13 Royal Wedding-Themed Desserts You Can Only Buy This Week

Georgetown Cupcake

Given that one of the best parts of any wedding is the desserts, we can naturally expect the rapidly approaching Royal Wedding to have some truly spectacular sweets on hand. But even if you weren’t lucky enough to score an invite to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials, good news: There are plenty of Royal Wedding-themed desserts in which you can delight while you watch the ceremony unfold on TV from the comfort of your own home. The catch, of course, is that many of them are only available this week — or else for a similarly limited time — but, y’know, hey. That’s OK. We can roll with it; that’s what online ordering is for.

Harry and Meghan are scheduled to tie the knot on May 19 — that is, in just a few days' time — at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. A lunchtime reception hosted by the Queen in St. George’s Hall, also at Windsor, will follow; then, later in the evening, a smaller reception will be held at Frogmore House (which, by the way, is also where the happy couple’s engagement photos were taken). With two receptions on the schedule, there’s going to be a lot of food prepared for the day — including, of course, a ton of treats. The wedding cake, as we already know, will be lemon elderflower-flavored; additionally, it’s also possible that the food trucks that will reportedly be on site for the after-party will include ice cream vans. Yum.

Most of us, of course, will not get the chance to taste these delectable-sounding delights — but we do still have our pick of a wide variety of Royal Wedding-inspired cupcakes, ice creams, doughnuts, and other treats. Check out the 13 options below — and if you haven’t already placed your orders, get cracking!


The Royal Love Doughnut

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts’ heart-shaped Royal Love doughnut may not be lemon elderflower-flavored, but it is filled with jelly, topped with chocolate, and finished off with a strawberry drizzle. You can nab it at participating Dunkin’ locations between now and May 20.


The Royal Wedding Cake Shake

Black Tap

Black Tap — AKA the folks responsible for all those ludicrously elaborate milkshakes gracing your Instagram feed — teamed up with New York’s famed Magnolia Bakery for their Royal Wedding offering: The Royal Wedding Cake Shake, a vanilla shake topped with an actual wedding cake. The cake is miniature, of course— it wouldn’t fit on top of the shake if it weren’t — but it’s still got two tiers, and it’s lemon elderflower-flavored, just like Harry and Meghan’s full-sized version will be. Buttercream roses, British flags, and a plastic engagement ring add the final touches. It can be yours for $19 — which is admittedly steep for a milkshake, although perhaps it’s understandable when the shake is topped with wedding cake — at any of Black Tap’s New York or Las Vegas locations.


God Save The Cream Ice Cream

Ample Hills Creamery

From Brooklyn-based ice cream shop Ample Hills comes God Save The Cream, a lemon ginger ice cream studded with chunks of elderflower wedding cake (which, by the way, is made in-house, just like the ice cream itself is) and buttercream frosting. Not in New York? Not a problem; Ample Hills’ Keep Calm And Berry On four-pack, which includes two pints of God Save The Cream, one of Strawberries and Cream, and one of Snap, Mallow, Pop!, is shipping nationwide.


The Royal Wedding Cake Cupcake


Like many of the other limited-edition treats available for the Royal Wedding, Sprinkles’ offering takes its cues from the actual cake flavor Meghan and Harry decided upon for their big day: The Royal Wedding Cake cupcake consists of lemon blueberry cake topped with St. Germain vanilla buttercream frosting and edible flowers. It’s only available from May 18 to the 20, though, so act fast if you want to order one.


Royal Wedding Cookie Gift Set

Eleni's New York

New York bakery Eleni’s Royal Wedding cookie set consists of four buttery sugar cookies, two of which have been hand-printed with the royal couple’s names and wedding date and two of which feature edible reproductions of their gorgeous engagement photos. The cookies arrive packaged in a pink and brown tin. Order them online for $35.95.


