The 17 Most Innovative Sex Toys Of 2019

In the past decade, sex tech has really taken off. Never before have we seen such innovations when it comes to sex toys that it might be safe to say we are living in a sex toy renaissance. Or, at least, I hope that's how this era will be remembered.

Technological advances, computers, and even robots have played a major part in getting sex toys to where they are today. We have toys that can be controlled via an app, like We-Vibe Sync, a world away and vibrators that can not only be customized in their intensity and vibration modes, but can also be remembered by the toy too. Basically, it's a great time to be alive if you're a fan of a sex toys. But, as is the case with most things, not everyone is 100% on board.

"There's this fear that sex toys are making people less into each other, that they're too mechanical etc., but they actually improve sex, make people want to be with each other, and can connect you over long distances," Claire Cavanah, co-founder of sex toy retailer Babeland, tells Bustle.

Whether you're just warming up to the idea of sex toys that can all but read your mind or need more innovative toys to keep your sex life as spicy as possible, here are 17 of the most innovative sex toys that were launched in 2019.


Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3

Although Satisfyer had released Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 and 2 last year, this year they really hit the mark with Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3.

Why it's innovative: There is literally no body part that can't be pleased by this toy that has a head that actually swivels. While some toys focus on just the clitoris or G-spot, Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 can also be used on penises, balls, nipples, perineums, and all over the vulva making it ideal for foreplay before the main event. In other words, every erogenous zone and then some gets in on the action. If there were such a thing as one-stop shopping for sex toys, this would definitely be it.


Unbound Palma

Since in a perfect world all jewelry would double as a vibrator, Unbound brought us one step closer to that Utopia with Palma.

Why it's innovative: Although jewelry that's also a sex toy is nothing new, what makes Palma so great is the intensity and variety of vibrations. It can also be controlled by tilting your hand or tapping the ring. Not to mention, it's a knockout in the looks department, making it stellar conversation piece too.



Like some other toys on this list, Be.One is made to stimulate everywhere. Whether you or your partner wear it between your fingers to tantalize each other (or use it solo) or it's tucked in the labia, the four speeds and two motors deliver some supreme pleasure.

Why it's innovative: Because the Be.One is tucked between two fingers, it feels like a natural extension of the hand — which is great for people who don't want to have a vibrator the size of a forearm in bed with them. It's also this natural extension that makes Be.One feel right at home, as if that's exactly where it's supposed to be and stimulate is exactly what it's supposed to do.


Le Wand Deux

While there were a handful of vibrators from which to choose when Le Wand released their Chrome Collection, the one that really stole the show was the Le Wand Deux.

Why it's innovative: The shape of Deux is unlike anything else on the market right now. It has two ears that vibrate on either side of the clitoris providing what Le Wand's PR rep calls "sensation in stereo," and she's definitely not wrong.


Emojibator Chickie

Although there's no denying that Emojibator created some very cute vibrators inspired by emojis, it also came up with something that went beyond just cutesy with the Emojibator Chickie.

Why it's innovative: Because it's not just another vibrator, that means it's offering something a little extra and that extra is suction. For those who prefer their clitoral stimulation be more in line with suction than vibration, this is a fantastic toy choice. But, it still vibrates for those whose number one choice of stimulation remains vibrations.


Automatic Vibrating Pussy Pump

If you haven't tried a pussy pump or have no idea what it is, calm down; it's not as daunting as it sounds. In other words, it's not like a penis pump that some people with penises buy to get, well, a larger member.

Why it's innovative: People with clitorises vary on what feels good, feels too much, or feels like it just needs to stop. As the press release explained, "It features seven different vibration modes and a three-speed pumping feature that greatly increases sensitivity for stronger orgasms. The ergonomically designed transparent cup has a soft silicone rim. It can be used with both the suction and vibration functions enabled or either function separately."

In a world where suction and Pleasure Air technology is taking over, having this toy is a great idea. You just might find you're more of a suction person than a vibration person.


We-Vibe Moxie

There have been many, and I mean many sex toys that come with a remote control that haven't just been fun for couples, but have created intimacy too. You can't jump into remote control sex toys without having to talk about it and that talk invariably leads to intimacy.

Why it's innovative: Since We-Vibe was the first to give us toys that could be controlled from near or far, it only makes sense that they'd not only make more, but make them even better. Enter: Moxie.

Unlike other vibrators meant to sit in your underwear, Moxie has a magnet that, when placed on the outside of your underwear, holds it in place. Why it is that no one had thought of this yet is beyond me. It's truly an innovation.



Haven't heard of Osé yet? Well, grab a chair and have a listen. Osé was created specifically (huge emphasis on specifically), so people with a clitoris and G-spot could experience a blended orgasm. Yes; you read that correctly.

Why it's innovative: According to Osé's website, "A blended orgasm is a combined clitoral and G-spot orgasm. Osé is designed to achieve this full-bodied climax through biomimetic stimulation of both pleasure points simultaneously." If that isn't pure innovation, then I don't know what is. Also, according to the beta testers for Osé, it lives up to its promise.


Dame Products Kip

When it comes to sex toys, especially ones that are geared toward more solo play than couples play, it's important to create something that's ergonomically correct. Because who the hell wants to get a cramp in their hand just to get off? That's where Kip comes in to save the day.

