10 Sex-Positive Things To Do In Bed, According To A Sex-Positive Woman

Amanda Chatel

In a society that tries to stifle female sexuality and pleasure, it's not easy being a sex-positive woman. To call yourself sex-positive isn't just a rebellious act, but something that can sometimes be met with misunderstandings. Doing sex-positive things in bed is a way to walk the talk and teach others what it literally means to be sex positive, but this practice needs to start long before we even think about having sex.

“We should talk to our daughters about sex because when we don’t, they know there must be a reason," psychoanalyst and author of Modern Mothering, Joyce McFadden, tells Bustle. "Even our littlest understand that the things we’re happy about or proud of are the things we talk about freely. It’s the bad things we don’t discuss. Over time, our silence around female sexuality combined with this vague sense of ‘badness’ gets absorbed into how our daughters see themselves, and it undermines not only their confidence but their desire to feel close to us... We actively help our daughters grow up in every other way — learning to walk, read, make friends, prepare for college and so on — but when it comes to sexuality, they often feel left all alone."

Being sex-positive is a big part of me. It effects how I accept my own sexuality, as well as the sexuality of others, and how I interpret situations and interact with people. Being sex-positive isn't solely about sex-related things, but human dynamics and openness. At least that's what being sex-positive means to me, and it's these factors that contribute to what I do and don't do in bed.