6 Justin & Kourtney Conspiracy Theories

It seems like just yesterday that Justin Bieber was still pining over Selena Gomez, doesn't it? Probably because it really wasn't long ago at all! Only two weeks ago, Bieber posted throwback photos with his ex-girlfriend, sparking plenty of speculation that he wasn't over the "Same Old Love" singer. But now, Bieber is the subject of other dating rumors and they're semi-shocking. Over the weekend, Us Weekly claimed Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian are hooking up. No, seriously! It's quite possibly the most unbelievable rumor of all time. Yet it continues gaining traction.

On Sunday, Bieber posted a photo with a mystery woman leaning against his car in a questionable position. The caption simply said, "Lord knows" and people quickly speculated that this was a dig at Kourtney's ex, Scott "Lord" Disick. TMZ quickly squashed that idea (it actually was a different girl in the picture), but still, the Bieberdashian romance rumors live on.

Although I was initially annoyed by these rumors, I've come to find the whole situation pretty amusing. Considering Kourtney dumped Disick over his immaturity, I highly doubt she'd be hooking up with the Biebs. Regardless, I could be wrong — they may be together. Or maybe there's a perfectly good explanation for all of this. For my fellow skeptics, here's a list of Kourtney and Bieber conspiracy theories.

1. It's All An Elaborate Prank

If there's one thing Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans know, it's that the Kardashians are big fans of pranks. Remember the Todd Kraines stunt? This family loves a good joke. Maybe this is an idea the whole crew (Disick included) cooked up to pull one over on the media. Think about it: Kourtney dating Bieber is sort of laughable, right? Plus, if this is a prank, it'd show that people are gullible enough to believe anything.

2. Kourtney Is Getting Revenge On Scott

Maybe the Bieber romance is a way for Kourtney to get revenge on her ex. Honestly, it sounds too spiteful to me, but Us Weekly's latest issue features an inside source who says,

Scott feels she’s doing this to get back at him and get revenge. He feels he has to take it and can’t say anything after all he did to her, but he thinks it’s dumb and immature.

It could be a way to get back at Disick, especially since he was spotted with his ex Chloe Bartoli back in the summer. Nothing says "wow, you're really immature" like dating a 21-year-old with a notorious party-boy rep instead of Disick. Essentially, this means that Bieber is a more suitable suitor.

Although this theory could be possible, I'm skeptical, since reportedly Kourtney and Disick have become a "family unit" again and are working to repair their bond. Why would she throw that all away by trying to make him jealous?

3. Justin Needed A Publicity Stunt For Purpose

Let's not forget that it wasn't too long ago that Bieber released his new album. Sure, Purpose debuted in November, but there hasn't been much talk about the album since. What better way to keep the "Sorry" singer in the spotlight than romance rumors? Considering the Jelena reunion rumors fell second to reports about Gomez and Niall Horan, maybe Bieber needed someone else in his love life to get more attention. In the words of Biebs himself, "Never say never."

4. It's A Way To Make Selena Jealous

Don't tell me that Bieber wasn't a little embarrassed that right around the same time he posted those throwback pics with Gomez that the Niall rumors began. Awkward timing, huh? Perhaps he wanted to make his ex jealous by "bragging" about hooking up with someone else.

This may sound a bit ridiculous, but Glamour pointed out the similarities between the way that Gomez and Kardashian dress. Sure, it could be a coincidence, or maybe Bieber very clearly has a type.

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

5. They're Filming An Episode Of KUWTK

Considering it's now Season 11 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians , I can imagine they're running out of plots to feature. What would make a better episode than following along as Kourtney hangs out with J. Biebs? I'd watch that — especially to see what really went down. Maybe they needed to spice things up on the show.

Rumors of Bieber and Kendall Jenner dating are old news; it's been established that they're good friends. So the show's producer could've decided to up the shock value and put Bieber and Kourt together. Who wouldn't want to watch that?

6. It Was All Mason's Idea

Personally, this is my favorite theory! Considering Bieber once babysat for Mason and it looked like they had a blast, maybe Mason tried to set up his mom and Biebs. He could have begged Kourtney to make Bieber his new babysitter — and boom, the romance rumors began! Or since he's only 6-years-old, maybe he just thought the situation would be funny. Kids have quite an imagination, don't they? My vote is that Mason is the mastermind behind this whole scheme.

OK, so these are just theories and probably not true. But anything's possible — especially when Justin Bieber is involved.