13 Things We Learned About Sex In 2015

When it came to new sex studies and surveys, 2015 was an interesting year to say the least. Researchers seem to be really invested in how often Millennials have sex compared to other generations, that sex doesn’t last as long as it does in our daydreams, and that smoking weed regularly may, or may not, lead to a little thing called “cotton vagina.” As I said, it was an interesting a year.

With all the studies that came out in the past 12 months, many lessons were learned. We learned about sex education and how it needs some work, how often sexually active people should get STI screenings, and what schools are really killing it when it comes to providing the necessary sexual health programs to keep their students safe and healthy in their sex lives. It was also the year that couples sex toys really made a splash, as well as a year that introduced us to a bunch of gamechanging vibrators and toys.

But of all the studies that came out and taught lessons worth remembering, there were some that really stood out and made an impact, and hopefully a positive impact at that. Here's what went down with sex in 2015.

1. "Cotton Vagina" Actually Doesn’t Exist

It was in May that women who smoke weed were thrown a foul ball when research suggested that smoking pot could lead to "cotton vagina." According to Dr. Julie Holland, certain strains of marijuana could have a similar drying effect on vaginal mucus as is does on saliva glands. It was a horrifying thought for those who love to get stoned, then have sex.

But just as we started to get used to the idea of this being a possibility, the tides turned. By October, the cotton vagina theory had been debunked, weed-smoking women the world over breathed a sigh of relief, and it was back to business as usual.

2. If You Want Top Sexual Health Resources At Your College, You Must Go To The Northwest

According to the 10th Annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, the absolute best school for sexual health is Oregon State University. Since 2014, Oregon State University has reigned supreme when it comes to availability of contraception for their students, as well as STI screenings and education for all the students.

It's also worth noting that Columbia University has been in the top 10 schools, in regards to sexual health awesomeness, every year since 2008.

3. More Americans Are Scared Of Sex Than Driving

A study done by Terry A. Conley at the University of Michigan found that, at least for Americans, stigmas about sex are keeping them more fearful of sexual activities than driving. According to the study, 71 of the respondents actually believed that having unprotected sex ONCE would automatically result in contracting HIV and dying. However, the reality is that you’re 20 times more likely to die in a car crash than to contract HIV during ONE unprotected sexual encounter.

What the study proved, in addition to people not understanding just how dangerous cars are, was that we really need to step up our sex education.

4. Sex Lasts Less Then 10 Minutes For Most

According to a survey of thousands of Americans done in October by sex toy retailer, Adam & Eve, the average sex session lasts 7.3 minutes, from beginning to end. I know, I know. Although the study also found that average time spent on foreplay is 20 minutes, and 31 percent of respondents reported at least 30 minutes of sex, that 7.3 minutes is a reminder that all your friends are probably not having longer sex than you.

5. What Hookup Culture? Casual Hookups Are In The Minority

Despite the fact that we’re sex-obsessed society, another survey by Adam & Eve from this past year found that only 41 percent of American adults are indulging in casual hookups. The same survey also found that 18 percent met of these casual hookups met at a bar, 12 percent hooked up with a coworker, and 11 percent found their casual hookup thanks to little thing called social media. Thanks, Facebook!

6. More Sex Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Happier Relationships

One of the biggest and definitely the most interesting studies that we saw this past year was related to sex frequency and relationship happiness. According to researchers at the University of Toronto Mississauga, “peak” happiness results from having sex once a week, for the majority of adults. The study also found that there is such a thing as too much sex, and that, at least for the participants in the study, that's five times a month. It’s at that point that Americans said “enough” to the sex frequency stuff.

7. French Women Are More Likely To Fake Orgasm

Although I think we’re all guilty of having faking it at one point or another, a study of 8,000 women in eight countries found that French women are most likely to fake orgasm, at 31 percent, with their partners ― probably because they’d rather be eating cheese, let’s be honest. However, in second place with fakers, comes women in the United States who admitted to faking it, at 29 percent.

Honestly, sex is a give and take and you shouldn’t feel the need to fake it, but if there’s cheese, wine, or pizza in the kitchen, no one can judge you for throwing out a few fake moans to get that yumminess in your belly stat.

8. Music Affects Your Sex Drive

Personally, I already had a sneaking suspicious that this was an actual thing, so when science confirmed it, I got my validation. But what the research at Montreal Neurological Institute found, specifically, was that the brain releases dopamine when we listen to music and when we’re turned on, although not everyone is turned on by the same music, which of course makes sense.

9. The Majority Of People Have Slept With An Ex

Although sleeping with an ex is rarely a good idea, especially if there are still feelings there, a study by Adam & Eve found that most people have slept with an ex, at 56 percent — so don't feel too bad if you had some regrettable ex sex this year. For most people, the desire to sleep with an ex is about comfort, the type of comfort you can’t get with a one-night stand. Also, women are more likely to sleep with an ex, at 54 percent, than men, at only 44 percent.

10. Women Are Watching More Porn Than Ever

Not only did we learn in 2015 that women are watching porn more than ever with Pornhub finding that 24 percent of their users are Millennial women, but when it came to what these women were watching, it was girl-on-girl action that was all the rage. According to Pornhub's research, lesbian porn searches are the top searches for all Millennials, both men and women, and women are 132 percent more likely to go looking for lesbian porn than men. The same study also found that women are into the rougher, hardcore porn more than men.

11. Yale Students Have The Highest Sex Drive

According to OKCupid’s Best College list that focused on sex, attraction, and partying, Yale students have the highest sex drive of the all the colleges OkCupid surveyed. The research found that 57 percent of Yale students said that their sex drive is higher than average and 44 percent masturbate at least once a day. Yeah, I’d say those are some pretty impressive percentages.

12. Emoji Users Have More Sex

With this year's very important emoji upgrade, we got a lot more inspiration for our texts, bust most importantly, our sexts. And, it was perfect timing to up the ante on eggplant and peach texts, because after surveying 5,600 single adults age 18 and over, Match's 2015 Singles In America study founf that singles who use them have more sex than singles who don’t. Praise hands to that.

13. Your Grandmother Probably Wants More Sex Than You

This past year had a lot of studies covering who’s having more sex than Millennials, because who doesn’t want to know that kind of stuff? While one study found that Baby Boomers have had more sexual partners than the majority of Millennials (sexual revolution, man), another study by dating site EliteSingles found that 79 percent of seniors are open to casual sex compared to Millennials at only 69 percent. In fact, while 14 percent of Millennials would be fine in a relationship without sex, only seven percent of seniors could say the same.

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