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Enjoy These Tom Hiddleston Movies & TV Shows While You Wait For Loki Season 2

From action heroes to moody vampires, he truly does it all.

From 'Loki' and beyond, Tom Hiddleston has starred in several film and TV projects, including one th...
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Spoilers ahead for Loki. Despite all the chaos and heartbreak of Loki’s latest episode (is the God of Mischief really all alone, again?!), viewers walked away with one exciting fact — Loki Season 2 is officially on its way. And in the meantime, there’s every chance that Tom Hiddleston could make a mischievous cameo in an upcoming entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where he might have some, well, madness to answer for. Hiddleston will also lend his voice to the upcoming What If...? series on Disney+.

Of course, for dedicated Loki fans, the wait to see Hiddleston back on-screen — whenever that might be — is sure to be a tough one. Fortunately, the actor’s carved out a diverse array of film and TV roles to catch up on in the meantime. From spy thrillers to swashbuckling adventures and swoon-worthy romances with a twist, there’s something for every viewer and every mood, including a few hidden gems you might have missed until now. Here are some of the best Tom Hiddleston roles to watch after Lokiand where you can stream them, too.

Crimson Peak

The spooky charm of this Guillermo del Toro classic makes it a natural go-to for gothic horror fans, but Hiddleston’s performance as the sweet, mysterious Sir Thomas Sharpe is so endearing that it’ll win over those who aren’t genre devotees just yet, too. In Crimson Peak, Sharpe sweeps a young writer off her feet and invites her to live at his family mansion. Upon Edith’s arrival, she realizes her new life is much more twisted than she could have imagined. You can stream Crimson Peak on Netflix.

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Only Lovers Left Alive

In this pensive film from Jim Jarmusch, Hiddleston plays a vampire named Adam who’s disillusioned with his long life and lonely nights. Luckily, his wife (a fellow vampire named Eve) and passion for music help him feel somewhat alive despite being decidedly undead. Despite a few very vampire moments, like when the couple shares some blood popsicles, Only Lovers Left Alive is a moving and relatable story about art, purpose, and connection. You can rent this hidden gem on Prime Video.

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Kong: Skull Island

Not only is this 2017 film one of the most fun things you can stream on HBO Max today, but it also sees Hiddleston try on the role of the thoughtful action hero — and it suits him perfectly. Kong: Skull Island blends the classic lore of King Kong with new monsters and a slew of familiar faces, especially for Marvel fans. Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), and Eugene Cordero (Casey from the Time Variance Authority) join Hiddleston on his outing as James Conrad, a former British soldier whose tracking skills make him precious cargo on the expedition to track down Kong.


The Night Manager

Hiddleston earned his first Golden Globe for his turn as Jonathan Pine, a former soldier whose post at a luxury hotel puts him in the middle of an international weapons scheme. The suspenseful limited series is available to stream on Prime Video and features countless globe-trotting style moments — costumes that, along with studying under a real night manager, helped Hiddleston develop his character. “The costume designer and I were quite specific about his hotel uniform, which had to be elegant and refined but also be modest and dutiful, so you don't stand out," he told Bustle in 2016. "You just have to look trustworthy and presentable, so I found getting into that costume gave me that sense of modesty and duty."

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High Rise

Next to Loki himself, High Rise’s Robert Laing is perhaps the Hiddleston variant you’re most used to seeing in TikTok edits. High Rise follows Hiddleston as a young doctor who finds himself enmeshed with the class warfare (and many, many parties) of his dystopian tower of an apartment building. It’s a surreal, psychological story that lends itself to a second viewing or two, and you can catch it on Hulu.

Of course, if book-before-movie is more your vibe, you’re in luck — Hiddleston also narrates the audio version of the High Rise novel.


I Saw The Light

Loki and Wanda haven’t teamed up in the MCU just yet, but Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen did star together in this 2015 biopic about country singer Hank Williams, and that’s more than good enough for now. The heartfelt true story sees Williams and his wife, Audrey, confront the ups and downs of marriage, family, and music. Hiddleston’s crooning blues along the way prove that he’s had a hidden talent for song well before that Asgardian folk tune in Loki. You can rent I Saw the Light on Prime Video.

In addition to these memorable roles, Hiddleston’s always busy forging new ones, including the upcoming White Stork series on Netflix, a British political thriller, per Deadline.