10 Things You Can Do If You Are Isolating This Christmas

There’s still a little light amongst the doom and gloom – promise.

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As Omicron cases continue to rapidly rise across the UK, more and more people are facing up to the reality of once again adapting their Christmas plans in order to spend the festive period at home in isolation. It seems like every single one of us knows someone who is having to spend their Christmas behind closed doors, away from the usual hubbub of family and friends.

In fact, some figures suggest that an estimated one million people (yep, really) will be spending Christmas Day in self-isolation. So, if you are forced to stay home amid the yuletide celebrations, you’re definitely not alone. (Spiritually, at least.)

However, the prospect of spending what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year for so many of us alone can be daunting and quite boring, which might leave you wondering how on earth you’re going to get through the festive season with nothing but you and your thoughts.

But fear not, because there are still plenty of things to do whilst you’re stuck behind your four walls once again. With a top-notch festive TV lineup, creative Christmas cocktail recipes and manicure tips, yuletide quiz questions, seasonal streaming and reading suggestions, and much, much more, there are many festive and cosy options out there to consider to stem the boredom and help pass the time.

Below, we’ve outlined all the things to do if you’re in isolation over the festive period, all of which will help ensure you have the best possible Christmas (given the gloomy circumstances.)

Rewatch Harry Potter ahead of the reuinion

Ahead of the forthcoming Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, which is set to air in the UK on New Year’s Day, this Christmas could be the perfect time to revisit the first film in the magical franchise, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Or if you’re really looking to pass the time, rewatch the entire film catalogue and maybe even read the books.

Plan a Christmas Zoom quiz

I know the thought of a return to the Zoom quiz-era of lockdown is particularly painful, however, they were popular for a reason. A virtual Christmas quiz might be the best way to socialise with your loved ones over the festive period, and will definitely help take your mind off all things self-isolation until your long-awaited day of freedom.

Enjoy the Christmas telly

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Another way of passing the time during Christmas isolation is kicking back to enjoy some of this year’s festive telly, and in 2021, the schedule is better than ever. This year, viewers can expect to enjoy seasonal specials from Call the Midwife and Strictly Come Dancing, a very British period drama starring The Crown’s Claire Foy, the much anticipated return of Tom Hardy to Bedtime Stories. We even have the return of Junior Bake Off and the hilarious Harry Hill in January to look forward to. You’ll truly be spoiled for choice.

Enjoy some Christmas music

By this time in December, you may have already had your fill of Mariah Carey’s enduring Christmas banger, however, there are, of course, many, many modern Christmas songs to bop along to in isolation. Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, and more have all created some seriously good jingle-bell anthems to help keep those Christmas spirits high.

Give yourself a festive manicure

If your pre-Christmas routine typically involves getting dolled-up in the salon, maybe it’s worth trying some DIY beauty treatments while you’re isolating this year, starting with some festive nails. Whether you’re a Picasso when it comes to nail art or have a shakier hand, there are various ways to create fun sparkly manicures at home (I’m thinking a Christmas tree on each thumb). No professionals are required here.

Finally learn how to knit...

Many have been impressed by Tom Daley’s knitting skills this year, and the diver-turned-knitter has been encouraging more people to take up some needles as a form of relaxation. During isolation, now may be the best time to try the knitting hobby as a beginner — because you never know, you may end up crafting your entire A/W wardrobe.

Find Christmas Movies On Netflix UK & Disney+ UK

Let’s face it, Christmas isolation is made entirely more survivable by the fact you can stream as many Christmas movies on Netflix and Disney+ at your heart's content. Expect all of the Christmas classic faves from Love Actually and 2006 rom-com The Holiday, or try some of the modern day Christmas movies for a change, including Netflix’s Single All the Way.

Make yourself a Christmas cocktail

OK so, your festive break won’t involve queueing up at your favourite pub or bar this year but this doesn’t have to be an entirely bad thing. There are plenty of TikTok cocktail drinks ideas to ensure you’re always topped up with a drink this season (without the hefty bar prices). Think spiced rum and wintery egg nog recipes to keep you warm and upbeat.

Try a Nigella Lawson Christmas dinner

For many people isolating, this Christmas may be the first time attempting to make Christmas dinner solo. And it is quite the task! So what else to do but to turn to TV’s domestic goddess Nigella Lawson for tips on making the best roast (with leftovers you can continue to devour every day post-December 25).

Make your way through that ever-growing reading list

The Icelandic tradition of jolabokaflodid, which roughly translates to “Christmas book flood,” involves gifting books on Christmas Eve and spending the evening reading with a cup of hot chocolate. Self-isolation provides a perfect opportunity to embrace such a cosy tradition, and 2021 just so happened to be a year jam packed full of great new reads.