Angel Number 1155 Wants You To Create Your Own Adventure

Change is a good thing when you’re willing to work with it.

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What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 1155?

Whenever you see the same sequence of numbers continually popping up as you go about your day, it’s hard not to take note of the coincidence and wonder if there’s some deeper meaning behind the synchronicity. Many people believe these recurring digits should be taken as a special sign from the universe, which is why they’re sometimes known as “angel numbers.” Any number can be an angel number, and if you’ve been catching 11:55 on the clock daily or otherwise seem to be seeing 1155 everywhere you turn, then the universe might have a message for you. Understanding the spiritual meaning of angel number 1155 can help you decipher the numerical magic.

When it comes to decoding the meaning of angel numbers in your own life, there’s no one-size-fits-all method of interpretation, so you’re free to rely on your own intuition and personal context clues to make sense of these recurrent symbols. However, you can also analyze angel numbers using the esoteric wisdom of numerology, which can help you gain a more universal understanding of their meaning. Every number carries its own unique qualities and message within the realm of numerology, and based on this ancient practice, the energy of angel number 1155 relates to embracing epic changes in your life and staying open to powerful new connections.

“The strongest part of 1155 is the sequence, as whenever a number is being repeated within another number, its meaning gets intensified,” professional numerologist Novalee Wilder, author of A Little Bit Of Numerology, tells Bustle. “With 1155, we are working with the one energy and five energy, and it’s connected to our potential.” Whenever this angel number starts appearing, it’s like a nudge from the universe to make the most of whatever challenges or opportunities life is throwing your way.

If 1155 is your angel number du jour, here’s the scoop on what it might mean for you.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Angel Number 1155

When it comes to interpreting angel numbers like 1155, it’s helpful to start by breaking down the spiritual meaning of the individual digits that they’re made up of — which are one and five, in this case. “The number one is about the beginnings of things, while five has to do with connection, so 1155 is strongly related to these themes,” Wilder says. As the first of the single-digit numbers, one is the number of independence, and it symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle or a wave of fresh opportunities. Meanwhile, as the precise midpoint of the single-digit numbers, the number five represents a turning point filled with change, and it vibrates with the power of autonomy, adventure, and free-spiritedness.

When the take-charge initiative of the number one is combined with the freedom-oriented mutability of the number five, there is a self-motivated energy that inspires people to embrace the exciting power of change and grab the reins on our next big adventures. “If 1155 keeps appearing in your life, think of it as the green light and go,” Wilder says. “No holding back or overthinking it.” The magic of angel number 1155 reminds you to stay open-hearted and flexible as you ride the waves and juice the good stuff out of life’s many twists and turns.

The Numerological Meaning Of Angel Number 1155

In many branches of numerology, multi-digit numbers are reduced to single-digit numbers, which represent the number’s core vibration. When you reduce 1155 using this method of addition, you wind up with the number three — which you can think of as this angel number’s final form. The number three in numerology is symbolic of connection, creativity, and magic, and it’s often considered an especially lucky and even holy number. This communication-focused three energy encourages people to express their unique ideas to the world around them and stay open to receiving fresh inspiration and connection in return. Through this lens, the meaning of angel number 1155 in numerology brings forth interconnectedness, self-expression, and creative magic.

This numerological interpretation of angel number 1155 is extra applicable if you have any special attachment to the number three, or if it appears in your numerology chart in the form of a life path number. “If the number three is significant to you — like if you’re born on the third of the month or maybe something else in your life adds up to three — then don’t shy away from the sign,” Wilder says. “[Angel number 1155] is delivering the message to follow through and connect.” It’s important to reach out, stay curious, and make your voice heard if you’re seeing 1155 on the regular.

Angel Number 1155 In Love & Money

It’s natural to look for signs and symbols from the universe when it comes to relationships and dating, but angel number 1155 is less about love and more about keeping your options open in all areas of life. “From a numerology perspective, there’s not necessarily a strong romantic vibe from the number 1155, but it does bring the potential for connection,” Wilder says. “I see it more as a sign of growth for communication, or it could indicate that something needs to be dealt with through a connection.” Instead of being preoccupied with a crush or partner, angel number 1155 wants you to stay open to the magic and opportunity nestled within all sorts of social connections.

That said, angel number 1155 isn’t a bad sign for your love life, either. It simply wants you to protect your independence and maintain a strong level of freedom as you navigate relationships — and to view your connections as learning experiences. “The 1155 theme is more about not putting all your eggs in one basket or getting overly focused on having to find ‘the one,’” Wilder says. “It’s a reminder that you’re learning to connect, to show interest, to be a good listener, and to ask the right questions.”

Additionally, seeing angel number 1155 may signal that it’s an auspicious time to make some bold career moves or expect positive shifts when it comes to money-making endeavors. “The number five is also about communication, exchange, travel, and currency, and there’s a whole business and sales energy in the number five,” Wilder says. If you’re currently focused on work issues or trying to close on some business deals, take the presence of angel number 1155 as a sign to stand tall in your leadership qualities and trust in your unique authority. Overall, this energy encourages you to charge forward independently and be open to new experiences, so you can apply this free-thinking vibe to money matters, too.

What To Do If You Keep Seeing 1155

Anyone can tap into the numerological magic of 1155 if the number is calling to them, and there are many different ways to interpret what the universe may be trying to communicate. If you’re seeing angel number 1155 regularly, here are a few ways to maximize its potential message:

Explore Your Interpersonal Connections

The free-spirited magic of angel number 1155 encourages individuals to be more interconnected with the world around them, so it’s important to stay open to new people or ideas coming into your consciousness. “Seeing 1155 could mean the start of a new connection,” Wilder says. “Dive into the themes of connection, communication, or exchange in your life that you may already be working on or struggling with.” Keeping an open heart and a curious mind is important if angel number 1155 is making itself known to you.

Express Your Needs & Ideas Authentically

Between the independent energy of the number one and the adventurous vibe of number five, angel number 1155 can be a powerful sign that it’s time to speak your truth and embrace your authenticity. “Your [sacral] centers are trying to connect to your voice, so seeing 1155 may mean you’re trying to state your needs, be more vocal about them, and communicate them clearly,” Wilder says. “It’s about being yourself, and not putting on a mask or a persona.”

Trust Your Gut

According to Wilder, seeing 1155 signifies that your current journey is already well underway, so it’s important to listen to your gut when it comes to navigating the changes that are taking place. “If you’re seeing the number 1155, you probably don’t have to question what it pertains to, as there is likely already something going on in your life that relates to a theme of connection or potential,” Wilder says. “It’s not a beginning number sequence, and it’s not one of the first signs you’ll see — you’ll probably have seen other numbers or signs, too.”

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