The Spiritual Meaning Of The June 2022 Full Strawberry Moon

It’s ripe with possibilities.

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June is a big month in the stars, as it wrapped up a messy Mercury retrograde, kicked off a serious Saturn retrograde, and will soon herald in the beginning of summer. However, right smack in the middle of it all is the June 2022 full moon, which peaks on Tuesday, June 14. Traditionally called the strawberry moon, this oh-so-sweet lunation happens to be a supermoon — meaning that it takes place in a closer-than-usual proximity to the earth and will appear larger-than-usual because of it. Understanding the spiritual meaning of the June 2022 full strawberry moon can help you squeeze all the cosmic juice out of this powerful lunar moment.

Full moons occur approximately once per month, when the sun and moon are forming an opposition aspect to one another in the zodiac. In the case of this year’s Strawberry Moon, the moon will be in free-spirited Sagittarius, while the sun will be in witty and sociable Gemini. Astrologically, full moons have a reputation for heightening our emotions, intensifying interpersonal dramas, and bringing tensions to a boil. However, full moons are also known to be illuminating, as their climactic energy can help us to let go of things or see situations from a new perspective. Because the June 2022 full moon is the final full moon of the spring season, its release-oriented vibe will hit us even more powerfully than most — and it’ll inspire us to clear our slate in preparation for some fresh summer magic.

Working with the energy of the full moon allows us to align with the flow of nature’s cycles and use the power of astrology to our advantage, so understanding the June 2022 full moon’s spiritual meaning is a must. Read on for the full scoop on how to vibe with the mysticism of this month’s big lunar climax.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Strawberry Moon?

Per the Farmer’s Almanac, the “Strawberry Moon” is a traditional nickname for any full moon that falls in June. This delectable moniker is based on the fact that strawberries ripen during this time of year in North America, so this juicy berry can finally be harvested and enjoyed. This lunar folklore aligns beautifully with the full moon’s spiritual meaning, as astrologically, it marks a time to bring our mid-year goals to fruition and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Other historical nicknames for June’s full moon include Honey Moon, Blooming Moon, and Rose Moon, according to Almanac — all of which allude to the ambrosial sense of sweetness in the air during the late spring and early summer. Like its succulent-sounding epithets, the June 2022 full moon is a time to bask in the magic of our accomplishments and allow our excitement about the future to fully ripen. It asks us to celebrate our growth and progress as we prepare for the new adventures (and new seasons) that lie ahead.

It’s also important to consider the zodiacal placement of the full moon when exploring its spiritual meaning. This one happens to be rising in fire sign Sagittarius, one of the most high-minded and happy-go-lucky energies of the zodiac. The current Gemini season vibe is all about paying attention to the details and immersing ourselves in the present moment, but this Sagittarius-ruled lunation inspires us to look beyond our immediate surroundings and start chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Now’s a time to broaden our horizons, shift our personal paradigms, and shoot for the stars. Be optimistic when setting intentions now and don’t limit yourself to the low-hanging fruit. However, keep your wits about you — as a tough lunar connection to illusive Neptune could make it difficult to see things clearly. Thankfully, a gentle sextile aspect with responsible Saturn will help keep our feet on the ground, even if our heads, hearts, and spirits are sparkling among the stars.

While the full moon won’t be closely connecting with lover planets Venus or Mars, we may still find that this Strawberry Moon energy sparks some summer romance. At the time of the full moon, balanced Venus will be aligning with unpredictable Uranus, bringing unexpected twists to our romantic lives or suddenly shifting our values. Meanwhile, passionate Mars is aligning with wounded-healer comet Chiron, making us touchy about past hurts and extra sensitive to any potential emotional threats. Be aware of this heightened tendency to lash out in defensiveness, but keep an open heart to exciting changes that could rock our relationships and inspire new connections.

How To Work With The Full Strawberry Moon Energy

Because this full moon hits right around the middle of the year, it’s a beautiful time to look back at what we’ve accomplished over the past six months and focus on clearing our slates for the latter half of 2022. Spend some time reflecting on the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year and take stock of where you’re at with each of them. This full moon’s spiritual meaning can help to re-energize our focus toward our larger-scale dreams and aspirations. Allow it to boost your sense of confidence and help you to view our life from a bigger-picture perspective. Aim high as you visualize what you’d like to see happen through the rest of the year, and consider ways you can bring yourself closer to this exciting potential reality — whether that involves furthering your education, connecting with a mentor, or going out on a limb to try something new. The adventure-seeking energy of the Sagittarius full moon inspires us to chase after our sparkliest ambitions and trust that we can land on our feet, even if we take a risk.

It’s also important to note that this is the first full moon to hit since the destabilizing spring eclipse season that rocked our world throughout late April and May — meaning it’s our first chance to manifest or do moon magic during this powerful lunar phase. Get witchy with it by doing a release ritual to fully let go of everything that fell away during last month’s total lunar eclipse, or try a healing crystal meditation that’s focused on accepting whatever changes have been revealed. The magic of this year’s Strawberry Moon is that it reminds us that life can be sweet, and that the seeds we sow will eventually ripen into delightfully nourishing gems. The last new moon helped us to see the silver linings on eclipse season’s thunderous clouds, but this full moon feels like the rainbow that’s finally emerged after the storm. The sun is shining, the Strawberry Moon is rising, and our lives are ripe with possibility.