A Ranking Of The Top 'Real Housewives' Couples Of 2018

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Throughout the years, Bravo has featured many accomplished series — and many top Real Housewives couples. This particular franchise has become extremely famous over time. So much so, the Housewives have become just as popular for their relationships as they have as individuals. Like it usually goes with celebrity couples, fans are super invested in Bravolebrities' relationships. Seeing as so many of the couples are beloved, it only seems appropriate to rank the top Real Housewives couples of 2018.

Now, not every woman starring in the popular Bravo series is married or dating (basically the entire Real Housewives of New York City cast is single), which of course, is absolutely fine. But those who are in well-known relationships and praised by fans for their strong bonds, it's time to recognize them.

These particular couples continue to prove how dedicated they are to one another. Despite all of the hardships some of them have faced, they've chosen to stick by each other and make their romance prosper. There are also several couples who set amazing examples by constantly being so in sync. Whether or not you root for the following partnerships, there's no denying these Real Housewives couples have worked hard to succeed in love.


Cary & Mark Deuber

Cary and Mark Deuber from the Real Housewives of Dallas haven't had an easy time since the show premiered in 2016. From the beginning, they've both faced harsh rumors, but somehow, they've weathered the storm. There have been affair allegations (which they both denied), not to mention Mark's sexuality repeatedly being questioned.

"It's ridiculous," Mark told Bravo in October 2017. "It's sad that people throw this around to try to hurt people." He also said, "There are people out there who are 'in the closet' or are worried about coming out and they're struggling every day. And here is someone who says she's a friend of the LGBT community and she's kind of throwing it around like, 'Look at this guy over here,' and laughing about it."

As difficult as it's been for both them, Cary and Mark are still standing strong. Based on the RHOD Season 3 trailer, they are very much together and aren't afraid to get naked in front of the other ladies.


Brandi & Bryan Redmond

RHOD's Bryan Redmond definitely isn't as outspoken as his wife on the show, but he and Brandi have come a long way since Season 1. During the first season, they had a lot of arguments about Bryan being away for work and Brandi feeling alone all the time. Thankfully, they were able to work through it.

Then in Season 2, Brandi revealed her fertility struggles and that she had also suffered a miscarriage. She so badly wanted to have another child, and it was announced at the end of May, Brandi and Bryan adopted a baby boy they named Bruin.


Monique & Chris Samuels

Monique and Chris Samuels first joined Real Housewives of Potomac in Season 2. Monique quickly made a name for herself, but she and Chris have really stood out in Season 3. Despite the two dealing with a few arguments about Monique becoming more independent and establishing herself as a businesswoman, she and Chris always have each other's backs, including when Monique suffered a miscarriage. As a couple, they worked through it together and now they are expecting their third child.


Ashley & Michael Darby

Ashley and Michael Darby been through a lot and they're still standing — side by side. At the RHOP Season 2 reunion in July 2017, they announced their separation after three years of marriage. During Season 3, they moved back in together and have been shown attempting to work out the kinks in their marriage. From uncomfortable baby talks to Michael wanting Ashley to cut her mom off financially, the Darbys have faced a lot of downs. All that said, they've slowly worked through the tough stuff and are still married.


Tamra & Eddie Judge

Tamra and Eddie Judge have faced some major battles over the past few months. Eddie has been dealing with heart problems, resulting in the gym owner having three cardioversions and two heart ablations. These procedures were done in hopes of correcting his irregular heart beat, also known as an arrhythmia. It hasn't been an easy time for the couple, but they've remained positive and by each other's side.

On June 17, Tamra shared an Instagram of Eddie in Cabo San Lucas and wrote, "He is recovering in the sun with family & friends. As of now he is in sinus rhythm & hoping in 3 months he can go off all heart medication and get back to his active life."


Robyn & Juan Dixon

It took a lot for Robyn and Juan Dixon to find their way back to each other. When RHOP first premiered, the couple was divorced, but still lived together, slept in the same bed, and co-parented their two boys. In the middle of all that, their house went into foreclosure and they had to downsize to a townhouse. But as seen in Season 3, they've worked their way back up to the top and are living more comfortably.

Even though they are still divorced Robyn and Juan are together. That said, Robyn told Bravo's The Daily Dish in July, "We haven't definitively said, 'You're my boyfriend' ... that's just weird! I think we kind of are moving in that direction where we're ready to just say, you know what, let's try to focus on each other and, you know, move forward." Overall, they seem pretty happy and it's hard not to root for them after everything they've been through.


NeNe & Gregg Leakes

The Real Housewives of Atlanta couple first married in 1997. Then, they got divorced in 2011 after 13 years of marriage, but their split didn't last long, because NeNe and Gregg Leakes got remarried in 2013. They've been through a lot together and continue to entertain viewers on RHOA.

Most recently, NeNe revealed Gregg is battling cancer, which is another hardship they're facing as a couple. They are both fighters, so it's good they have one another to lean on during what is imaginably a difficult time.


Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker make one powerful RHOA couple. They have their own restaurant together, Old Lady Gang. In April, Kandi announced at the RHOA Season reunion OLG is getting another location. They both work extremely hard to make their businesses thrive, like TTucker Productions (which produced Kandi's Bravo spin-off Kandi's Ski Trip) and Bedroom Kandi.

Most importantly, they never let any rumors affect their relationship. You know, like the very serious one Phaedra Parks spread in Season 9 about Kandi. (Kandi denied this particularly alarming accusation repeatedly throughout the season and also at the reunion. As for Phaedra, she admitted at the Season 9 reunion she didn't hear it from Kandi's mouth, like she previously told Porsha. She also apologized.)


Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky have been married for more than 20 years. They have one of the most solid marriages in the Housewives franchise. They never fight (at least not on-screen) and can't help but express how much they care for one another. They both continuously support each other through their business ventures, like Mauricio's real estate career and Kyle developing TV projects.

Compared to some of the Housewives couples, it's refreshing to see how much these two get along and are able to keep their marriage on track no matter what. How can you not root for them and their undeniable love?


Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin

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There's no denying Lisa Rinna is either someone RHOBH fans love or hate. That said, how can you not adore her relationship with Harry Hamlin? No matter the trouble she finds herself in, Harry supports her — even when Rinna had all those issues with Kim Richards. For 20-plus years, Harry and Rinna have been by each other's side. Every time they interact on the series, not only are they hilarious, but you can tell how much they just get each other. It's always so light and fun, which is how a relationship should be.


Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd

And rounding out the list (and the RHOBH top three) are Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. Fans will probably agree Lisa and Ken make a fantastic couple. They've been married for more than 30 years and are still standing strong. They're pretty much at the center of Bravo. Between starring in a Housewives series and getting their own spin-off in Vanderpump Rules, Lisa and Ken are basically Bravo top dogs. Like Kyle and Mauricio, they rarely ever argue and can't help but gush over each other and bond over their love of dogs.

Some of these couples have faced harder times than others, but they've all proven that no matter the difficulties, they can get through anything together.