Kim K & Pete’s Relationship Timeline Includes His Prayer Candle & Her “P” Hat

At their first Met Gala together, Davidson rescued Kim K as she struggled to walk up the stairs.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson at the 2022 Met Gala on May 2, 2022.
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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been dating since October 2021, shorty after she hosted Saturday Night Live, at which time she kissed the SNL star during an Aladdin-themed sketch. Six months later in an interview published on April 12, Kardashian described that kiss for the first time. “When we kissed, I was just like, ‘Hmm!’ It was a stage kiss, but it was still a little zing,” the 41-year-old mother told Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. “It wasn’t anything like a super, crazy feeling. I was like, ‘Wow, I really haven’t kissed anyone else in 10 years, so maybe I’m just, like, being stupid and it’s just nothing. And then a few days later, I was like, ‘Hmm, there is some BDE action.’”

Fans shouldn’t expect to see the 28-year-old comedian appear on the famous family’s new Hulu series anytime soon. In a recent Variety cover story, the Skims founder revealed that Davidson will not make an appearance on Season 1 of The Kardashians. She didn’t, however, rule out the possibility of him appearing in the series in future seasons.

“I have not filmed with him,” she told the magazine, adding that she’s “not opposed to it,” but it’s sort of out of Davidson’s lane. Despite Davidson not making a cameo on The Kardashians quite yet, the couple’s relationship will definitely be a topic of discussion on the show somehow. Viewers will find out “how they met and who reached out to who and how it happened” this season, Kim K teased. “I’m definitely open to talking, and I definitely explain it.”

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While it remains unclear to what extent Kardashian will address their relationship, there’s already a ton of information about the couple’s brief but “super serious” romance. Did you know that they actually hung out several years before they started dating? Here’s everything you need to know about their relationship as you prepare to watch The Kardashians starting on April 14.

January 2019: Pre-Dating Hangout

Although things didn’t turn romantic until late 2021, Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship timeline began in 2019, long before the reality star filed for divorce from West. In January that year, she shared a series of photos from Kid Cudi’s birthday on social media, which featured her then-husband smiling alongside Cudi, Davidson, and actor Timothée Chalamet.

October 2021: A Kiss On SNL

While it’s unclear if Kim and Pete remained friends after Cudi’s party, they had undeniable chemistry two years later when the KKW Beauty founder hosted SNL. The duo joined forces for an Aladdin-themed sketch and shared what may have been their first kiss, even though they weren’t officially dating at the time.

Later that month, the pair proved that their onscreen connection was real when they were photographed holding hands at Knott’s Scary Farm on Oct. 29. However, an insider told People that the two were just friends at the time. “They hang in the same circles, so they will be together from time to time,” the source said. “It’s just friends hanging out.”

November 2021: Lots Of Laughs

Kardashian and Davidson fueled speculation when TMZ reported that they went for a “secret dinner” at Campania on Nov. 2, which is reportedly Davidson’s favorite restaurant on Staten Island, where he grew up. “Pete arranged a dinner on the rooftop privately,” a source told Page Six. “It was just the two of them.” The next night, they were spotted out again at Zero Bond in New York City.

At the time, an E! News source revealed that Kim thought Pete was “hilarious” and “quite the charmer.” “Kim loves that they just laugh the entire time they are together and she is really enjoying hanging out with him,” the insider said, adding that Kim wasn’t “looking to date anyone” and that she likes that “Pete is a very chill and casual guy.”

The comedian hinted at the dating rumors on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Nov. 8. When the host said that he wanted to “address something” and “confirm if it’s real or a rumor,” he went along with it. “I’ve been wanting to talk about this because there’s a lot of people I walk by, people are, like, whispering and making eyes at me,” Davidson said. “But it is true … I do have a show on Tubi coming out.” Davidson was teasing his animated series, The Freak Brothers.

That same day, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Kardashian and Davidson were “casually dating.” “Pete is really into Kim and excited about her,” the insider said. “Kim likes Pete as well, but isn’t rushing into anything serious.” On Nov. 10, a source told Us Weekly that she was “falling for” him. “He makes her feel good and she’s excited to see what happens,” the source revealed.

