13 Beauty Risks Every Woman Should Try Once

by Melodi Erdogan

It's so easy to fall into a routine of safe colors, shades, and styles when it comes to makeup application, leading you to reach for your beloved brown eyeshadow palette and nude lipstick as opposed to the blue gloss and bright pink blush you've been dying to try. That said, there are a handful of beauty risks everyone should try in their lifetime. Beauty is arguably all about creativity and stepping outside out of our comfort zones, so why wouldn't we just grab that super pigmented rainbow body glitter of our dreams?

I'll be the first to admit that taking risks with makeup can feel about as easy as performing neurosurgery. Sure, models and beauty vloggers make it look simple, but in reality sticking to the basics with powders, brown eyeliner, and mascara is usually the course of action we take. But by studying the beauty scene and delving into the world of all things makeup, I've gotten more opportunity and encouragement to step out of my box, expanding my creativity, appreciation of makeup, and willingness to take risks tenfold.

Take it from me: Life's too short for nudes and brown eyeshadows. Let these ideas and images inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and consider the 13 beauty risks every woman or makeup-wearer should try at least once. From blue shadows to super dark lip colors, these beauty risks are ones I guarantee you won't regret taking.

1. Graphic Eyeliner

Sure, eyeliner is a pretty standard makeup product. But for anyone who has steered clear of it, or uses it only one way, graphic eyeliner may be a beauty risk worth exploring.

Make the windows to your soul especially gorgeous by experimenting with extended upside-down cat eyes, double wings, or even puppy eyeliner. There's truly more to eyeliner than meets the eye.

2. An Unconventional Lip Color

I know from personal experience that rocking an unconventional lip color can sometimes elicit weird looks and rude glares. But that's not to say that wearing black lipstick didn't teach me about makeup artistry, personal expression, and confidence.

Invest in a shade you absolutely love but never thought you would wear, whether it's a bright blue, a lilac purple, or a green. Wear it at home until you grow comfortable with it, if need be. Yes, you'll be stepping outside of your usual zone, but you'll also be opening your eyes to hues you never knew would look gorgeous on your lips.

3. Dramatic Eyebrows

If the whole "eyebrows on fleek" ordeal was any indication, full, thick eyebrows are a major beauty trend at the moment. The thin shapes of the '90s and early '00s are out, and makeup artists, beauty vloggers, and celebs are embracing chunky arches, dark hair, and full silhouettes.

It's a better time than ever to experiment with the shape of your own brows and get them filled in or even dyed for a dramatic look. If you already have thick caterpillars, experiment with bright colors to make them even bolder. Eyebrows make a huge difference to our faces, and it takes a risk to find a shape that really matches your features.

4. Bold Colors

Nowadays, I crave getting creative with makeup through bright blue eyeshadows, neon orange lip glosses, and even bright pink blushes. We may be conditioned to love those neutral tones and steer clear of anything that screams kitsch when it comes to makeup, but using bright hues not only pushes us to experiment with our makeup, but broadens our understanding of it.

That blue eyeshadow might look electric and unwearable in the pot, but when it's swiftly applied under the eye, it can be gorgeous. That purple eyeliner would look stunning against a matte black shadow. And that bright pink blush? It's the perfect shade for a flushed look. Don't discount certain colors in makeup because they're "too bold or bright." Those might be the shades you end up using the most if you take a risk on them.

5. DIY Beauty

I'm all for a good DIY beauty project. On the other hand, I can understand how a recipe for sugar, nutmeg, and olive oil may sound more like a partial recipe for cookies than for a fresh face mask you're supposed to smear across your visage to reduce acne.

As someone who has taken on plenty of DIY beauty projects, however, I've never once regretted mixing random ingredients to create homemade concoctions. Whether it's an all-natural matte-ifying face powder, or a tea tree soap and coconut milk shampoo, take a risk on DIY beauty because the benefits are real and the process cathartic.

