The 'Friends' Character You're Most Like, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

Everyone's favorite ensemble comedy has been off the air since 2004, but there's no limit to the lessons it can teach you even 15 years later. If you've ever wondered which Friends character you are based on your Myers-Briggs type, then you're in luck. There's such a wide variety of characters on the beloved series that each of the 16 personality types can be assigned a familiar face.

The six leads — Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, and Monica and Ross Geller — are fairly evenly divided up between all the types, particularly when it comes to the four major categories that have been assigned by the site 16 Personalities, which allows you to take the Myers-Briggs test online and gives each type a title instead of just four letters. According to those distinctions, the Friends cast contains two Analysts, two Sentinels, a Diplomat, and an Explorer, proving once and for all exactly why this friend group always felt so balanced. (It literally was.)

They're the perfect mix of introversion and extraversion, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling, and judging and perceiving. And filling in the gaps outside the six-person circle are a bunch of other familiar faces that grew dear to audiences over its 10 seasons on the air and bring just as much to the table. So, whether you already know your type or still need to take the test, scoot back here to find out which Friends character you are based on the Myers-Briggs test. The ETSJ that is Monica demands it.


1. INTJ — Dr. Richard Burke

Just like the mustachioed ophthalmologist, you're thorough, loyal, dependable, and hardworking, traits which will likely bring you success in your field. Confident without being cocky, The Architect retains a sense of mystery, which for Richard meant he remains one of Monica's most popular love interests, even with a 20-year age gap and the fact that everyone loves Chandler.

2. INTP — Chandler Bing

If an issue crops up on your radar, you and the funniest Friend are immediately looking for logic to fix it. Sometimes, The Logician might even value information over interactions, like how Chandler can get so caught up in trying to make others laugh that he forgets to just be himself. Social situations aren't always your thing, but as those who see through your deflections know, you're an intelligent, adaptable problem-solver who will do a deep-dive on anything that interests them.

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3. ENTJ — Ross Geller

You and Central Perk's resident paleontologist are both natural-born leaders who love to plan, set goals, and explain things to others. But as fellow Commanders have probably noticed by now, your intellect can sometimes cause you to over-emphasize the rational side of things. You know, like derailing yourself by screaming out, "We were on a break!!!" moments before you were about to get your relationship with Rachel back like you wanted.

4. ENTP — Janice Litman-Goralnik

She and her distinctive laugh have a weirdly bad rap on the show, but there's truly so much to love about Janice and her fellow Debaters. They tend to be spontaneous lovers of life, who are as intelligent as they are outspoken, and obviously she was particularly magnetic to both Chandler and Ross. ENTPs also traditionally excellent readers of people, but in Janice's case, this trait was frequently taken advantage of. For example, in Season 10, she refused to move in next door to Monica and Chandler because she believed that the latter still had feelings for her.


5. INFJ — Gunther

This category of people are do-gooders who seek meaning in the relationships and environments around them, which is about as clear a parallel to the manager of Central Perk as you can get. Gunther is a reliable fixture in the series for all 10 seasons, but never manages to break into that core friend group of six. And you know what? It's their loss, because Advocates are both idealistic and motivated, meaning they often see their dreams realized. (Just assuming it's something concrete and not "make Rachel fall in love with me.")

6. INFP — Julie

The Mediator is often described as a dreamy idealist in romantic relationships, so fellow INFPs probably weren't at all surprised by Julie's decision to jump right into a relationship with Ross, a guy she hadn't seen since grad school. You probably also wouldn't have been surprised to see Julie be so deeply misunderstood and often mistreated by the six main Friends, as members of this adaptable and flexible category can sometimes get stepped on if they don't speak up.

7. ENFJ — Ursula Buffay

The passionate and charismatic ENFJ is the lead character in their own story, which explains why they're labeled as The Protagonist. Even though Ursula wasn't the main Buffay twin featured in the story that was Friends, her confidence and charisma never failed her. Joey fell for the blonde hook, line, and sinker. And even though her strong personality often grated on her sister, there's no denying that Ursula is an excellent — if blunt — communicator.

