Bustle Newsletter: August 10, 2022

On fall's buzziest hair colors, Camila Cabello's new BF, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Camila Cabello
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8 Cozy Hair Colors That’ll Be Everywhere This Fall

Summer has been all about bright, sun-kissed strands and bold, funky colors — Kendall Jenner red! Pamcore blonde! Strawberry ginger! — but fall is going to warm everything up as the temps cool off. These cozy, low-maintenance colors will be the perfect kickoff to your cuffing/hibernation season. Read More

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3 Manifestations To Get The Most Out Of August’s Supermoon

This month’s full “sturgeon” moon arrives in Aquarius tomorrow, just a few days after the lion’s gate portal, one of the luckiest days of the year. And because the air sign is all about innovation, and full moons encourage us to let go of the past, it’s the perfect time to practice visualizing your dreams — and I’m talking about the big ones, not which kind of ice cream you’re going to have after dinner — with a few manifestations. Read More

It Looks Like Camila Cabello Has A New BF 👀

After splitting with Shawn Mendes last November (can you believe it’s been almost a year without their totally-not-staged paparazzi pics?), it appears that Camila has linked up with someone new, who happens to be the founder of a dating app, who Bustle interviewed a few months ago. Read More

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I Tried Beetles At-Home Gel Polish & It Lasted Longer Than A Salon Mani

If you’re ready to start doing your gel manis at home, but don’t want to spend a ton of money in case it’s an experiment that goes awry, Beetles is the brand to start with. Read More

It’s Official: The Bachelorette Is No Longer A Fairy Tale

Compared to newer reality dating shows like Love Island and FBoy Island, the Bachelor franchises can feel staid and overly rigid, so it’s always refreshing to see the showrunners experiment with the show’s format like this year’s setup with two leads. “But without communicating the rules in advance,” writes Samantha Allen, “It’s been kind of messy — and not in the fun reality-TV way.” Read More

This French Exfoliating Mask Gave Me The Smoothest Skin Of My Life

The staple French brand is beloved by the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, January Jones, and Emma Stone, and after testing this mask — which works its magic in one (1) minute — Bustle’s senior beauty editor Rachel Lapidos could see why. Read More


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