13 People Peter Should Date On 'Bachelor: Winter Games,' If He Joins The Cast

He may not be the Bachelor, but your favorite silver fox from last season of The Bachelorette may return to television in just a few short months. That's right, Rachel Lindsay's wishy-washiest suitor is rumored to join the latest Bachelor spinoff, so it's worth speculating about contestants Peter Kraus should date in Winter Games. The series will air in February, timed to correspond with the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang. And while the full Winter Games cast list hasn't been announced yet, show creator Mike Fleiss seemingly confirmed Peter will be in attendance in a tweet. (However, Peter said it wasn't definite when appearing on The Morning Breath in November.)

Fans probably can't wait to see snowflakes gently melt in that perfectly swooped, salt-and-pepper swoosh, and watch the personal trainer put all those workout hours to the test. (Is it too late to rename the show Winter Abs?) But this is the Bachelor franchise, after all, so in addition to the physical aspects of the show, fans are promised romantic aspects — even if no one knows exact details yet. Most likely there will be an even distribution of men and women, with challenges designed to help love flourish.

But who should that romance be with? That's the question. Peter is such a specific guy that there are a lot of directions we could take his dating life. Drawing from the past few seasons of The Bachelor, there's a whole spectrum of women who may be great for the 31-year-old. Some of them might even be able to teach him some lessons about commitment, and some are just straight-up great matches.

1. & 2. The Twins

This is a pretty safe bet, because Haley and Emily Ferguson tend to crop up anywhere the Bachelor cameras do. So there's a very solid chance that the twins will be on Winter Games, but they're a good match for Peter for another reason. He always made a big deal about only wanting to get engaged once, but the franchise usually presents the twins as a unit, weirdly, which almost seems to encourage his waffling.

3. Corinne Olympios

Whether you're a fan of Corinne's or not, one thing that's clear is that she takes zero crap. The 25-year-old business owner from Bachelor in Paradise and Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor knows what she wants and how to get it, and never apologizes either. She'd be more than a match for the hesitant personal trainer, if he could just keep up with her.

4. Caila Quinn

Caila Quinn is dating someone at the moment, sure, but it's hard to ignore how much she has in common with Peter. The 26-yea-old blogger was also supposed to head her own franchise after her turn as a contestant on The Bachelor. The only difference is that Peter chose not to be The Bachelor, while Caila was reportedly passed over last-minute for JoJo Fletcher, but there's no denying it's the perfect conversation-starter.

5. Vanessa Grimaldi

Things didn't work out between Nick and Vanessa Grimaldi, his final choice on Season 21 of The Bachelor. So she deserves to get back in the game, and Peter may be just the man to help her dip her toes back into the water. Besides being two of the most beautiful creations you've ever set our eyes upon, they have similar energies, so it'd be fun to see how they mesh.

6. Danielle Lombard

Hot off Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise and being strung along by Peter's castmate Dean Unglert, Danielle Lombard is ready for a real man. Could Peter be that man, or will his indecisiveness throw D-Lo right back into another love triangle? Only one way to find out, and that's by putting them in the same cast and seeing what happens.

7. Jubilee Sharpe

If anytime a new spin-off premieres, you find yourself asking, "Where's Jubilee?", then you're not alone. She made her debut on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor and was on BIP for a hot second, but never had the men falling over themselves the way she deserved. But Winter Games feels like the perfect reintroduction to the franchise for the Army veteran. She's strong, she's a competitor, she doesn't complain, and she could more than hold her own with Peter's personal training self. And if they fall in love on top of that, even better.

8. Liz Sandoz

Sometimes instead of fighting someone's fear of commitment, it's better to lean into it. And that would be the idea behind Liz Sandoz and Peter giving a relationship a shot. As you'll probably recall, Liz had had a one-night stand with Nick before becoming a contestant on his season. But the doula wasn't sure she wanted a relationship, so she didn't pursue anything. Sound familiar? It's exactly the kind of back-and-forth that Peter went through on The Bachelorette. Maybe the fact that they both have the same tendencies would mean they could live happily ever after... without ever triggering the others' fear of commitment.

9. Olivia Caridi

Olivia took a lot of heat on Ben's season of The Bachelor, and even got herself a villain edit out of the deal. But with a little hindsight, it's clear that a lot of her prickliness came from ambition, and that's not a bad thing. Perhaps the journalist would fair better paired with someone like Peter, who's also a self-starter with an eye toward his own brand.

10. Jasmine Goode

Speaking of big personalities, Jasmine Goode has been jokingly choking her way through the franchise since Nick's season of The Bachelor. She didn't find love on BIP, but she's gotten good at putting herself out there. It's a personality trait that Peter would no doubt appreciate after a season with Rachel, who tends more toward reticence. Plus, Jasmine has already said she's a "maybe" for Winter Games, so the odds are in this relationship's favor.

11. Christen Whitney

Another name in the "maybe" category is Christen Whitney. Just like Jasmine, you know her from Nick's season of The Bachelor and Season 4 of BIP, but Christen has always gotten the short end of the stick. She picked up the needlessly cruel nickname "Scallop Fingers" during her stint on the franchise, but she didn't let that get her down. The wedding videographer shook off the bad vibes and had a great attitude during both of her seasons. She'd be a great addition to #TeamPeter, and they could both fly above the drama together.

12. Ashley Iaconetti

In all her time on BIP, Ashley Iaconetti has never been able to shake her crush on Jared Haibon. Maybe the trick is to replace Jared with someone equally handsome and stoic — aka Peter — and see if the pair has better luck.

13. Samantha Steffen

Or what if we've had Peter wrong all this time, and he's really needed a villain to balance him out and keep him guessing, like he did to Rachel all season? Samantha Steffen would be more than up to that task, after the infamous way she was juggling men and starting drama during BIP Season 2.

Fans know Peter is famously indecisive, but surely 13 different women are enough options for him. You have to start planning this stuff early if you want to walk away with the gold medal and a new relationship.