Here's The Spiritual Meaning Of February’s Full “Snow” Moon

Stay warm by embracing your passions.

A full moon in the sky behind snow-covered hills. The spiritual meaning of February's full Snow Moon...

The year got off to a rocky and retrograde-filled start, but the astrology of February is set to be smooth and sparkly. The big cosmic climax of it all takes place during the February 2022 full moon, which rises on Feb. 16 on the heels of Valentine’s Day. This gorgeous lunation is putting us in touch with our passions and bringing us a chance to let go of anything standing in the way of our confidence. February’s full moon is sometimes known as the Snow Moon, but its spiritual meaning is all about heating things up and putting a fire under our desires.

Full moons occur when the sun and moon oppose each other in the zodiac — and this alignment marks the crescendo of the monthly lunar cycle, when the moon is at peak visibility and illumination. Astrologically, full moons are known for bringing emotions, energy, and tensions to a boiling point — which is why we might notice more drama happening in our lives during these periods. However, the energy of the full moon can also be harnessed to help us let go of things, bring matters to a conclusion, or give our projects a boost. The February 2022 full moon in particular is taking place alongside some very special planetary connections, making its power even more intense.

Connecting with the mystical full moon energy is a great way to supercharge your goals or feel more in sync with the earth’s natural cycles. Read on to get in the know on the February 2022 full moon’s spiritual meaning.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Snow Moon?

Per the Farmer’s Almanac, the Snow Moon is a traditional nickname given to full moons that take place in February. This moniker comes from the fact that February often brings more snowfall in United States than any other month of the year. Other common nicknames for this lunar cycle include the Hungry Moon or the Bony Moon in reference to food sources being difficult to come by at this point in the winter season. February’s full moon nicknames make reference to snow and scarcity, but the spiritual meaning of this lunation is all about overcoming these challenges by keeping our own personal hearths blazing.

We can also look to the astrology of the February full moon to give us insight into its mystical symbolism. Taking place in flamboyant fire sign Leo (which is ruled by the sun itself), this lunar moment is illuminating the themes of passion, creativity, and confidence. We’ll find that we’re feeling hungry for love, pumped up by enthusiasm, and ready to fully embrace the colorful spectrum of our authenticity. The spiritual meaning of the Snow Moon teaches us that by stoking our inner fires and keeping the flame of our passions burning, we can always feel warmth and embrace abundance — even when the outside world is cold and resources feel sparse.

Alongside the full moon, abundance planet Jupiter will be forming a rare sextile aspect to unpredictable planet Uranus, which brings unexpected blessings, revelations, and illuminating ideas under the full moon’s beams. Additionally, love planet Venus and sex planet Mars will be joining in a steamy conjunction aspect on the very same day as the full moon. This passionate alignment promises to help us embrace new beginnings in romance and relationships with a more solid sense of footing. Don’t doubt your ability to follow your heart and bring more excitement into your life — because this Leo-ruled lunation is here to help you own your power and let your inner lioness roar.

How To Work With The Full Snow Moon’s Energy

Between the energy of Valentine’s Day, the sensual Venus-Mars conjunction, and the moon being in flirty fire sign Leo, the Snow Moon is a gorgeous time to manifest more love, romance, or relationship magic into your life. It’s a great time to work with love crystals, put together a belated Valentine’s Day love spell, or explore the power of sex magic — either alone or with a partner. Any spiritual endeavor that gets you in touch with your sensuality and revs up your passionate side aligns beautifully with this full moon’s astrological themes.

This is also the first full moon to take place since April 2021 during which no major planets are retrograding. With all the planets moving direct — and with the luminaries activating the fateful Nodes of Destiny — the Snow Moon marks an especially powerful moment to clear your path and embrace your Leo-like confidence as you march forward into the only retrograde-free period of 2022. To add to this, February’s full moon is also forming an intense square aspect to the North and South Nodes, which are also known as Nodes of Destiny. This connection brings our fate into question, as it forces us to reckon with the things we’re meant to let go of and summon up the courage needed to walk through new doors of unknown opportunity.

If you’d like to tap into the fiery vibe of February’s full moon and make more room for growth in your life, try making a list of everything that makes you feel small, self-conscious, or doubtful of yourself. Write it out on a piece of paper by hand, then burn that list of negative self-talk in a heatproof bowl or fire pit to symbolically free yourself of these limiting beliefs. Cosmic momentum is building and our progress is being energetically supported now, so let this full moon illuminate your excitement and fill your heart with hope for the future.