The Lemon Elderflower Cupcake & Royal Wedding Dozen

Georgetown Cupcake

After shooting to fame in 2010 via the TLC reality show DC Cupcakes, Georgetown Cupcake — already popular among Washington, D.C. locals — opened several more shops; now they ship nationwide. Naturally, you can expect a cupcake shop of this level of visibility to have some treats up their sleeve for the Royal Wedding — and the monthly seasonal flavor, Lemon Elderflower, is happy to oblige. Described as having a “bright citrus floral flavor,” the cupcake is designed to look like an English rose; it’s been frosted with elderflower-infused vanilla buttercream.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, though, go ahead and order the full 2018 Royal Wedding Dozen. For $36, you get an assortment of 12 treats, including two Lemon Elderflower cupcakes, two Red Velvet cupcakes, four Valrhona Chocolate & Madagascar Vanilla Buttercream cupcakes, and four Madagascar Vanilla & Madagascar Vanilla Buttercream cupcakes, all decked out in special, edible, Royal Wedding-themed decorations. The assortment is available until May 31.


Milly Green Royal Wedding Cookie Tin

BBC Shop

I want this cookie set just for the tin. Designed by Milly Green, it’s filled with Triple Chocolate Chip cookies and Ginger cookies. Grab it for $26.98 at the BBC’s online store.


The Royal Wedding Cupcake

Magnolia Bakery

That fancy-schmancy milkshake collab with Black Tap isn’t the only Royal Wedding treat Magnolia Bakery cooked up; the New York cupcakery also has their very own Royal Wedding cupcake on offer. It consists of an elderflower-flavored cake with lemon curd, and elderflower meringue buttercream — and it’s topped by an adorable, teeny-tiny tiara. You can get ‘em for $4.25 a pop, though there’s a minimum of six per order if you want to buy them online. Nab them through May 20.


Mrs. Fields Customized Cookie Cake

Mrs. Fields

As far as I’m concerned, a giant cookie cake is always appropriate for celebratory purposes — and hey, guess what? Mrs. Fields will customize one for you that’s perfect for your Royal Wedding viewing party. Find your local store here, call ‘em up, and get celebrating.


Royal Wedding Cake Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen

Like Ample Hills, Van Leeuwen is a Brooklyn-based ice cream shop. Also like Ample Hills, Van Leeuwen has a Royal Wedding cake-inspired ice cream on the menu right now. The ice cream itself is sweet cream, which has then been swirled with elderflower buttercream frosting and pieces of housemade lemon pound cake. However, unlike Ample Hills, this one isn’t being shipped out — you’ve got to visit one of Van Leeuwen’s shops in New York or Los Angeles in order to get it.

However! The flavor actually isn’t limited to this week; Van Leeuwen will have it in stores through the end of the summer. So, hey, if you’re not in New York or LA, you’ve still got a few months to get yourself to either city to give this flavor a try.


McVitie’s Royal Wedding Biscuits

They may not have the mot appetizing name, but McVitie’s digestives are my jam. I’m particularly fond of classic Hobnobs, but I’ll make an exception for the company’s Royal Wedding offering: A Chocolate Fudge Brownie variety meant to combine a UK favorite with a an “all-American flavor” in honoring of Harry and Meghan’s joining in holy matrimony. However, this option is the most exclusive of the bunch: Only 50 packages exist, and you can only get them by winning a contest in the week leading up to the Royal Wedding. Enter on Twitter per the instructions above.


Dairy Queen Royal Blizzards

Dairy Queen

I am perhaps cheating a little by including this option on this list, as Dairy Queen’s Royal Blizzards are a) not exclusively created for the Royal Wedding, and b) available pretty much all the time — but at no other time will it be quite as appropriate to enjoy one as in the week leading up to the Royal Wedding, so, uh… work with me here.

The “Royal” versions of Dairy Queen’s famous Blizzards set themselves apart by having filled centers; the Royal Oreo Blizzard has a pillar of fudge at its center, while the Royal New York Cheesecake Blizzard gets its punch from a strawberry filling. Find your nearest Dairy Queen here.


Royal Wedding Luxe Biscuit Tin


Biscuiteers’ spectacular treats are hand-iced in London; happily, though, they ship worldwide — which means you can get a hold of their Royal Wedding Luxe Biscuit Tin even if you don’t live in the UK. The gorgeous tin is filled with up to 18 vanilla biscuits shaped and frosted to look like everything from the royal coach to a three-tiered wedding cake. The tin will set you back £45.00, or about $60.

The Royal Wedding begins at noon UK time on May 19; it will be televised all over the world, according to the Independent. Be sure to set your alarm!