Zendaya & Tom Holland’s Astrology Proves Their Connection Is The Real Deal

Even if they’re low-key about it.

The Astrology Behind Zendaya & Tom Holland's Relationship
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Speculation of romance between Zendaya and Tom Holland have made a resurgence recently, and it looks like the rumors of the Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars dating were officially squashed after recent photos of the pair sharing an intimate kiss in Holland’s car broke the internet. Those photos are followed by a wholesome birthday post he shared on Instagram celebrating the Virgo queen herself. After years of hushed lips and questions of “will they or won’t they?” circulating since the start of the Spider-Man franchise in 2016, it’s looking pretty promising that the world might be able to finally get closure — or rather, an open chapter.

Even if Zendaya and Holland are staying mum, the stars have a lot to say about the couple’s relationship. Holland’s birth time is unknown, so we don’t know his houses, but we have enough information about both of their charts to study the pair’s astrological compatibility. Bustle spoke with pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas and evolutionary astrologer Lumi Pelinku to dive deep into the astrology behind Zendaya and Tom Holland’s alluring relationship.

Zendaya & Tom Holland’s Sun & Venus Signs Reveal Core Similarities

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When it comes to understanding our astrological birth chart, our sun signs are the most obvious placement, and they symbolizes our core identity. Zendaya (born September 1, 1996), is a detail-driven and super-organized Virgo. These down-to-earth signs are the certified planners of the zodiac, notorious for their efficiency. Tom Holland (born June 1, 1996) is a witty and ever-chatty Gemini, known for being popular socialites.

Right off the bat, there’s a sincere connection between the two, even if they’re low-key about it. “Tom and Zendaya have some stark similarities, as can be seen by looking at their sun signs,” says Thomas. “While these two zodiac signs don’t share a congenial element, because Gemini is an air sign and Zendaya is an earth sign, they do share what astrologers call a modality — both being mutable signs.” With that in mind, it’s easy to assume the two are pretty chill, and being easygoing can help sustain a relationship in the long term. “[A mutable modality] gives Tom and Zendaya a more relaxed and open perspective to life and how their relationship could evolve,” Thomas adds.

But a common modality isn’t the only thing supporting their compatibility. Virgos and Geminis also share a ruling planet: Mercury, aka the planet of mind and communication. Having this planet in common ensures that communication and intellectual connection are at the forefront of the relationship. “This reveals that they are both logical and value clear and direct communication,” says Thomas.

Venus & Mars Transits Show Reciprocated Energy

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The further we go down the rabbit hole of their charts, we can see that mutuality is thematic in their relationship, and key aspects between their Venus and Mars signs are revealed. In astrology, aspects refer to the relationships between the planets and we can use these aspects in synastry to see how each of their planets behave with one another. “They have a special interplay between Venus and Mars in one another’s birth charts,” says Thomas. “Tom’s Mars [in Taurus] forms a sweet sextile to Zendaya’s [Cancer] Venus.” Venus is the planet of love and harmony, which is important in synastry breakdowns. Similarly, Mars is the planet of desire, sex, and aggression, another important placement to consider in your partner.

“This [sextile aspect] means that the affinity toward each other was something that grew, and in privacy, their connection became more magnetic,” Thomas explains. That makes a lot of sense, considering Zendaya’s rising sign, aka the placement in which the public eye perceives, is stationed in freedom-loving Aquarius. The water bearer is ruled by the eleventh house of friendships, so it’s important for Aquarians to build a strong foundation based on companionship with their romantic partner. And by the looks of the pair’s friendship timeline, they’ve got camaraderie covered.

Their Lustful Mars Forms A Sexy Sextile

Zendaya and Holland’s cosmic chemistry doesn’t stop there. Mars plays a heavy role in their synergy, and according to evolutionary astrologer and spiritual advisor Lumi Pelinku, their power-loving Mars placements form a complementary sextile aspect. “Holland’s Mars is the sign of Taurus and is representative of his drive and ambition. He is steady, reliable, and consistent for Zendaya’s Mars in Cancer,” says Pelinku. Having a Taurus Mars means commitment and loyalty are important, which is assuring for Zendaya’s Mars in protective and sensitive Cancer. Mars in Cancer implies a strong need to nurture in order to feel empowered, and Mars in Taurus needs security and love to feel the same.

“Zendaya’s Mars pushes her to be emotionally charged when acting on her needs. Holland’s Mars is calm and can be supportive to Zendaya’s emotive Mars. As a couple, their future vision can be built on continuous and secure motion,” adds Pelinku.

Holland’s Uranus Sign Cheers On Zendaya’s Ascendant

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Friendship and mutual support are extremely important for these two (are you seeing a theme here?) — and it doesn’t seem to be scarce in their relationship. Holland’s Uranus (aka the planet of shock and disruption) in Aquarius forms a conjunction aspect with Zendaya’s ascendant. This aspect can either be good or bad depending on the relationship of the signs, but since this conjunction takes place in the same sign, you count on smooth synergy between the two. “Zendaya’s ascendant is in the sign of Aquarius, and her projective lens in her life is to revolutionize, and be a part of the collective need in some way. Holland’s Uranus sign in close degree to Zendaya’s ascendant presents the necessary catalyst to her growth in life,” says Pelinku. Uranus is a tricky and unpredictable planet, but it’s a great place for its home sign to be stationed in. Holland’s Uranus in Aquarius means that he can roll with the punches and want to liberate Zendaya in monumental ways rather than restrict or confine her.

“[Holland] pushes [Zendaya] to the limits and gives her that necessary push to be brave. They both can be eccentric and forward-thinking as a couple. Holland honors Zendaya’s true nature and encourages her to always be comfortable in freely expressing her element. As a couple, they are otherworldly to the public eye, and the duo that everyone hopes will remain together in the long run,” says Pelinklu.

The Verdict

Whether the two are committed lovers or purely besties may be entirely left to our imagination, but the cosmos reveal the type of chemistry that not even the co-stars themselves could deny. Looking ahead on their relationship, Pelinku looks at Holland’s North Node in Libra in relation to Zendaya’s Chiron in Libra. In astrology, chiron represents wounds that need healing within our lives and is a powerful theme in our charts. “There is a North Node, the northern star in our life experience, and the South Node, the path that we must leave behind in order to progress as souls,” says Pelinku. “Holland’s North Node is in close conjunction with Zendaya's Chiron in Libra.”

“For Zendaya, her Chiron story involves the path in understanding intimacy and vulnerability when in relationships,” adds Pelinku. “Holland’s role is to provide that necessary safe space in teaching Zendaya to trust in others.” And by the looks of it, their relationship is big on support and helping each other through the pressure of stardom, so they’re on the right path. Between common cosmic core values, compatible placements, and auspicious aspects, they’re pretty much a match made in MCU heaven.