9 Common Relationship Problems That Happen After You Move In Together

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Once you move in with your partner, you'll instantly see each other in a different light. When you finally decide it's time to consolidate spaces, you will have to learn how to adjust to living together, and a few issues might crop up that can seem like dealbreakers. Good news is, they don't have to be.

"Even couples that spend a lot of time together still don’t encounter the challenges that come from living under the same roof," certified counselor Jonathan Bennett tells Bustle. "It requires at least some merging of finances and being dependent on the other person to a degree (e.g. to pay a share of the bills). Many couples who were happy living independently find that when they move in together they simply aren’t compatible in that way." Of course, it's common to go through an adjustment period, as you get used to sharing a space and combining your lives. But several issues can come to light, once you're together all the time, that might make you question the future of the relationship.

The thing to remember is, that nothing has to be a dealbreaker, if you don't want it to be. Obviously, you'll want to get out of situation if it's toxic or unhealthy. But if you move in with your partner and find out they have financial problems, or they're really messy, or you don't like spending a ton of time together, it doesn't mean you're doomed.

There are definitely a few issues couples can run into after moving in together, but as long as you're willing to talk about them and figure out a plan, they don't have to be dealbreakers.