12 Celebs Who Are Cancers & How They Embrace Being Intuitive, Empathetic & Loyal

These ultra-sensitive stars are natural-born entertainers.

by Erica Campbell
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Selena Gomez and Post Malone
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If you’re looking for a friend to have a good cry with, get helpful advice from, and maybe even enjoy wine and charcuterie with, we suggest befriending a Cancer? Born approximately between June 21 and July 22, Cancers are the deeply loving, deeply feeling water signs of the zodiac. They’re natural caregivers, brilliant homemakers, committed friends, and much like the celebs who are Cancers on our list below, they’re natural-born entertainers.

Symbolized by the crab, these ultra-intuitive beings can often have a harder outer shell to protect their energy and their “loving to a fault” hearts. This can often see our Cancer friends misinterpreted as cold or distant, but once they warm up to you, they let their protective layer down and share the full breadth of their compassion with those close to them. They’re able to “read the room” with a near psychic ability and pick up on tiny fluctuations in energy, which is why it’s no surprise that they’ll often just call to see how you’re doing when you just so happen to be in the middle of a breakdown over your last dating mishap. Here are some of our favorite celebs who completely embody the charismatic, empathetic, tenderness of their Cancer sign.

Selena Gomez

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Like many people who fall under the Cancer sign, Selena Gomez understands the importance of being candid with all of her feelings, all the time. Born July 22, 1992, she has embraced her star sign by being upfront about her mental health struggles, and through her music, she has zero hesitation telling listeners what she’s dealing with emotionally (evidenced by the beautiful “Lose You To Love Me”). She also keeps her small circle of friends tight, like the supportive and loving camaraderie she shares with fellow singer Taylor Swift.

Ariana Grande

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Born June 26, 1993, Ariana Grande really shows off those Cancer traits. Whether it’s speaking directly with her community on Instagram, or sharing memorable marriage moments with only a small group of family and friends, the “thank u, next” singer has never shied away from putting family, love, and a full range emotions of emotions first.

Jaden Smith

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Cancers are typically creative, with all that water energy flowing into their projects, so it’s no surprise that Jaden Smith was born under the star sign. Born July 8, 1998, Smith takes no issue in expressing himself (remember the time he brought his own hair to the Met Gala). And when he’s not in front of the camera embracing his naturally given entertainment skills, he’s trying to make the world a better place by pushing for sustainability in fashion, which is a total Cancer move and mood.

Lindsay Lohan

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If there was a mascot for celebrity Cancers, Lindsay Lohan might just fit the bill. From documentaries that show the more chaotic side of her life, to songs that share intimate details of how she’s feeling, Lohan knows how to embody and share all of her emotions with the world, whether they’re considered good or bad. Though like many Cancers she could have a harder exterior to crack, she’s no stranger to sentimentality (like when she paid tribute her late Parent Trap cast member).

Solange Knowles

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Solange Knowles may embody the creative and caring aspects of her astrological sign, but don’t get on her bad side because those crabs have claws. Born June 24, 1986, the singer-songwriter is also not afraid of being open, whether it's through her songs or through sharing her experience. She recently shared on Instagram that while she was writing her album When I Get Home she was fighting an autonomic disorder, promising fans in true Cancer fashion that “one day” she’d share her life-changing experience.

Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey is no stranger to putting her emotions on full display, whether it’s through her recent Grammy-nominated album. Norman F*cking Rockwell, through her poetry collection, or through some pretty questionable social media post, the star has always let her fans see the real her. Born June 21, 1985, the singer-songwriter is a quintessential emotional and entertaining Cancer.

Chris Pratt

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Born June 21, 1979, actor Chris Pratt really embodies the Cancer qualities when it comes to showing every single example of emotion, especially when it comes to having a laugh. From joking about the “Best Chris” in Hollywood, to having super close friendships with castmates (remember when they all came to his defense on Twitter) and to showing all the love to his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, Pratt may not be your favorite Chris but when it comes to fully embodying celebrity Cancer traits he makes the cut.

Khloé Kardashian

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Born June 27, 1984, Khloé Kardashian is a Cancer through and through. From the love she shares with her family on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the way she takes care of her daughter True, and even the way she keeps her tight circle of friends tight, the reality TV star really checks off all the Cancer boxes.

Mindy Kaling

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As a writer, producer, comedian, and actress Mindy Kaling takes no issue with letting all of that creative Cancer energy flow. Born June 24, 1979, don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you because she’s not afraid to clap back at trolls or get candid about everything, even when it comes to taboo topics like her sexual awakening. She also doesn’t mind sharing great advice, and in true Cancer fashion, she even shares wellness routines with friends.

Busy Philipps

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In true Cancer form, Busy Philipps is an open book. Born, June 25, 1979, she released her memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little in 2018 in which she got candid with readers about the ins and outs of her career as well as her life-altering abortion. Phillips embodies the entertaining and creative aspects of her star sign, showing a full range of her personality on both the big screen when acting and the small screen when hosting. When it comes to emotions, she knows not to limit herself because, as she shared with Bustle, “I’ve always been too much.”

Missy Elliot

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Born July 1, 1971, rapper, writer, and producer Missy Elliott is often associated with songs, music videos, and even red carpet looks that overflow with creativity and show off her true Cancer nature (I mean, the backward lyrics in “Work It”). She’s also no stranger to the Cancer art form of sharing good advice, she recently posted on Twitter, “Sometimes you may feel so discouraged when you work hard but things don’t seem to be moving fast enough in your career. People may even try to count you out just hold on because no one can stop what’s meant for you.”

Post Malone

Kurt Krieger - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

From his fashion to his music, to even face tattoos that say exactly how he feels (who isn’t “always tired,” right?), Post Malone knows how to tap into that Cancer creative drive. Born July 4, 1995, the Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer doesn’t mind bearing his soul through his music, like in tracks, “Better Now” where he calls himself out for letting his relationship fall apart, or even though his sound where he allows himself to tap any genre without boundaries.

Happy birthday to all of our favorite celebrity Cancers. Let’s hope they spend their special day taking a break from taking care of others and spending some self-care time on themselves.

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