The Ultimate Rule-Breaker Anthems From The Class Of 2018 — PLAYLIST

Anthony Delanoix

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Music has the ability to move us, whether through the hustle and bustle of our morning commute, the throes of a bad breakup, or as the cornerstone of a political movement.

As we've learned from their incredible stories, Bustle's group of dynamic Rule Breakers of 2018 have the ability to ignite change and inspire greatness. And like most fearless powerhouses, they all have a few songs to get them across the toughest of finish lines.

Listen to Bustle's Rule Breakers 2018 playlist, featuring songs that inspire superwomen like Jessamyn Stanley, Mary Lambert and Celina Kimmelman. Let the sounds motivate your goals. You got this... so get after it.

Rule Breaker: Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

Shirley Yu

Song: "Flawless"

Artist: Beyoncé

"Is there even a question why?"

Rule Breaker: Abby Norman

Karen Olson

Song: "Running Up That Hill"

Artist: Kate Bush

"I guess I have to pick an album because it's the album that I wrote my book to and it's the album that is just always on for any purpose. And that would be Hounds of Love by Kate Bush. I wrote my book with it on repeat and I think "Running Up That Hill" is the song that just comes to me all the time."

Rule Breaker: Marissa Ross

Alice Baxley

Song: "Forest Green"

Artist: Odd Future, Mike G

"People talk a lot of sh*t. They try to minimize me, my work and my success because I didn't come up through the same systems as they did. The chorus of this song reminds me that regardless of what anyone says, I am where I am because I earned it and because of who I am."

Rule Breaker: Michelle Wolf

Lauren Perlstein

Song: "American Girl"

Artist: Tom Petty

"It's my pump-up song. I had it at the end of my special. Petty personally approves every use of his music, and he approved it, and I was like, 'I love him.'"

Rule Breaker: Harnaam Kaur

Steve Murigi

Song: "Elastic Heart"

Artist: Sia

"When I was at my lowest point, I used to listen to that song and I realized how resilient I am, just like an elastic band; you pull, you pull and pull, and it just springs back. All the issues, I've been bullied, body shamed, discriminated against, ostracized in society, downplayed by people, whether it's friends or family. You can tug on me as much as you want to conform to your ways, to conform to your rules and your views, but I'm not going to do that."

Rule Breaker: Christine Rai

Sonia & Christine Rai

Song: "Don’t Stop Me Now"

Artist: Queen

"What I usually do is I pick a genre of music and kind of just stay with it until I move on to a new genre. So right now I've been listening to a lot of Motown, and a lot, a lot of Queen."

Rule Breaker: Mary Lambert

Courtesy of Mary Lambert

Song: "Playinwitme"

Artist: Kyle feat. Kehlani

"I listen to it in repeat. It's just such a refreshing, exciting thing as a queer woman to hear this song [where] there's no political undertone. It's just Kehlani speaking from her perspective, and it's just a fun song."

Rule Breaker: Tess Wilson

Source: Tess Wilson

Song: "Batches and Cookies"

Artist: Lizzo

"It is the perfect song to bake to. It has a repetitive hook which is perfect when you're scooping a million cookies or sprinkling a million sprinkles. I love anything by Lizzo, but that's my baking song. It's just like, make a million cakes and destroy the patriarchy."

Rule Breaker: Zoë Buckman

Source: Zoë Buckman

Song: "Girl On Fire"

Artist: Alicia Keys

"I pretend she’s singing about me and makes me feel unbreakable."

Rule Breaker: Emma Willmann

Shark Party Media

Song: "Can't Be Touched"

Artist: Roy Jones Jr.

"'Can’t Be Touched' is my pump up song because Jones Jr. sounds so angry and it’s like him against everything— can’t be touched!"

Rule Breaker: Ally Bruener

Source: Ally Bruener

Song: "Fuck Up"

Artist: Sarah Shook and the Disarmers

"There's a line that says, 'With the cards that I've been dealt, I can't win to save my life.' It might seem a bit nihilistic, but I love the the power of knowing I'm underestimated, so literally any mundane thing I do will be seen as an achievement."

Rule Breaker: Des Linden

Source: Des Linden

Song: "Congratulations"

Artist: Post Malone

"I think it's an appropriate song."

Rule Breaker: Cass Bliss

Courtesy of Cass Bliss

Song: "Pretty Girl"

Artist: Cheat Codes x CADE Remix

"I see a lot of my younger self trying to figure out who I was in the lyrics. I went through a lot growing up, tried to hurt myself and even attempted suicide twice because I was so scared that the world would reject me for being trans. This song pushes me to not only look at myself, but to look at others as more than the sum of their most obvious parts. We’re all rule breakers in one way or another and I think 'Pretty Girl' celebrates that."

Rule Breaker: Verena von Pfetten

Source: Laura Wilson

Song: "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven"

Artist: Phil Collins

"If I need to improve my mood in under five minutes (or 4:52, to be exact), I put on Phil Collins’ 'Something Happened On The Way To Heaven.' I dare you to listen to it without bopping."

Rule Breaker: Francia Raisa

Ben Ritter for Bustle

Song: "Who You Say I Am"

Artist: Hillsong

"When I need motivation or I need courage, or when I need reminders that everything is going to be okay, I listen to worship music."

Rule Breaker: Celina Kimelman

Shana Gohd

Song: "God Is A Woman"

Artist: Ariana Grande

"I have literally not stopped playing it since it dropped. She stands for the same messages of women's sexuality, liberation, empowerment, and multifaceted-ness that I do and it all came together perfectly in this track."

Rule Breaker: Kayla Whaley

Source: Virginia Reed

Song: "Uptown Funk"

Artist: Bruno Mars

"I have to go with my heart on this one: if you hear that first 'doh, clap" of 'Uptown Funk' and aren't immediately at max pump, I don't trust you. Plus, 'Make a dragon wanna retire, man' is arguably the greatest lyric of all time."

Rule Breaker: Bailey Davis

Courtesy of Bailey Davis

Song: "Look What You Made Me Do"

Artist: Taylor Swift

"To me, it's not a revenge song, it's just like, okay, I'm coming back at you now. I'm going to keep putting up a fight."

Rule Breaker: Kristen Tomlan

Source: Kristen Tomlan

Song: "Brave"

Artist: Sarah Bareilles

"Being brave can be the smallest littlest thing. It's about silencing that doubt in your mind, or taking it a little bit further."

Rule Breaker: Jessamyn Stanley

Courtesy of Jessamyn Stanley

Song: "Gotta Know"

Artist: Kari Faux

"This song is dope. She literally says, 'You're either damned if you do, or you're damned if you don't, so you might as well go ahead and just do what you want.'"

Rule Breaker: Dre Thomas

Courtesy of Dre Thomas

Song: "Let Me Live"

Artist: Kehlani

"The song I've had on repeat for the past few months is 'Let Me Live,' by Kehlani off the A Wrinkle In Time soundtrack. I love this song because the lyrics are literally the heart of Smile On Me!"

Rule Breaker: Lauren McGoodwin

Courtesy of Lauren McGoodwin

Song: "Bodak Yellow"

Artist: Cardi B

"'I make money moves' is a great pick-me-up lyric to remind yourself that you're a boss and you got this."

Rule Breaker: Samantha Irby

Courtesy of Samantha Irby

Song: "FDB"

Artist: Young Dro

"I like my f*ck you song to be a little grimy."

Rule Breaker: Chavonna Rhodes

Source: David Lasso

Song: "Barbie Dreams"

Artist: Nicki Minaj

"It's my gym song, but it changes all the time."