Bustle Newsletter: May 19, 2022

On the swimsuit trend of the summer, dos and don’ts for Gemini season, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Love Island cast members
Screenshot/Love Island/Hulu

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8 Types Of Avatars You Can Customize In The Metaverse

We all know avatars peaked with the Dollz, and then should have stopped after Bitmojis, but time and technology must march on and create new, upsettingly lifelike digital representations of ourselves for us to showcase online. Facebook even bragged that you can see your own pores with its new avatars, which, who wants that?? Anyway, here is a complete guide to all the different types of avatars, and what to do with them. Read More

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Do’s & Don’ts For Gemini Season

Gemini season kicks off tomorrow, so it’s an ideal time to take action on a big project, but don’t get so engrossed that you end up spreading yourself too thin. Plus, see how the season will impact your sign specifically. Read More

The Underboob Bikini Is About To Take Over Summer — Here Are 10 We Love

Here at Bustle, we support a person’s right to show as little or as much tittie as they so choose — from sideboob, to Bridgerton boob, to full coverage, and of course, every Love Islander’s preferred style, underboob. here’s no wrong way to do it. Celebs are hopping on the underboob trend now, too, with Sydney Sweeney, Camila Cabello, and the Jenner sisters recently sporting reverse-cleavage looks, so it’s only a matter of time before the style is everywhere. Read More

Rihanna Is Officially A Mom!

After blessing us with months of legendary pregnancy fits, TMZ reports that RihRih welcomed her baby with boyfriend A$AP Rocky on May 13. Congrats to them, and honestly congrats to the baby, who not only will probably inherit Fenty Beauty someday, but also because, according to Rih & A$AP’s astrological compatibility, they’re gonna make great parents. Read More

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The Hottest Mani Trend RN Is… Everything That Was Cool 20 Years Ago

Like, even the Playboy logo, which I do need someone to explain to me because… why? In any case, everything you loved in middle school (including those rainbow Louis Vuitton bags) is now mani inspo fodder. Read More

A Comprehensive List Of All The Times Dua Lipa Has Rocked The Exposed-Thong Look

In case you missed (how?), Dua Lipa is Queen of The Exposed Thong. Since 2020, the pop star (and impressive headstander) has rocked the provocative Y2K look over and over again — and I can’t help but stan. Click through to see all the times she’s turned a thong into a chic fashion accessory. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

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