8. ENFP — Phoebe Buffay

Being twins, it should come as no surprise that the Buffay sisters are so close on the Myers-Brigg Test as well. But where Ursula is more Judging, Phoebe and her fellow Campaigners are more perceiving — true free spirits. Warm, optimistic, and enthusiastic, they're the life of every party, and they never let even the most troubled past keep them down for long. Just give them a guitar and a few minutes, and the most mundane moments will be a catchy melody à la "Smelly Cat" in no time.


9. ISTJ — Carol Willick

Her ex-husband might be known for his divorces, but Ross' first wife, Carol Willick, is much steadier and more dependable, just like other ISTJs. They're practical, realistic, and responsible, so go to The Logistician in your life if you ever need advice or to borrow a car to go pick up your friends who are stranded on a mountain. If you're this personality type yourself, you likely value family, and take pride in the work you do, no matter what it is.

10. ISFJ — Susan Bunch

And just one personality type away from Carol is Susan, who shares many traits with her partner. Known as The Defender, ISFJs are constantly going to bat for those they love, giving them a thread of feistiness that runs through their otherwise conscientious and steady personalities. Even though they're technically introverts, they're also very social and not afraid to speak their mind. So if you want to argue with Carol, you'll have to go through Susan first, as Ross has discovered time and time again.

11. ESTJ — Monica Geller

If there's anything an ESTJ loves, it's order and organization, two words which describe Monica Geller to a T. She and her fellow Executives are drawn to tradition, which explains why she values the Friends' Thanksgiving celebrations so highly and loves making decisions. So, take a hint from Phoebe and Rachel, and only choose this personality type as your bridesmaid if you want to be asked about every meticulous detail. (Hey, it's not their fault if less decisive people get in the way of their efficiency. And you know any ceremony with Monica in charge of it will turn out breathtaking.)


12. ESFJ — Rachel Green

The most common word that's used to describe The Consul is "popular," and if that's not Rachel, then what is? She and her ESFJ brethren are often in the spotlight or at the center of social activities, and can sometimes feel a little confused when they don't get that attention. They're warmhearted and loyal, but they like to receive as much validation as they give out — which is a lot. Make sure not to cross them, or you could walk away with a shaved head and one less boyfriend, à la Bonnie in Season 3.


13. ISTP — Charlie Wheeler

People from the ISTP personality type are usually quiet observers who leap into analytical problem-solving when a problem arises, and they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty with a little trial-and-error. You know, like paleontology professor Charlie Wheeler, who lives up to her Virtuoso categorization by trying to date Joey and then switching over to Ross when that pairing made more sense. They move from project to project and delight in exploration through firsthand experience, which sounds like Charlie, and like a life well lived.

14. ISFP — Mike Hannigan

You'd have to be an Adventurer to find love with Phoebe, and that's exactly what her husband Mike Hannigan's designation describes him as. ISFPs are nontraditional and passionate, sometimes being drawn toward riskier behaviors, too, like gambling, extreme sports, or, y'know, changing their legal name to "Crap Bag" just to prove a point to their life partners. They have an irresistible charm, just like Paul Rudd in the role, and are ultimately sensitive and kind, wishing to be left alone rather than dragged into a conflict.

15. ESTP — Pete Becker

He may not have ended up with Monica in the end, but surely you remember Pete, the mixed martial artist and millionaire. He's a pretty textbook Entrepreneur; like other ESTPs, he's found great success with his blunt sense of humor and tendency to act first and think later. They're into immediate results and are often spontaneous, like when Pete took Monica to a pizzeria in Napoli for their first date.

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16. ESFP — Joey Tribbiani

Fittingly, Joey's ESFP designation labels him as the Entertainer, which, as an actor, he would probably love. He and other ESFPs tend to love life and make work fun. They're flexible and spontaneous, and they don't mind putting themselves out to risk looking dumb, which is Joey through and through. If they're feeling enthusiastic about something, they want those closest to them to feel the same way, which is probably why Joey's always going on about sandwiches.

See that? If you thought you loved Friends before, how do you feel now that you know they represent the entire spectrum of the Myers-Briggs test and then some? This show always has more to teach its fans, and in this case, it can even teach you a little bit about you.