The Spiritual Meaning Of The September 2022 New Moon

Find your equilibrium.

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The spiritual meaning of the September 2022 new moon.
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Welcome to the first new moon of the fall, star babes. The September 2022 new moon is rising in the skies on Sunday, Sept. 25, and it’s here to help us find our footing as we enter a new season. This lunation occurs in the midst of Mercury retrograde, and it’s making some challenging connections to other powerful planets, too — but that doesn’t have to stop us from channeling its energy and using it as an opportunity to manifest some magic. Understanding the spiritual meaning of September’s new moon will help you make the most of it, even with all the cosmic chaos spinning in the background.

New moons in astrology are thought to align with the energy of new beginnings, as they occur when the sun and moon link up at the same point in the zodiac — and this conjunction between the two luminaries denotes the reset point of the monthly lunar cycle. These dark-skied lunations are powerful times for setting intentions, getting introspective about our feelings, and starting new endeavors. The September 2022 new moon is especially charged with the energy of fresh starts, as it occurs just after the first day of Libra season, which is also the first day of fall. With the sun and moon together in harmony-loving Libra, this new moon’s spiritual meaning is about finding a happy medium, reflecting on balance, and steadying our steps as we embark on a new astrological and meteorological season.

Here’s the scoop on all the cosmic magic of the September 2022 new moon.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of September’s New Moon?

September’s new moon occurs just a few days after the sun ingresses into the diplomatic and charming air sign Libra, which is all about balance, justice, and partnerships. This lunation shifts our focus onto the importance of having supportive social connections and mutually beneficial relationships, especially as we embark on the chillier half of the year, where resources are less abundant. As Libra is the sign of the fairness-seeking scales, the spiritual meaning of this lunation is also very much about trying to find balance — which is much needed, considering what’s currently going on in the cosmos. We’ve got a whopping six planets retrograding, plus Mars in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, so steadying our stance and leveling out our playing fields is a must.

As for the astrology of this new moon, there’s even more intensity to weather. The sun and moon will be in an out-of-sign conjunction with Mercury retrograde, which blends some of this backspin’s babel into the lunar mix. Mercury will also align with lover planet Venus, and together they’ll oppose hazy and illusive Neptune. This casts a veil of confusion over not only our thoughts, but the desires of our hearts — meaning it could be difficult to decide what exactly we want to manifest right now. Additionally, the moon will face off with expansive Jupiter, which could amplify our emotions and make relatively small situations feel larger-than-life. All in all, it may be difficult to see things clearly or get a good gauge of what we’re really feeling.

While we’ll be challenged to find a steady Libran balance, we will have some help from the intense and transformational planet Pluto, which is forming a beautifully positive connection with the new moon. Pluto’s empowering influence can help us to set stronger boundaries for ourselves as we sort through our thoughts and emotions, giving us the space we need to find a happy medium between extremes.

How To Work With September’s New Moon Energy

The spiritual meaning of September’s new moon is about hitting an equilibrium in our lives — not too much, and not too little — and this can apply socially, spiritually, emotionally, romantically, or professionally. Now is a powerful time to focus on evening out any notable imbalances and creating a sense of harmony in any part of your life that feels off-kilter. Spend some time under this new moon reflecting on anything that’s either lacking or overwhelming and considering ways to remedy that. While Mercury retrograde’s antics could make it feel hard to set clear-minded intentions, the revision-focused energy of this backspin can actually help with this process, giving us a chance to review where we’re at and thus gain insight on how to course-correct if needed.

Rising just a few days after the autumn equinox and the start of Libra season, September’s new moon is also the first official lunation of fall — so the energy of new beginnings is especially strong. The autumn equinox is actually the midpoint of the astrological year, so with this new moon rising on the heels of it, it’s an important time to reflect on your progress and growth from spring and summer while looking ahead at what you want to accomplish during the next two seasons. If you’d like to get extra spiritual, you can gather with your closest witchy crew and perform a Libra new moon ritual of your choosing. You can also work with crystals for the fall equinox by charging them with your intentions or meditating with them to help you connect with the seasonal shift and tap into the natural new moon magic.

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