Associate Lifestyle Editor. Lucia Peters is a Washington DC-based writer whose work has also appeared on The Toast, Crushable, TheGloss, and BettyConfidential. Like many people who have written their own bios, she dislikes talking about herself in the third person.

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Starbucks Is Celebrating Spring In A Delicious Way

I realize that the first day of spring isn’t for another couple of weeks, but given the recent temperatures, you’ll forgive me if I say that spring has already sprung. And hey, guess what? To celebrate, two new Starbucks Macchiatos have arrived — because apparently, the ‘Bux has declared the Macchiato to be the official drink of springtime. Yum? Yum. Starbucks already offers a number of different Macchiatos on its regular menu, among them the Espresso Macchiato, the Latte Macchiato, and the be…

By Lucia Peters

A Gallery-Like Feature Is Coming For Instagram

Although it seems like many of Instagram’s latest update efforts have focused on Instagram Stories, here’s something new for the books: A feature that will let you post multiple photos in one Instagram post is coming, giving you a (‘nother) whole new way to share your life with your followers. I’m honestly somewhat surprised that the photo-sharing platform hasn’t boasted this kind of feature before now; now that it's here, though, users are sure to hop onboard quickly, experimenting and finding …

By Lucia Peters

This Is What Starbucks' Affogato Tastes Like

The term “break the internet” is perhaps a little overplayed these days, but I think it’s fair to say that when news erupted this week that ice cream was coming to Starbucks, it did, in fact, briefly break the internet. Of course, though, it’s not quite as simple as just going to Starbucks and getting a scoop; in this case, we’re talking about Starbucks testing affogato, an Italian dessert in which a scoop of gelato is literally drowned in espresso. But what does a Starbucks affogato taste like,…

By Lucia Peters

10 Things ‘90s Kids Loved About The Nokia 3310

When rumors started swirling this week that the iconic Nokia 3310 cell phone might be making a comeback, pretty much every older Millennial on the planet started freaking out. Why? Because of all the things ‘90s kids loved about the Nokia 3310, of course. Sure, the smartphones so many of us carry around with us now are leaps and bounds more advanced than this early mobile technology staple — but nostalgia is a powerful thing, and honestly, I don’t think there are many of us that would pass up t…

By Lucia Peters

Here's What The Groundhog Has To Say About Winter

Well, it’s Feb. 2, so it’s time to ask that most pressing of questions: Did the groundhog see his shadow in 2017? Can we expect an early spring this year, or should resign ourselves to a longer winter? The news is out, and it's official: Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day. That means we're allegedly in for six more weeks of cold weather, because... well, of course we are. It's been that kind of year so far, hasn't it? According to the Washington Post, Phil emerged from his burrow …

By Lucia Peters

The Ultimate Trivia Game For True '90s Kids

A Mysterious New Starbucks Drink Has Arrived

So, hey, remember when we heard about that wacky Cascara Latte thing during the Starbucks Investor Conference back in December? Well, the Starbucks Cascara Latte release date is finally here, and guess what? It’s soon. Really soon. Like, tomorrow soon for some lucky people. I guess 2017 isn’t too bad so far, right? I mean, I realize that right now, it doesn’t take much to make me happy; I’m kind of in a state where I'm constantly latching onto every tiny bit of positivity that I can and holding…

By Lucia Peters

How Women Who Keep Their Names Are Perceived Is BS

In news that will probably surprise absolutely no one, new research has shown that women who don’t change their names when they get married are perceived by other people to be much less committed to their marriages than those who do are. According to study author Rachael Robnett of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who recently spoke to PsyPost, the goal of the study was to “examine whether women who retain their surnames after marriage encounter negative stereotypes”; explained Robnett, “Bef…

By Lucia Peters

Starbucks Tuxedo Trio Drinks Are Here To Ring In The New Year In Mocha-Flavored Style

Did you really think we were going to get through the holiday season without one more tasty surprise from Starbucks? No. No, you did not. Coffee is the gift that keeps on giving, and as proof, Starbucks “Tuxedo” drinks are here to add a little pizzaz to the end of 2016. Nothing says “Happy New Year’s!” like a spiffy tuxedo, so heck, why not dress up your drink of choice a little, right? Bonus points if you draw an actual tuxedo on the cup. Because that would be adorable. Starting Dec. 26 and co…

By Lucia Peters

Get Free Starbucks Espresso Drinks During The 10 Days Of Cheer Holiday Event In 2016

It may be better to give than receive, but I will happily receive this latest gift to the coffee-loving masses: Starbucks is giving away free espresso drinks in select cities for a limited time. Dec. 23 marks the beginning of Starbucks’ “10 Days of Cheer” event; for the 10 days following (excluding Christmas Day), select Starbucks locations will be hosting “Pop Up Cheer Parties” treating customers to free 12-ounce Tall handcrafted espresso beverages. Chestnut Praline Latte fan? You can get one f…

By Lucia Peters