How To Get Through November's Emotional New Moon In Scorpio

Be careful not to slide back into toxic habits.

Use these dos and don'ts to navigate November's new moon in Scorpio.

The new moon arrives in powerful Scorpio on Nov. 13 at 4:27 a.m. ET. It’s the first lunation to arrive after a string of eclipses — phew! But if eclipse season’s bitterness is still bringing you down, think of this moment as a time to turn down the tension and get a breath of fresh air.

“Now that we’re out from under the shadow of the eclipses in Scorpio, the darkness doesn’t feel as scary or unfamiliar,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle “It’s easier to communicate with our shadow side and listen to what our fears are actually trying to tell us.”

That’s not to say that this lunation won’t have its own set of challenges. From emotional vulnerability to imbalanced power dynamics, follow these November new moon dos and don’ts to navigate the cosmic nuances.

DO: Revisit Your Relationships

If you’ve been feeling stagnant or out of sorts lately, that might be due to Scorpio struggling to sort through its plethora of bottled-up emotions. This lunation is about throwing your doubts out the window and protecting your future growth by creating boundaries with certain people.

The south node (the point that rules our karma, ICYDK) in Libra may also play a role because the air sign rules relationships. “If there’s a person or situation that you’re looking to leave behind once and for all, the power of the new moon will allow you to draw a line in the sand,” Ash says.

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DON’T: Go It Alone

Scorpios are tough cookies, but nobody’s invincible. During this lunation, stay ultra-protective of your energy and emotions, but don’t be afraid to confide in others. “The new moon in Scorpio is asking you to crack your heart open and dig around in your pain,” Ash says.

Lean on loved ones as you explore your emotional wounds so you can “reimagine how they fit together to create something beautiful.”

DO: Follow Your Heart

As the sign of passion and desire, Scorpio energy is about hedonism. This new moon is ripe for prioritizing what makes you feel good — whether that’s experimenting in the bedroom or finally putting plans in place for your career goals.

DON’T: Fall Back Into Old Habits

With the south node in Libra, you may feel tempted to slide back into toxic patterns. “This new moon in Scorpio will bring up plenty of old emotions, and some might be so difficult to confront that you’ll want to hide away in what you know, even if it’s bad for you,” Ash says.

Instead of giving in, remember your bigger purpose. You left the past behind for a good reason.

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DO: Embrace Your Strength

Standing up for yourself isn’t always easy, and with Venus in Libra right now, it can be downright uncomfortable. Even if your boundaries are being disrespected, you might not want to rock the boat. However, Scorpio is arriving just in time, inspiring you to break out your lethal stingers and confidently charge toward confrontation.

Plus, with the moon’s opposition to change-maker Uranus, old feelings may bubble up to the surface. “The emotional tension and imbalance that arise during this new moon might finally be the push that sends you on a different path,” Ash says.

DON’T: Be Vindictive

Let’s be real, the pangs of eclipse season have a tendency to linger. If you’ve been holding resentment toward someone or still feel sour about wrongdoing at your expense, now’s not the time to exact your revenge. Instead, it’s a time to practice letting go. Scream into your pillow, or write an angry letter — and then burn it.

DO: Prioritize Yourself

Although water signs are typically good at opening up, Scorpios have a harder time with public displays of emotions. During this lunation, the moon pokes at our stubbornness and lets us know that it’s OK to be vulnerable. That can manifest in two ways: Freely sharing your feelings with others, and protecting yourself by cutting ties with people who bring you down.

Ash says, “Even if you’re not sure what comes next or you feel it’s impossible to live without this person, the new moon in Scorpio is asking you to love yourself more than you love the idea of being with someone else.”


Lauren Ash, astrologer