7 Ways To Dress Up Like Your Favorite Peloton Instructor For Halloween

From Cody Rigsby to Ally Love.

7 Peloton instructor Halloween costume ideas.
Getty Images/Janette Pellegrini / Stringer; Getty Images/ Arturo Holmes / Staff

There’s no limit to where you can pull Halloween costume ideas from. While characters from your favorite shows and movies are always a solid choice (Cher Horowitz, for example, never goes out of style), millions of at-home workout devotees may find inspiration from another source: Peloton instructors.

If you’re a member of the massive Peloton community, chances are you know exactly which instructor to pick for your Halloween costume based on the kind of workout that scares you the most. There are some who are famous for their killer throwback playlists — like Andy Speer’s rock-themed runs and Kendall Toole’s early 2000s-era punk rides — and others who will always push you to work on your running endurance (looking at Becs Gentry for that one). Then there are the cycling pros that always rock a signature hair accessory, which will make you easily identifiable as Ally Love during your Halloween ride/at your Halloween night fete. Whatever their schtick is, there’s a Peloton instructor Halloween costume idea you can get out of it.

Into the concept of a fitness-themed ‘fit this holiday? Keep reading for some costume ideas that’ll transform you into your favorite Peloton instructor. The best part about them? They’re easy to replicate — especially since you already have your workout wardrobe down pat.

Becs Gentry

Running enthusiasts love Gentry for her friendly but challenging tread classes. The Aussie-born athlete teaches Peloton runs with a smile despite putting your stamina to the test with long intervals and hill climbs. This past year, Gentry, a marathon runner, competed in the Olympic marathon trials. Channel her for Halloween by wearing your go-to running shorts, sneakers, and sports bra along with a race bib for good measure.

Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby followers are well aware the cycling instructor is passionate about both Britney Spears and Disney. To transform into the instructor for Halloween, draw an outline of Mickey Mouse’s head on your bicep (to copy Rigsby’s own tattoo), get yourself a Spears T-shirt, and wear your usual spinning shorts and sneakers. Bonus points if you bust into the “Oops!... I Did It Again” dance during your Halloween celebration.

Ally Love

Ally Love has a major following, likely thanks to her bubbly personality, energetic cycling, barre, and strength classes, and the inspirational wisdom that she shares throughout each and every workout. To channel her on Halloween, throw on your leggings, a matching sports bra or tank, and one of Love’s go-to accessories: a big, colorful scrunchie. Pile your hair onto the very top of your head and tie it back with the ‘80s-era staple.

Jess King

You’ll be hard-pressed to find Peloton tread and cycling instructor Jess King wearing a plain workout outfit. She is all about dressing for the theme, whether it’s a ‘90s run, Verzuz cycling sesh, or for her signature Jess King Experience classes. How to dress as King for Halloween? Wear your boldest, brightest leggings and top set, preferably a one-strap tank or anything metallic. Don’t have red hair? This is the perfect opportunity to sport a fiery wig.

Adrian Williams

If you’re a member of Adrian Williams’ thunder squad (aka his over-23,200 follower workout community), you know you can count on the running and strength instructor for a handful of common threads in each class: his sleeveless workout shirt and backwards baseball hat, and really, really tough intervals. Pair the look with black ankle-height socks and running shorts and you’re set for Halloween.

Kendall Toole

If you ever feel like taking a cycling class set to a nostalgic playlist, Kendall Toole is your girl. The Peloton instructor is famous for her throwback music, and she’s always dressing for whatever genre she has planned for each workout. You can also count on her for rocking fun hairstyles to go along with her look, whether it’s a high half-pony with volume for an ‘80s ride or a beanie over shaggy lengths for 2000s playlists. Pair a cropped band tee with a fun hairdo, leggings, and sneakers on Halloween.

Robin Arzon

Robin Arzon, the head Peloton tread, cycling, and strength instructor, refers to her community as queens and tells them to keep holding their crowns high throughout her workouts — motivational tactics that have garnered her over 846,000 followers on Instagram. To pay homage to her this Halloween, copy her signature hairstyle: braided pigtails held back by a colorful headband.