6. A Different Hair Color

I'm convinced that there's a bit of Kylie Jenner in all of us. Chances are we'd all love to experiment with different hair colors, but because of costs, damage, and plain old time, many of us likely opt out. Even though I'm all about advocating for natural hair colors, it's still fun to experiment with dyes once in a while.

If you're feeling extra gutsy, take a risk and finally dye your hair that hue you've always wanted. If you're more hesitant but would also love to take a risk on hair color, invest in a wig or even pick up demi-dyes (they'll wash out with shampoo in no time). We can't all be like Jenner, changing hair colors almost every day. But trying our hand at it at least once is certainly a beauty risk worth taking.

7. A Dramatic Hair Cut

There are multiple reasons why a dramatic hair cut is a beauty risk everyone should take. It can not only dramatically change the way you look, but also change the way you feel about yourself. Plus, it's always fun to try something daring and new, and reap the benefits of a fresh, bold look.

From short pixie cuts to layered lobs, there are plenty of gorgeous, unique cuts that can look great on you, give you renewed confidence, and have people do a double-take. The best thing about a risky hair cut? Your mane always grows back, so you won't be stuck with it forever.

8. A Smoky Eye

Most makeup fans are probably thinking, "A smoky eye? A risk? Pish posh." I get it. A smoky eye is a quintessential look for evenings out and special events. But I know it took me quite a lot of courage and practice to feel confident stepping out with the look.

Smoky eyes are all about blending and shading, so be sure to practice before you get a shape and form you like. Sure, smoky peepers might seem like a lot of makeup and a lot of effort for someone who doesn't normally go for the look, but they're a surefire way to achieve alluring makeup for a special night.

9. High-Shine Glitter

I love glitter, and personally believe anyone can and should wear the stuff, no matter their age. It can be easily worked into eyeshadow, highlighter, or even in lip products. But don't be afraid to use glitter in ways you never thought of before, whether it's through glitter pits, glittery hair roots, or all-around body glitter. Be prepared to shine the whole night through.

10. A Current Makeup Trend

"A makeup trend" might sound a little vague, but that's because trends are always changing. This risk is for any trend you're curious to learn about. A few years back, people got really into baking their foundation and concealer. Now, it's all about strobing for maximum highlight and contour. Next up, it'll be leg contouring. But don't hold back from makeup trends you love just because they're trends. Usually, they're popular for a reason. And you'll never know if sitting with your concealer on your face for 10 minutes (aka baking) might actually work until you try it.

11. An Artistic Or Colorful Manicure

There's no need to pay a fortune for a cool, artistic manicure, because you can take this risk in the comfort of your own home. Treat yo self to a few new nail varnishes and try to incorporate some nail tools into the process to get creative with your mani or pedi.

Take it upon yourself to be the Picasso or Van Gogh of your nails, trying patterns, shapes, and color combinations of your choosing. It's a safe yet fun beauty risk. Plus, they don't call it nail art for nothing.

12. A Makeup Tutorial

By "a makeup tutorial," I mean watching one of your favorite vloggers do a full-face look and following it step-by-step with the items on your own vanity. I draw style inspiration from celebs and bloggers constantly, so why wouldn't I take advantage of the hundred of thousands of makeup tutorials on YouTube as well?

Whether you're eyeing a celeb look, a night-out one with duo-chrome eyelids and a red lip, or even just looking for a basic fresh face tutorial, there's probably a how-to of it via YouTube. Be prepared to get lost in the beauty once you're there.

13. No Makeup At All

Last but not least, a makeup risk everyone should take at least once is to wear, well, no makeup at all. Depending on whether you hardly wear makeup anyway, or being bare faced is your worst nightmare, this may or may not be a challenge. But at the end of the day, everyone should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin and love and appreciate it for all that it is. Even though some of us might choose to show off our faces with foundation and eyeshadow, while others might sport nothing, we're all beautiful in our natural forms.

There you have it: These 13 makeup risks are ones that everyone should try out at least once in their lifetime. So go ahead and give a different hair color a chance, or step out of your comfort zone with a super bright, green lippie. Just wait until you see how worth it these risks will be.

Images: Melodi Erdogan