10 Ways To Spend Easter That Are Both Unique & Fun

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You've opened your Easter basket, taken a huge breakfast bite out of your chocolate bunny, found all the eggs, and had your holiday mimosas. Maybe you've even gone to church. It's noon and you have the entire day stretched out before you. Now what? If you're not the relaxing type, you might be looking for things to do on Easter Sunday. Your city or town likely has a calendar of all the fun things going on listed in the local paper (check the website). But if you're looking to avoid the crowds and do your own thing, the Easter holiday is a great time to engage in some long-overdue spring activities.

Whether it's finally getting around to KonMari-ing your house or apartment, volunteering, going for a hike, trying out a new recipe, or hosting a movie marathon, Easter Sunday is an opportunity to do whatever you've been putting off, like calling your mom. While the Easter holiday is a religious one, Easter also has pagan roots. It's a time of renewal and abundance. A time for a new perspective after a long, cold winter. What are you looking to bring into your life for the second half of 2019? What's not working for you anymore? Grab your squad and host a meditation and manifestation ceremony. If that's not your jam, there are plenty of other fun things to do on Easter Sunday that you might not have considered


Go For A Sunday Drive

If you live in a big city, one of the best things about holidays is that there is less traffic. This makes it an ideal time to go for an old-timey Sunday drive. If you don't have a destination in mind, the website My Scenic Drive offers road trip suggestions for every state. Fine one that speaks to you, pack a picnic basket, make a playlist, and hit the road.


Dig In The Dirt

When I lived in the northeast, Easter was the time I dedicated to planting spring flowers. If you're looking to bring some color and greenery into your yard, onto your patio, or even into your apartment, use Easter Sunday to plant some flowers or tend to your existing plants.


KonMari Your Pad

You've marathoned Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix, but you haven't had time to KonMari your apartment. There's no time like the present. Get to work weeding out the things that don't bring you joy. You can even set aside clothes you no longer want and organize a clothing swap with your besties. I've done this before, and it's a great way to get some gently used threads without spending a cent.


Go To The Movies

While there's certainly something to be said for having a movie marathon in the comfort of your own home, sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Head to the movies this Easter Sunday, get yourself a large popcorn, a soda, and a big box of your favorite candy.


Get Outdoors

If you've spent all winter indoors, it's time to get outside and get some vitamin D. Go for a walk, a hike, or a bike ride and get yourself some much-needed fresh air. What's more, spending time outdoors is good for your brain, so you really can't go wrong with this one.


Host A Potluck

Maybe it's been while since you've had people over to your place. Easter Sunday is the perfect time to change that. Organize a holiday potluck, assign everyone a dish to bring, and enjoy good friends and great food. Don't forget the rosé!


Have A Game Of Thrones Viewing Party

Organize an Easter Sunday Game of Thrones viewing party. Start early by rewatching Season 7, have everyone bring a GoT-themed food or drink, and finish it all off by watching season eight, episode two Sunday night.


Do Your Taxes (If You Still Haven't Filed)

I know this sounds like a total drag, but if you filed for an extension on your taxes, Easter Sunday is a good day to get this task off your plate. This is what my roommate and I are doing on Easter. When you're done, reward yourself with some Easter eats.


Celebrate Yourself With A Day Of Self-Care

When's the last time you took a long, relaxing bath or engaged in any form of self-care? Use Easter Sunday to celebrate yourself. Have a long soak, give yourself a facial, paint your nails, put on your sweats, and read a good book. You totally deserve it.


Try Out A New Recipe

If your idea of chilling out is getting crazy in the kitchen, Easter Sunday is an ideal time to try out some new recipes. Whip up some new culinary creations and invite your nearest and dearest over to sample the fruits of your labor. Whatever you decide to do on Easter Sunday, pick an activity that sparks joy in your heart.