13 Things That Need To Happen In 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7B

2017 is going to be an amazing year for one very simple reason: Pretty Little Liars will be back on our TV screens. Fans are understandably sad about the fact that the hit show is coming to an end, with only 10 episodes left in the second half of Season 7 (stop crying). While it's hard to believe that Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily will no longer be in our lives, I can't wait to see how the epic story wraps up, especially since we might actually find out who A.D. is. Which is why there's such a long list of things that need to happen in Pretty Little Liars 7B.

Because show runner I. Marlene King is dedicated to the fans of Pretty Little Liars, she's been pretty generous with hints about the series in interviews and on social media. While we know we're getting at least one wedding in 7B, there are so many other things that Pretty Little Liars fans are desperate to see when the show returns for its swan-song. From Ezra and Aria's impending nuptials, to Hanna and Caleb's rekindled romance, here's a wish list of things that absolutely need to happen on Pretty Little Liars before the series ends forever that I'm sure every fan can agree with.

1. We Need An Ezria Wedding


Haters can hate as far as I'm concerned. Pretty Little Liars 7B just has to feature an Ezria wedding. Whether you're a fan of the couple or not, it's time that Ezra and Aria got the happy ending they deserve following so many years of trauma. Plus, Ezria fans are more than ready for this, and have been speculating about their #PLLWedding for years.

2. Toby Has To Be Alive


The 7A cliffhanger featured a car crash involving Toby. I'm sorry, but I am not OK with Toby dying on Pretty Little Liars , and most PLL fans are with me on this one. I can deal with Spencer and Toby not ending up together, as long as he is alive and breathing. Thanks.

3. Charlotte Should Come Back


I know she technically died, but what if the body wasn't Charlotte's? What if it was someone else wearing a mask of Charlotte's face? PLL fans know that this is more than possible. Plus, I'm sure there's more to learn about CeCe Drake than we know already.

4. Emison Needs To Be Endgame


Basically, Emison is endgame, and everyone knows this. But wouldn't it be perfect if Emily helped to raise Alison's baby with her? Although, there's still the minor matter of Emily's eggs going missing...

5. Caleb & Mona's Connection Needs To Be Explained

I don't trust this pair when they're together. Season 7 revealed them working together more than ever before, and there was an incredibly suspicious scene in which Caleb and Mona prepared coffee for one another, making me wonder if they haven't been on the same team all along.

6. Wren Must Reveal His Identity


Who is Wren Kingston really, though, and why should we care?

7. Spencer Should Be Happy


The end of 7A saw Spencer get shot. While I hope she doesn't die, I also hope that 7B sees her living a happier life. Following a disastrous relationship with Caleb, and Toby leaving town with Yvonne to get married, Spencer was completely miserable. Can she have some happier story lines, please?

8. Ashley Marin Should Get With Jason

Pretty Little Liars on YouTube

Another perpetually miserable character, Hanna's mom deserves a little happiness, and I very much doubt it's with Pastor Ted. Remember in Season 5 when Ashley hooked up with Jason DiLaurentis? Forget Jaria, I want Jason to be with Hanna's mom, end of.

9. Spencer's Parents Have Some Explaining To Do


Peter Hastings had an affair with Jessica DiLaurentis, making him Jason's father. We've just found out that Spencer was adopted, and that Mary Drake is (probably) her birth mother. Did Peter have an affair with Mary too? He's hardly the definition of trustworthy, and I have a lot of questions for Spencer's mom too. Basically, are the entire events of Pretty Little Liars the result of their poor choices?

10. Ezra Has To Justify Kissing Nicole

Explain it.

11. We Need To Find Out If Paige Is Good Or Bad


Paige was totally shady in Season 7, and she's made no secret of the fact that she hates Alison DiLaurentis. Perhaps her jealousy of Emison has driven her to do very bad things?

12. We Need More Lucas


Lucas has been consistently shady since day one, and the fact that Hanna's been living in his apartment doesn't make me feel great. I'm pretty sure we'll see more of him in 7B, and, if he's working with A.D., no one will the slightest bit surprised. But we need answers.

13. The Archer Dunhill Connection Has To Be Revealed


Is he related to Wren? Was he part of A.D.'s bigger plan? Does he have a twin who comes back to terrorize Alison in her classroom in that flash forward we've yet to have revealed? Answers please.

It's clear that fans of Pretty Little Liars have so many questions as they approach the final ten episodes of the show. Bring on April 2017. I'm waiting.

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