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10 Actors Who Fooled Us By Lip-Syncing In Their Movies & Shows

Meet the real faces behind the voices.

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Some films and shows leave fans with songs to play on repeat but did you know some iconic numbers were actually lip-synced? From Eurovision to The Lizzie McGuire Movie, here are 10 performances that tricked us and the real voices behind them.

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Lizzie and her Italian pop star doppelgänger Isabella singing “What Dreams Are Made Of” in The Lizzie McGuire Movie is the most iconic Hilary Duff moment. But Duff wasn't actually singing both parts. She sang Lizzie’s, but it was her older sister, Haylie, behind Isabella's voice.

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No Whitney Houston biopic is complete without her classics, and 2015’s Whitney featured several including "I Will Always Love You.” But ANTM alum Yaya DaCosta, who plays the late singer, didn't actually do any singing. The film's vocals were lent by Canadian singer Deborah Cox.

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We all know Zac Efron can sing, but his recordings weren’t used in the first High School Musical, and he lip-synced to actor Drew Seeley instead. Efron then fought to get his voice in the sequels.

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Rebecca Ferguson’s showstopping performance of “Never Enough” as Jenny Lind in The Greatest Showman made Hugh Jackman’s P.T. Barnum neglect his other talented performers. IRL, that voice belonged to The Voice alum Loren Allred, according to research commissioned by Voices.

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In Eurovision, Rachel McAdams’ Sigrit performs alongside Will Ferrell's Lars. While Ferrell sings Lars' parts, McAdams leaves the singing to Swedish pop star Molly Sandén (aka My Marianne).

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Audrey Hepburn can do anything, including singing, but she doesn’t in the ’60s classic My Fair Lady. The voice behind Eliza Doolittle’s songs like “I Could’ve Danced All Night” and “The Rain in Spain” was actually Marni Nixon, who dubbed in other theater-to-movie adaptations.

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Selena honored Selena Quintanilla's legacy by illustrating her tragic life and using her own singing voice — which Jennifer Lopez lip-synced to as the film's lead. It's actually what inspired Lopez to pursue a music career and later release “If You Had My Love” in 1999.

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At 15, Selena Gomez made a cameo on Hannah Montana as Hannah’s (Miley Cyrus) pop star nemesis Mikayla Skeech, performing “If Cupid Had a Heart.” But, as viewers could likely tell, that adult voice wasn’t the "Same Old Love" singer's — she was lip-syncing to Julie Griffin.

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While Rami Malek does sing in 2018's Bohemian Rhapsody, his voice is indistinguishable, layered, and blended with others. The voices you actually hear are Malek’s, Christian Rock singer Marc Martel’s, and Freddie Mercury’s via old tapes.

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Marion Cotillard lip-syncing as Edith Piaf in 2007’s La Vie en Rose was so iconic and Oscar-worthy that she was asked to perform her lip-sync on The Graham Norton Show nine years later. She was actually lip-syncing to Piaf and French actor Jil Aigrot.

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