13 True Crime Documentaries On Netflix That'll Really Make You Think


Netflix's documentary section really can't be beat — especially when it comes to the streaming service's true crime documentaries. By now, you've probably already marathoned Making a Murderer from beginning to end, and if that's the case then you might want to go ahead and add this list of true crime documentaries on Netflix to your viewing queue ASAP.

Everyone loves streaming a good rom-com or comedy series from time to time, but every now and again you have to switch things up a bit and take a tumble down the rabbit hole of true crime documentaries that'll not only educate you, but also entertain you in all the right ways. From sex crimes to drug dealing to crimes that sound like they came straight out of an episode of American Horror Story (not even joking), Netflix is harboring a selection of documentaries that will without a doubt leave you scratching your head while simultaneous thirsting for more.

Whether you're interested in learning a thing or two about the American criminal justice system or if you're just in the mood to go back in time and revisit an infamous crime from the past, you might want to clear your schedule for the next few days and pop on a few of these hidden gems.

'The Confession Tapes'

The Confession Tapes looks at six cases in which those accused claim that their confessions have been coerced or falsified.

'The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson'

This documentary explores the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of transgender icon and LGBTQ activist Marsha P. Johnson. Johnson's body was found floating in the Hudson River in 1992 and, though it was originally ruled a suicide, many of her close friends and family members interviewed in the film believe she was murdered.

'Audrie & Daisy'

Equal parts heartbreaking and infuriating, Audrie & Daisy tells the story of two teenagers who were sexually assaulted, while also starting an important conversation about the vicious backlash that sexual assault survivors often face.

'Who Took Johnny'

In 1982, 12-year-old paper boy Johnny Gosch disappeared and became the first missing child to appear on the side of a milk carton. His case is re-examined in this 2014 documentary.

'The Keepers'

By now, you've probably heard a lot of talk about The Keepers. And if you haven't, it's a marathon-worthy documentary series about the unsolved murder of a nun who taught at Baltimore's Archbishop Keough High School.

'H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer'

Remember when Evan Peters played an extremely twisted and dangerous serial killer in American Horror Story: Hotel? Well, not to creep you out or anything but Peters' character, James Patrick March, was based on a real person named H.H. Holmes. And this documentary takes a closer look inside the crimes committed by the man who's since been dubbed America's first serial killer.


In 1977, a former pageant queen was accused of kidnapping and raping a Mormon missionary. The bizarre nature of her story quickly became fodder for tabloid magazines (hence the name of the film) and influenced the making of this documentary over 30 years later.

'Out of Thin Air: Murder in Iceland'

When two men vanished within six months of each other in Iceland in 1974, the police investigating the crime weren't left with much to go off of with no bodies, witnesses, or evidence. But not too long after the case was considered a dead end, six men were arrested and thrown in jail for the crimes.


Tricked is a documentary about human trafficking told from the view points of the victims, and those who profit from them.

'Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig'

If you've ever been particularly interested in the club kids — the socialites who pretty much ran New York City nightlife in the late '80s and early '90s — then you'll love this documentary that details the rise and fall of the most famous club kid of them all, Michael Alig. Alig served almost 20 years in jail after murdering a fellow club kid back in 1996 over a drug-related argument.

'Oklahoma City'

Oklahoma City takes a deep dive into the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995.

'After Innocence'

What's it like to walk free after spending decades in prison for a crime you didn't commit? This film, originally released in 2005, follows seven former inmates as they attempt to get re-accustomed to normal life after being wrongfully accused and imprisoned.

13. 'Lost for Life'

This powerful documentary created by Joshua Rofé takes a look at "juvenile lifers," AKA prisoners who are currently serving life sentences for crimes they committed when they were minors.

Clear your schedule, because you're going to want to marathon through all of these, pronto.