation. These observations will help you stay present while also giving you some guidance as to how to navigate the eclipse-induced changes.

If you need some additional structure when it comes to keeping yourself steady during the eclipse, it’s also a great time for trying a full moon eclipse meditation or working with grounding healing crystals. Eclipses can bring huge shifts, sudden endings, or powerful emotional surges that force us to let go of things and shift our gears. Doing guided meditations, breathwork, or yoga can help to keep you centered in your body and calm enough to make sense of the flurry of feelings. Incorporating some soothing and stress-relieving crystals into any of these practices can enhance their effectiveness and help you align even further with the lunar energy — as crystals evoke the element of earth, which is the ruling element of this powerful Taurus full moon.