One week later, the rumored couple was caught holding hands in photos obtained by Daily Mail. The next day, Davidson shared a picture from his birthday party, which was reportedly held at Kris Jenner’s Palm Springs home. In the photo, Davidson, Kardashian, and Kris Jenner were all wearing matching flannel pajama sets courtesy of Skims.

Later that day, a source told E! News that they were “really happy and seeing where it goes.” Kardashian was reportedly telling people that they were exclusive but not “super serious.” “She’s trying not to make a big deal about it but is super into him,” the source said, adding that “he makes her laugh the entire time they are together, and she is completely enthralled by him.”

On Nov. 19, a Page Six source confirmed Kim’s feelings for Pete. “She’s acting like a teenager,” the insider said, adding that she’s “constantly giggling” around him. “Pete has made her feel like the clock has moved 20 years back.” A source also told ET that they were connecting on a “deeper level.” Days later, they had a romantic date at Giorgio Baldi Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. On their way out, Pete was photographed with an apparent hickey on the left side of his neck.

On Nov. 27, Dutch music journalist Paul Barewijk told People that he randomly spotted the couple at The Beverly Hills Hotel. “All of the sudden I looked to my right and saw Pete Davidson,” he said. “Then I thought, ‘Who is he talking with?’ Because I know the latest dating rumors. And ... it was Kim Kardashian!” Barewijk managed to snap photos with the duo, despite them wanting to keep their romance somewhat private.

December 2021: Sleepovers

On Dec. 18, Kardashian and Davidson hit up a Staten Island theater for a screening of Spider-Man: No Way Home with Scott Disick and some friends. A few days later, Daily Mail reported that Davidson walked out of Kardashian’s hotel in New York with “an extra pep in his step” after “spending the night.”

Kardashian also was spotted exiting Davidson’s Staten Island condo before the pair jetted back to Los Angeles together. On Dec. 21, they reportedly grabbed an early morning breakfast at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Later that day, the comedian was spotted leaving a jewelry store before hopping into Kardashian’s Rolls-Royce.

January 2022: “P” Hat & Emoji

Kardashian and Davidson reportedly kicked off 2022 in the Bahamas, thanks to blurry photos obtained by Daily Mail. On Dec. 19, she shared pictures from their getaway on Instagram. The comedian wasn’t featured in any of them, but the solo bikini shots of Kardashian may have hinted at their relationship. In the photos, the fashion mogul wore a baseball cap with the letter “P.” She also snuck a “P” emoji into the caption, which read: “Beach Party.”

The following week, on Dec. 25, the couple reportedly attended a dinner party in Los Angeles hosted by billionaire Jeff Bezos. According to TMZ, the pair stayed at the event for several hours before heading over to The Beverly Hills Hotel, where Pete was staying. The next night, they joined Khloé Kardashian and other friends for Korean BBQ. According to People, they all did an escape room after dinner.

February 2022: The Kim K Candle

The pair took another big step on Feb. 8. In an interview with People (The TV Show!), Davidson referred to the reality star as his girlfriend while chatting about life in the spotlight. “Well, I don’t really have Instagram — I don’t have Instagram or Twitter or any of that stuff. So, most of my daily life is getting into cars and showing up to a set,” he said. “Or, if I’m off, I just either hang with my friends or chill with my girlfriend inside.”

The King of Staten Island star also gave host Kay Adams a tour of his bedroom, and Adams noticed a Kardashian candle sitting on his dresser. When questioned about it, he confirmed that “that is exactly what that is.” The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star didn’t confirm their romance until the following month.

March 2022: Instagram Official

In a March 9 cover story for Variety, Kardashian spoke about their relationship publicly for the first time and revealed if Davidson would appear on The Kardashians. “I have not filmed with him,” she said before teasing that she “might film something really exciting,” but not for this season. A few days later, on March 8, the KUWTK star made their relationship Instagram official and shared a carousel of photos of her and Davidson on social media.