Why it's innovative: It's Kip's shape alone that makes it so innovative. It's an easy-grip vibe and while reminiscent of the lipstick vibe shapes of the past, the people at Dame decided to take the shape a little bit further by making sure the angled silicone tip was soft and comfortable, as its cupped face (that angle) provides all-around clitoral stimulation.


b-Vibe x Zoe Ligon's Textured Plug Collection

While butt plugs are nothing new, it's this new collection between b-Vibe and Zoe Ligon that lands these plugs on the list.

Why it's innovative: Although trying to find a butt plug that fits and feels good isn't hard, it's when you're looking for textures that things get tricky. This collection offers three "flavors" of shapes from which to choose: grapes, ice cream, and fruit loops, respectively, as seen above. When it comes to anal play, it isn't solely about stimulation, but exactly how that part of the body is being stimulated with new and exciting sensations. Each toy is also sold separately, if $200 is a little steep at the moment for your budget.


Womanizer DUO

From the very start, Womanizer offered something different: Pleasure Air technology meant to stimulate the clitoris with pressurized air, as opposed to doing so via vibrations. That, in itself, was definitely an innovation — innovation that was so brilliant that The Womanizer Deluxe has been used help treat women who struggle to orgasm.

Why it's innovative: Womanizer's original innovation aside, DUO pretty much doubles down when it comes to pleasuring someone with a clitoris, but also stimulating the G-spot simultaneously. If even a couple years ago someone suggested such a sex toy, most people would have scoffed. But, thanks to innovation, we are living in the future.



For anyone who has ever used a standard bed pillow to prop up their hips or create the best angle for either intercourse or oral sex, you know how essential a pillow can be. So when Pillo was launched earlier this past year, the sex pillow game was changed.

Why it's innovative: Unlike some pillows that are strictly for sex, Pillo is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Meaning, not only is it great in creating ideal angles and in reaching new positions, but it just looks good. It looks like any other throw pillow you might have on your couch or bed. And, for those who tend to work with their computers on their laps, it makes a fantastic laptop pillow too.


CalExotics Red Hot Sizzle

While there are clitoral stimulators that vibrate and those that create a suction, that's not the only way to stimulate a clitoris. Depending on how sensitive your clitoris is, you just might prefer a flicking type of motion.

Why it's innovative: Although there are dildos on the market — like the iconic rabbit vibrator — that provide a flicking of the clitoris in addition to penetration, Red Hot Sizzle cuts right to the chase. In a world where the majority of women need clitoral stimulation to climax, this toy by CalExotics is innovative, because it gets right down to business. It doesn't make its flickering an addition to a dildo, but rather the main character. And sometimes when you get off, you want to get to the main character in the story ASAP.



Perhaps a little too reminiscent of a bug you might want to avoid, Manta's main purpose is do exactly the opposite of a scary bug: it's a pleasure inducing toy for people with penises and their partners.

Why it's innovative: Whether you have a penis or go to bed with people who have penises, Manta is perfect. It turns penises (as well as dildos) into vibrators during intercourse, can help in making blow jobs feel far more deep-throat than they actually are, has ridges for the perfect grip, and its shape spreads the vibrations across the toy, instead of holding it in one spot.


Unbound Bender

If you're thinking that Unbound's Bender isn't new, then I guess you didn't get the memo that they re-released it. This updated version holds a charge more than twice as long as the original, has a stronger motor, and one button to turn it on and off, as well as adjust the modes.

Why it's innovative: Honestly, any sex toy that can please anyone, no matter if they have a vulva or a penis is already far more innovative than toys that tend to be for just for women or just for men, ignoring the fact that gender is a social construct. Because of Bender's flexibility and all the ways in which it, well, bends, it offers pleasure for anyone who gets their hands on it — and that's a really important factor for toys today.


Vac-U-Lock Deluxe 360° Swivel Suction Cup Plug

It might seem easy to dismiss Vac-U-Lock Deluxe 360° Swivel Suction Cup Plug as just another dildo with a suction bottom, but it's more than that. I mean, the thing swivels all the way around which, I imagine, most people with penises just can't do.

Why it's innovative: You can put this toy anywhere. Anywhere there's a hard surface, that suction cup will lock into place and let the person using it really have one hell of a ride. In fact, the suction is so strong and badass that it can even be used in the shower or tub. What makes this one so innovative is that it takes the typical dildo to great heights, both in where and how you used it. You can also adjust just how big of a dildo you want to attach to it.


Tracy's Dog

Tracy's Dog was another toy that launched in 2019 that offered the clitoral sucking that has become all the rage in the past couple years.

Why it's innovative: As someone who has tried all these different types of toys that stimulate the clitoris with pressured air, suction, and even some that feels like they're whispering against my clitoris, I can attest to that fact that they all feel different in their own way. Tracy's Dog combines a combo of sucking and pulsating, while the shaft, when placed inside the vagina, rests against the G-spot area, as opposed to just adding pressure to that one spot. Something that not only makes Tracy's Dog different, but also innovative in its own right.

If these were the most innovative toys to come out of 2019, there's no telling what 2020 has to offer. But, it's safe to assume, sex toys will be even better and even more in tune with our bodies.