19 Sexy Movies On Hulu Right Now, From Steamy Period Pieces To Milo Ventimiglia-Starring Thrillers


Like eating spicy food during August's dog days can actually help cool you down, raising your core temperature with some streaming heat might let you ignore the rising thermometer numbers. Purely in service of your solid health and well-being, here are the 19 sexiest movies streaming on Hulu right now, immediately available to help break a sweat and quench those desires... to help you chill out.

There's something for everyone's particular peccadillos on this list. For fans of history, there's some delightfully anachronistic period pieces, including 19th century hot and heavy mutual lies and seductions in The Princess of Montpensier, 17th century court shenanigans and romance in Marguerite & Julien, and a 1940s sexual triad too far ahead of its time to be understood in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. And of course, what list of sultry period pieces would be complete without some version of Pride and Prejudice — in this case the version with fan-favorite Mr. Darcy Colin Firth.

For those interested in more modern fare who want plenty of social alienation alongside their sexy results, check out the conflicted emotions and identities on display in Boys, Venus In Fur, Dancer and Beach Rats. And of course, there's a couple more straightforward romances with the heat turned up just a little higher.

1. 'Pride And Prejudice' (1995)

British Secret Agent 007 on YouTube

"Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy" is all that really needs to be said about this classic 1995 BBC take on Jane Austen's classic.

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2. 'Kiss Of The Damned'

DutchRainbowTrailers on YouTube

In a twist, vampire Djuna tries and fails to resist the wiles of a Very Shirtless human screenwriter played by Milo Ventimiglia. Things are OK until Djuna's sister shows up and all hell breaks loose, endangering the vampire community.

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3. 'Boys'

Film Society of Lincoln Center on YouTube

During a season of intense training, track teammates Sieger and Marc slowly become romantically entangled, but Seiger's confusion over his sexuality and feelings cause him to push Marc away.

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4. 'Professor Marston And The Wonder Women'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

This semi-biographical story of Wonder Woman creator William Marston explores the unconventional relationship between him, his psychology-professor wife, and a graduate student named Olivia. Their role-playing and light bondage laid the basis for the foundation of the famous comic character.

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5. 'Heartland' (2016)

Heartland Movie on YouTube

After the death of her girlfriend, Lauren returns home to Oklahoma. There she tries forgetting her grief, only to start an affair with her brother's girlfriend that eases her heart and threatens to rip apart their family.

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6. 'Four Lovers'

oscopelabs on YouTube

Two couples mutually attracted to each other push the boundaries of their relationships, first by swapping partners, then by living as a four-person ensemble. Inevitably, trust is tested and love is challenged.

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7. 'A Teacher'

hollywoodstreams on YouTube

A Texas high school teacher gets involved with one of her students. As their relationship grows more intense, so does the threat of being found out. But as she tries to extricate herself, she becomes increasingly obsessed with finding out every detail of his life.

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8. 'Marguerite & Julien'

Movieclips Indie on YouTube

Based on the actual story of 17th century siblings executed for incest, this historically anachronistic retelling of their story shows how their growing passion for each other threatens to destroy everything around them.

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9. 'Beach Rats'

NEON on YouTube

Aimless Frankie hangs out at the beach with his delinquent friends to get away from his family, simultaneously seeking older men online and beginning a relationship with a young woman he meets at the beach.

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10. 'Don't Touch The Axe'

kute0027 on YouTube

A married society coquette captures a soldier's attention, but when his interest turns to obsession, he decides to turn the tables on her flirty ways.

11. 'Venus In Fur'

Movieclips Indie on YouTube

Based on Venus In Furs, the novel that coined the term "masochism," this twist on the tale has a seemingly naive actress comes in last minute to audition for a misogynist director turning the novel into a play. As she reveals a deep understanding and familiarity with the play, her actual motive for auditioning and the director's obsession get darker.

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12. 'Young And Beautiful'

Awesome Movie Trailers on YouTube

After losing her virginity over a holiday break, young Isabelle decides to become a high-class prostitute using the name Lea. Living a double life for a year, after a client dies her entire lie threatens to unravel.

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13. 'Secretary'

Movieclips Classic Trailers on YouTube

An emotionally fragile young woman (Maggie Gyllenhaal) recently released from an institution takes on a secretarial job with a stern boss (James Spader), and starts to realize she's turned on by his harsh methods.

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14. 'The Princess of Montpensier'

StudiocanalUK on YouTube

A love story set during the French Religious wars, young Marie is engaged to the Prince of Montpensier but in love with a poor soldier. The war's troubles spill over into the bedroom in this sexy period piece.

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15. 'Tom Of Finland'

kinolorber on YouTube

A historical biopic about the renowned Finnish illustrator of burly, ripped males, the film follows his early days in the army to him challenging the far less horny Finnish art world with his detailed sketching.

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16. 'XX/XY'

Movieclips Classic Trailers on YouTube

Mark Ruffalo plays a womanizing charmer whose menage a trois partners crop back up in his life 10 years after college. Everyone's become successful and dissatisfied with their current lives, but when the three consider recapturing their magic, things come to a head.

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17. 'The Blue Room'

FilmIsNow Movie Trailers on YouTube

After a torrid romance with a woman, a man finds himself under investigation for an unknown crime. As their carnal relationship unfolds, so do the details of what happened in the blue room.

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18. 'No Strings Attached'

No Strings Attached - Trailer on YouTube

Longtime friends Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman) decide to simplify their sex lives by having the title no strings, purely physical sex while promising to remain friends, but it proves more difficult in practice than thought.

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19. 'Dancer' (2016)

Movieclips Indie on YouTube

A documentary about famed dancer Sergei Polunin's emotional struggle with his body and talent is as wrenching as it is physically enticing.

They say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the sunlight and into a dark room to eyeball hotties — that's how the phrase goes, right? Best to watch them now, before fall's layering once again hides everyone from discerning eyes.

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This post was originally published on Aug. 15, 2018. It was updated on Sept. 3, 2019.

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