4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The August 2022 New Moon

This lunation is all about self-improvement.

August 2022 New Moon
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If you’re not quite ready to part ways with summer, the August 2022 new moon is heralding one final hurrah. On Aug. 27, la luna pirouettes in party planner Virgo, giving you a chance to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned this summer and apply the knowledge during Virgo season. The maiden is all about self-improvement, and for the four zodiac signs most affected by the August 2022 new moon, that means more than a new hairdo — but creating deep and meaningful changes to their daily routines.

“Virgo is the ultimate fixer, and with its ruler, Mercury, currently in Libra, that exacting focus is likely to be on how we communicate within our intimate partnerships,” astrologer Erin River Sunday tells Bustle.

In astrology, new moons don’t just kick off the lunar cycle — they also welcome a fresh start full of new opportunities. Where full moons are a time for action, new moons are a time to rest, recharge, and set intentions for the weeks to come. August’s new moon is in perfectionistic Virgo, which is reminding us to fine-tune our schedules, reconsider our goals, and improve ourselves — which means those who feel most impacted by the new moon may be subjected to harsh self-criticisms.

“You might be feeling a bit hot-headed at this specific moment because of an aspect this lunation is making to Mars,” Sunday says. “Rather than rushing forward without a second thought, take actions that will bring you into balance above all else.”

Keep reading to find out if you’re one of the zodiac signs who are most affected by the August 2022 new moon.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21 - June 20)

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As a fellow Mercurial sign, the new moon in Virgo will be hitting home. La luna is ingressing in your domestic sector, so it’s pushing you to contemplate the relationships you have with your family and even your concept of home. It’s all about going back to your roots so you can push forward to your best self.

“While this lunation might feel a little too serious for fun-loving Geminis, in many ways it will feel familiar,” says Sunday. “Their best medicine will be to discuss the future of their committed partnerships.”

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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This lunation is all about improving yourself as it beams down on your house of self. With Mars in Gemini moving into your area of public image, there may be some reinvention involving how you see yourself versus how others see you.

“It’s a beautiful moment to confront what makes you feel nourished and recommit to prioritizing your health,” says Sunday. “And if you’re debating a new hairstyle or a cute new outfit — the answer is YES!”

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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You’ve been doing a lot of soul searching during Leo season, Sagittarius — now, it’s time to put those life lessons to the test. The new moon is highlighting your public life and work, so pay attention to shifts in your career and new professional connections.

“Sagittarius people love to do it BIG, and while this new moon might not support immediate action, it’s great for talking about the long-term, practical realities of what they desire most,” says Sunday. “The foundations laid now will inform the legacies they leave behind.”

Pisces Zodiac Signs (Feb. 19 - March 20)

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There’s been a seriousness lately, especially when it comes to dealing with tedious, monotonous tasks, Pisces. This lunation is asking you to apply those skills to get real with your relationships, too.

“Pisces is the opposite or sister sign of Virgo, meaning that it can sometimes struggle with balancing its energy,” Sunday says. “This lunation is a moment for Pisceans to get serious about creating new structures that will serve them long-term, particularly within their committed partnerships.”