Millie Bobby Brown's High Pigtails Are Peak '90s Vibes

*The Spice Girls play softly in the background*

Millie Bobby Brown's hairstyle totally channels the '90s.
Steven Ferdman/WireImage/Getty Images

Once upon a time, the world was all about keeping your Tamagotchi alive, hoarding Lisa Frank products, and memorizing music video choreography. It has been three decades since 1990 (how?), but celebrities are still keeping the spirit of that era alive through butterfly clips and all-denim outfits. Now, Millie Bobby Brown’s pigtails are proof the actor is also joining in on the beauty nostalgia.

In a recent Instagram post, Brown shared a selfie rocking a classic ‘90s high pigtail hairstyle. Sure, she may have missed the decade entirely, but that doesn’t mean she can’t partake in beauty trends of the past. After all, every part of this hairdo screams Baby Spice. There’s the Britney Spears-esque middle part, the face-framing pieces of hair in the front (à la Dua Lipa), and — the piece de resistance — the symmetrical high pigtails. This is an easy look to try and DIY BTW since theoretically all you need is a hair comb and some elastics.

Maybe Brown is taking old-school style cues from the TV series that launched her stardom, Stranger Things, because this isn’t the actor’s first foray into wearing nostalgic looks off-camera. In February she posted an Instagram featuring another middle part, ‘90s style barrettes, and a high ponytail topped off with a scrunchie.

Celebs have been loving the ‘90s lately. Besides Brown, everyone from Demi Lovato to Lizzo and Chrissy Teigen have all recently channeled the decade — so clearly these looks aren’t going anywhere. That means you may want to brush up on other hairstyles from the era, such as the claw clip, curtain bangs, and the mullet.

If you’re enamored by the ‘90s, you can work it into your style beyond your ‘do. Put on your Atomic Kitten playlist as you slip on some tiny sunglasses, dig out your low-rise jeans, and apply lip liner before heading to the mall.