But Davidson did something even more official. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim addressed the rumor that he got a tattoo of her name on his chest. “He has a few tattoos. A few cute ones,” she said. “But the ‘Kim’ tattoo isn’t a tattoo. It’s actually a branding.” Branding is a form of body modification that burns a design into the skin. “But that’s what tattoo people do, right?” she asked. “They get tattoos of what’s going on in their life.”

While the mom of four didn’t reveal exactly how many tattoos Davidson got in her honor, she did share which one she likes the most. “I think my favorite one, it says here, it says, ‘My girl is a lawyer,’” she revealed. “That one’s really cute.” Elsewhere in the interview, Kardashian said that she has “the cutest pictures” with Davidson but has been hesitant to share too many photos.

“I want to be like, ‘Oh my god, we’re so cute,’ but then I’m like, ‘Don’t be so desperate. Don’t be posting so much, just give a glimpse,’” she said. “It feels good. I think it’s just in life, like no matter what it is, I encourage my friends and the people that I love just to be happy, and I went for it. I went for it, and you know what? I’m in my 40s, like, f*ck it — sorry — just go for it, find your happiness. I went for it and I took my time and I found it and it feels so good, and I want to hold on to that forever.”

April 2022: “Late Nite Snack”

On April 3, Kardashian and Davidson took another big step in their relationship. For the first time ever, the comedian was spotted with at least one of Kardashian’s children. TMZ snapped a video of Pete driving in Kim’s pink electronic car with North West along for the ride. This came several months after West shared screenshots of his text messages with Pete telling him that he will “NEVER MEET MY CHILDREN.” The post has since been deleted.

On April 11, a few days after the red carpet premiere of The Kardashians, Kim K posted two photos of her and Davidson’s post-premiere activities, with a simple caption: “late nite snack.” It marked Davidson’s first appearance on her Instagram account, making the couple Instagram-official.

On the April 12 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Kardashian described her first kiss with Davidson for the first time, referencing the Aladdin-themed SNL sketch from October. “When we kissed, I was just like, ‘Hmm!’ It was a stage kiss, but it was still a little zing,” she recalled. “It wasn’t anything like a super, crazy feeling. I was like, ‘Wow, I really haven’t kissed anyone else in 10 years, so maybe I’m just, like, being stupid and it’s just nothing.’ And then a few days later, I was like, ‘Hmm, there is some BDE action.’”

On April 24, Kardashian and Davidson made their first public appearance together at the Mark Twain Prize For American Humor ceremony in Washington, D.C. Like The Kardashians premiere earlier in the month, the couple didn’t walk the red carpet together. Instead, she simply sat in the audience with Davidson, who honored the night’s award recipient, comedian Jon Stewart, on stage. “Who couldn’t love this guy? Probably the most controversial thing he’s done is being friends with me,” the SNL star said, jokingly.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian at the Mark Twain Prize For American Humor on April 24. Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment

On April 30, the couple finally walked the red carpet together for the first time at a surprising event: the 2022 White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C. Kardashian rocked a glittering Balenciaga gown, while Davidson matched his dapper suit with black Vans sneakers.

Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

May 2022: Kim & Pete’s First Met Gala

On the first Monday of May, Kardashian and Davidson attended their first Met Gala together, and their looks were a sight to behold. As she struggled to walk up the stairs along the red carpet, he came to her rescue by grabbing her hand and helping her walk up as photographers continued to snap photos.

Kardashian donned the same Bob Mackie gown that Marilyn Monroe famously wore to sing “Happy Birthday” to then-president John F. Kennedy in 1962, courtesy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Orlando, Florida, where it’s usually stored. Davidson played his part perfectly, wearing a simple black suit. Throughout the red carpet, he also stepped aside to let her have the spotlight as he threw up a peace signs to photographers.

After the Met Gala, the couple scarfed down pizza and donuts, which apparently were the first carbs Kardashian has eaten in weeks because of her dietary efforts to fit into the historic dress. “After the Met I am starving, and my favorite donuts in the entire world, in New York City, are these mini donuts,” Kardashian said in her Instagram Story. “Oh my gosh, you guys, I have them in the room — how cute is this?”

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