11 Seemingly Positive Relationship Changes That Can Actually Be A Sign Your Partner Is Cheating

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

When you think about cheating, the first thing that probably comes to mind are all the negative changes that tend to occur, as your partner goes behind your back. They might hide their phone, seem less present, or pick fights, usually in an effort to push you away. But did you know positive changes can also be a sign of cheating?

This is especially true if the changes are massively out of character or seem to come out of the blue. If they weren't super affectionate before, for example, their sudden desire to cuddle can be a red flag, especially if other areas of your relationship aren't great. It is important, however, not to jump to conclusions.

Instead, "list the possible different reasons for the positive changes they are making," Holly Zink, a relationship expert for Safeguarde, tells Bustle. "If after some time, your suspicions don't go away and there are many other positive and possibly negative changes that arise, then you should talk to your partner."

How they react can serve as another clue. "When you ask them about some of these behaviors do they seem fidgety or anxious?" psychotherapist Dr. Jennifer Howard, asks. "Or [do they get defensive] and try to blow you off?" This might be sign they've got something to hide.

Read on below for some positive ways your relationship might change, or how your partner might act differently if they are cheating, according to experts.