Arianna Elizabeth’s Yoga Videos Are A Goldmine Of Bite-Sized Workouts

For when you don't have time for an hour-long flow.

Whether you’re looking to dabble in yoga for the first time or simply don’t have time for an hour-long flow, you should check out one of the many 10-minute yoga videos found on Arianna Elizabeth’s YouTube channel.

While longer yoga routines have a time and a place, short yoga videos feel a lot more doable. That’s why Elizabeth, a certified yoga sculpt instructor with over 182,000 subscribers on YouTube, put together an entire playlist dedicated to the quickest routines you’ve ever seen. She offers five-minute morning vinyasas, 10-minute mid-afternoon stretches, and even speedy power yoga videos that are over in a blink.

Sure, 10 minutes may be quick, but it’s still good for both your body and your mind. A 2021 study found that doing just 10 minutes of yoga a day helped reduce muscle discomfort for at-home office workers. Think back pain, neck pain, and even eye strain. Regularly hitting the mat also significantly improved their mood, which is great if you want all the benefits of yoga but can’t commit to an hour-long session.

Elizabeth’s quick routines still get the yoga vibes going in bite-sized mini-sessions. They feature chill music, good vibes, and lots of deep breathing, so you’ll still feel like you get the full experience of a lengthier class. Also a plus? Her videos are good for all fitness levels. Scroll below for 10 short but effective yoga sessions to stream the next time you unroll your mat.


5-Minute Morning Yoga

This super-quick class is the perfect choice for when you want to fit in a little movement in the morning. Elizabeth starts this session with wide-legged forward folds then adds in stretchy poses like warrior II, extended side angles, side twists, and more for a full-body warm up. The five minutes finish with a few deep breaths and kind words of affirmation, so you’ll feel ready to take on the day.


5-Minute Vinyasa Sequence

Got five minutes while your coffee brews? Flow through this quickie to give your muscles a refresh. Elizabeth kicks things off with a child’s pose, a hip stretch, and a tabletop posture aimed at stretching your wrists — which is ideal if you’re about to type all day.


10-Minute Full-Body Flow

Try this full-body routine whenever you want to loosen your hips and get your blood flowing. You’ll balance on your toes in chair pose, flow from downward dog to high plank, and there’s even the option to do a quick headstand if you’re into that.


10-Minute Intermediate Power Yoga

Power yoga is all about working your muscles while getting some heat into your body, and this video does exactly that. Elizabeth’s mini workout is full of lifted table tops, three-legged dogs, and even one-legged tadasanas meant to challenge your balance. You’ll be shocked you worked up a sweat in just 10 minutes.


10-Minute Morning Session

If you have a few extra minutes in the morning, click on this full-body flow to wake your mind and body up. Elizabeth promises to heat you up while getting you on and off your mat in a flash. Prepare for warrior poses, balancing postures, and chest openers that’ll have you feeling nice and bendy post-savasana.


10-Minute Meditation & Yoga Combo

Get comfy in a seated or lying position and let Elizabeth guide you through a five-minute meditation followed by a five-minute stretch. It’s perfect whenever you need a mid-day pick-me-up that benefits both your mind and your body.


10-Minute Stretch

If that WFH life has you feeling stiff, do your body a favor by squeezing this 10-minute stretch into your day to be loosened up in no time. It’s full of bendy, lengthening poses designed to target your wrists, back, hips, and more so you’ll feel less tight once the 10 minutes are up.


10-Minute Easy Flow

This peppy workout will fix what ails you as you sweep through mountain poses, gentle backbends, and forward folds followed by yogi squats, binded forward folds, and a round of half splits. It’ll stretch out tight spots like your back and hips while getting your blood moving so you feel totally renewed.


10-Minute Yoga Sculpt

For something a little spicier, get moving (and sweaty) with this yoga sculpt video that’s designed to strengthen your muscles and get your heart rate up. It’ll definitely feel like a challenging full-body workout, all in just 10 minutes of movement.

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